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Dressing your Windows with Style


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Building a new home means choosing décor for the home that has a function such as blinds. There are plenty of Brisbane blinds to choose from to complement any home.

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Dressing your Windows with Style

  1. 1. Dressing your Windows with StyleWhen you are building a new home you have much to think about in terms of design and décor. This is without adoubt a very exciting time as once completed, your new home will be exactly how you wanted it and everythingyou dreamt it would be.There is one very important factor to consider in your new home and that is your window fashions. Windowfashions not only provide a function, they complement your home. It is a very important decision to think aboutand get right as the coverings you choose will be intended to last for quite a while.There are a number of modern and stylish designs that you can choose from and colours and materials to suit andcomplement any home. If you want to learn a little more about what Brisbane blinds are available this article willprove useful.Venetian BlindsVenetian blinds are a very classy and stylish choice. Available in Composite, hardwood timber or Western RedCedar, they have the ability to give your home a very modern and crisp look or a sophisticated colonial look. It alldepends really on the colour and material you select.Timber venetian blinds are especially functional as wood is a natural insulator and can block out excessive heat,cold and noise. They allow excellent lighting control as you can set the blinds in the position of your choice to allowin as much or as little sunlight as you want or need.Venetian blinds are relatively easy to care for and it’s always best to follow manufacturers care instructions. A newhome will benefit greatly from the addition of venetian blinds if these are your preference and you will enjoy themfor many years to come.Roller BlindsIf venetian blinds are not your taste, then you can consider roller blinds. These sleek and modern windowcoverings can be drawn completely to block out the sun and prying eyes and completely rolled up to provide anopen and light feel to the room.Any home can easily have roller blinds made to match as they are available in a fantastic range of fabrics andcolours. If you like a lot of light in your home, whilst maintaining privacy, then translucent blinds are ideal for you.However, if you prefer a little less light, and heat, but want to retain some of your window view, sunscreen blindsare perfect.But not everyone likes to have light in all rooms. For example if you are a shift worker, have young children or arehaving a special television room built in your new home, then it is likely you want certain rooms to be as dark aspossible, even during the day. Blockout roller blinds make this easy and they also block out the heat.Check out what is available for your new home by clicking here and do your interior design a favour.