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Brisbane Blinds


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If you are searching for an affordable, easy to install and long lasting window covering solution then Brisbane blinds are the perfect option. Long been an industry favorite, Brisbane blinds are a timeless product.

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Brisbane Blinds

  1. 1. Window Blinds - Materials and StylesOne of the options for decorating your window is the use of blinds. However, themain function of window blinds is to limit or block external light. Window blindsserve a useful function in the home because they can be used to block excessive heatduring summer and keep in the heat during the cold season.Brisbane blinds are no longer drab and boring, thanks to the evolution of styles andmaterials over the years. They can now be used to complement the overall decor ofthe home. There are many different kinds of window blinds, manufactured in variousstyles and materials.Different Window BlindsVertical blinds, or track blinds, comprise vertical hanging slats connected together.These blinds are ideal for sliding doors and larger windows. Roller blinds arecommonly used for the office room in the house. These blinds are typically made ofplastic. Roller blinds make an office room look chic and do not allow morning light toseep into the room.Roman blinds are the same as roller blinds in that they can be adjusted up and downas desired. Roman blinds are perfect for giving a lavish appearance to a bedroom. AVenetian blind with horizontal slats suspended one above the other, is one of the mostsought after blinds. A chord or strips of cloth is used to connect the slats. The slatsallow light to enter a room as required by rotating them to almost 180 degrees.Venetian blinds are perfect for imparting a stylish, yet effective, window covering.Window Blinds MaterialsWindow blinds are made using a variety of materials, each delivering their distinctadvantages. Metal blinds are most likely made of aluminium. Metal blinds are sturdy,rust-resistant and relatively affordable. Plastic blinds, like metal blinds, can withstanddamages caused by extreme weather and are also affordable.Plastic blinds are available in various colours to fit the decor of the house. The mostcommon plastic blind is made of vinyl. Wooden blinds are generally more expensivebecause of the old-world elegance that many homeowners wish to impart to theirhomes. However, wooden blinds can be difficult to maintain and can be morevulnerable to extreme temperatures than metal or plastic blinds.Faux wood blinds, or composite wood, are a blend of wood and synthetic resins suchas polyvinyl chloride. The combination of wood and plastics give window blinds the
  2. 2. elegant look of wood while remaining low maintenance as in metal or plastic blinds.Synthetic blinds, as the name implies, are made of synthetic fabrics and they aretypically used in modern automated roller blinds.All types of window blinds have the same function and they are operated in basicallythe same manner. However, blinds come in various forms and materials. These formsand materials make blinds unique and allow them to impart unique benefits to thehome. For more information on the various forms of window blinds and the materialsused in them, click here.