Pioneer industrial park


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Pioneer industrial park

  1. 1. Pioneer Industrial Park The first non-polluting industrial township in Haryana's private sector, Pioneer Industrial Park offers affordable free hold plots suitable for a range of industries, close to IGI airport and linked by a modern road network to Delhi, and other north Indian states. The first industrial township in private sector in Haryana — “Pioneer Industrial Park” by Ansal API offers affordable industrial plots with developed infrastructure for a wide range of Hi-tech and Non-Polluting Industry. This Industrial Park duly licensed by Haryana Government is situated close to IGI Airport and further lies in the heart land of industrial hub Gurgaon Manesar - Bhiwadi - Bawal - Rewari - Neemrana. The introduction of industrial revitalization plan has been the focus of the industry. According to the latest news: The program will put the time or delayed after the 2010 Chinese New Year. The national level planning the revitalization of the new energy industry did not much affect the delay introduced to the local planning and implementation of policies related to the launch. 2009 9 months, Shenzhen City, introduced the "New Energy in Shenzhen Industrial Promotion Development Plan (2009-2015)" and "the promotion of new energy industries, Shenzhen Development of measures." Planning, 2015, New Energy and Industrial output value will reach 250 billion yuan over, and strive to build Shenzhen into an important base for the country's new energy industry and a pioneer in urban low-carbon economy. 2009 11 months, Beijing issued "the development of new energy industries in Beijing to implement the revitalization program," strive to 2011, the New Energy and Industrial Implementation Sell Income of 50 billion yuan to Beijing to create a National Innovation and New Energy and Industrial Technology R & D center, manufacturing base and high-end application model city. 2009 12 months, Shandong Province issued "on the promotion of accelerated development of new energy industries a number of policy" to support policies to promote through the seven major new energy industry, by 2012, new energy sources to replace conventional energy sources 12 million tons standard coal, accounting for the proportion of energy consumption across the province increased to 4%. Before competing at the national level local government introduced a new energy industry revitalization of the local development planning, we can see the development of new energy industry, local governments have shown confidence.
  2. 2. Planning level behind the strong support of government policies. As a new energy industry base, Beijing Badaling Economic Development Zone, Beijing revitalization bear the heavy responsibility the development of new energy industries. According to report, settled in Beijing Badaling Economic Development Zone, enterprises can enjoy various preferential policies, including value-added tax paid in accordance with the company's 10%, 20% of corporate income tax for capital support for 3? 5-year financial support policy and investment support for various policies. Badaling Economic Development Zone Yongfu Lu, deputy director told reporters, Development attaches great importance to policy guidance and support with business development since 2008, the development zone introduced to speed up the development of new energy industry, policy documents, to encourage new energy and Environmental protection Industries, promote new energy and environmental industries enterprises and organizations into the park. Industrial policy, including investment incentives, support fund policy, the introduction of the brand to encourage policy and personnel policy. Development through the industrial policy to guide domestic and foreign well-known research institutions, authoritative testing centers, large enterprises have settled down new energy production and environmental protection industry base, to encourage high-end brands and technology, business development professionals in the Great Development, entrepreneurship. New Projects In Gurgaon to promote the emerging new energy companies to complete product development and shorten the cycle of corporate entrepreneurship. October 26, 2009, New Energy and Industrial Base Badaling incubation laid the foundation stone, a company set up new energy R & D, testing, product development platform in one business, a new energy industry, "incubator." Badaling Economic Development Zone, according to director of Why Did not introduced, incubation center planning area of 100 mu, building area of about 72,000 square meters, will build 35 single-family plants, including product R & D in the test area, product and technology display area, incubation Building and supporting integrated services area and other basic services. After completion of the incubation center for solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy, and many new ventures development platform. Through the incubator, Great New Energy and Industrial base for new energy research and development enterprises and service assurance. Meanwhile, the introduction of settled business incubator to support policies to support the new energy industry incubator "incubated enterprises." For example: The Development of new energy management agencies identified incubator and allowed to settled in the enterprise zone into the area can enjoy all the preferential policies for business entities; incubated enterprises can prior to applying for the State, the Beijing Innovation Fund (Fund) and the science and technology projects; the transformation of the national 863 Project, National Science and Technology Progress Award (including the third prize) project settled in incubation, the zone can be one-time funding for the 20 million free; in the field of new energy tech, industry and good growth The market potential of the properties, businesses can be completed within two years of high-tech achievements in the incubation, free of charge within a certain area of incubator research office for two years; priority for New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Fund and City funding to support more preferential policies.