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Online to Offline Engagement


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Online to Offline Engagement

  1. 1. Online to Offline Engagement
  2. 2. What We’ll Cover• Who’s Online• Offline Activities• Choose Your Goal• Create Your Ask• Take People Offline• Provide Resources• Track Your Progress• Take People Back Online• Example
  3. 3. Who’s Online?Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project April 2009 Survey
  4. 4. What People Are Doing Online Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project Surveys 2000-2009
  5. 5. Why People Respond• Engaging them where they spend a large amount of time• Tapping into what they’re already interested in• Connecting with them visually through video and pictures• Timeliness and sense of urgency• Meaningful action
  6. 6. Offline Goals• What do you want to do? – Recruit volunteers – Hold volunteer meetings – Build leadership teams – Fundraise – Collect / deliver petitions – Visit elected official’s office – Attract earned media – Organize a canvass or phone bank – Hold a rally
  7. 7. Offline Activities to Reach Goals• What do you want to do? – Fully-scalable national days of action – High-bar national days of action – Distributed actions – Ongoing actions
  8. 8. Important Principles • Some principles to keep in mind: – Clear theory of change – Keep it simple and fun – Expect that your volunteers can move the world
  9. 9. Step-By-Step Guide1. Choose Your Goal2. Create Your Ask3. Take People Offline4. Provide Resources5. Track Your Progress6. Take People Back Online
  10. 10. 1. Choose Your Goal• Is it timely and relevant to your supporters?• Is it a core part of your larger campaign narrative?• Will reaching your goal *actually* create change?
  11. 11. 2. Create Your Ask • Rooted in crisi-tunity (crisis + opportunity) – Crisis: something bad is happening or is going to happen – Opportunity: you can do something to prevent it • Solid theory of change – By acting now, this is how you will create the change you want to see – Work backward from your end goal, step by step • Real-world impact – Participants in offline action make a real impact
  12. 12. 3. Take People Offline • Provide clear ways for online supporters to engage in offline action • Post and promote the action widely, across platforms and communities • Ask allies to help promote it • Ask supporters to tell a friend/bring a friend • Give a 24-hour reminder email/call
  13. 13. 4. Provide Resources• Create an online resource center for participants – Next steps – Data entry – FAQs – Flyers/pamphlets/posters – Graphics to share online• Make it easy• Empower your supporters• Let supporters connect with those they met offline
  14. 14. 5. Track Your ProgressMonitor your initiatives and track the progress:• Email metrics – Open rate – Click thru rate• Website metrics – Visits – Event sign-ups – Tell a friend submissions – Social network activity – Blog articles / trackbacks
  15. 15. 6. Take People Back OnlineAfter the event:• Use online forms to collect info – Feedback – Data – Pictures and Video – Personal stories• Give the next ask to keep the conversation going and provide the resources• Always think at least one step ahead!
  16. 16. Full Circle Engagement STEP 1: ONLINE A. Post it. B. Promote it. C. Engage people. D. Provide resources. STEP 3: ONLINE STEP 2: OFFLINE (at the event) A. Collect info. A. Provide resources. B. Provide recaps of B. Collect names, email the event. addresses, personal stories. C. Provide progress C. Take pictures/video. updates on your D. Give the next ask. theory of change. E. Have a great time!! D. Give the next ask and promote it (repeat the steps).
  17. 17. Example: Day of Action
  18. 18. Map of Events
  19. 19. Action Ideas
  20. 20. Creative Expression
  21. 21. Taking People Back Online
  22. 22. Contact InfoNew Organizing Institute(202)