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  • NOI NOI on Demand Introduce Hope who will do the polls and manage the chat box Participants (c3, c4, candidate/party), intros in chat box Norms for Webinar: chat, raise hands, there are no stupid questions
  • Hire legal advice Alliance for Justice (c3) OGEA
  • Hire legal advice Alliance for Justice (c3) OGEA
  • Media Outreach

    1. 1. Welcome! We will be starting the training session shortly. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please visit to read frequently asked webinar tech questions.#noiOnDemand &
    2. 2. Blogger & Media OutreachGreg Greene » Democratic Nat’l Cmte. August 10, 2012
    3. 3. Introductions NOI On Demand Norms You#noiOnDemand & 3
    4. 4. FOLLOWING THE LAW & 4
    5. 5. FOLLOWING THE LAW & 5
    6. 6. Presenter: Greg Greene New Media Outreach Director Democratic National Committee #noiOnDemand &
    7. 7. OBJECTIVE • Walking through the present-day media landscape, and the tools needed to navigate it — and; • Learning how to make inroads with the media and reach the people that you need.
    8. 8. AGENDA • Surveying the media landscape • Making pitches and reaching audiences • Building and nurturing media relationships
    9. 9. The Changed Landscape• Fewer gatekeepers• Greater cacophony of voices• Digital media ↔ traditional media
    10. 10. Blogs & the Media Landscape• Merging with — or into — traditional media ecosystem• Influencing political coverage• Hosting ‘water cooler’ banter among reporters, insiders, and activists
    11. 11. Activist Reporters & Bloggers• Can rouse support for candidates, issue campaigns, and causes• Organize people behind policy goals (e.g., presidential support for marriage equality)• Sometimes — through writers or readers — raise money for campaigns and causes
    12. 12. QuickTime™ and a decompressorare needed to see this picture.
    13. 13. Democrats Take Control of Senate As AllenConcedes to Webb in Va.Victor Vows New Approach To Iraq War — The Washington Post Nov. 10, 2006 Allen Quip Provokes Outrage, Apology Name Insults Webb Volunteer — The Washington Post Aug. 15, 2006
    14. 14. The Triangle of Media Influence
    15. 15. The Triangle of Media Influence
    16. 16. Forging Relationships• Set your strategy •What are your goals? •How can the media help you? •Why should someone help you?• Identify the relevant reporters• Note what they like, and the subjects they focus on• Learn how to reach their audiences
    17. 17. Building a Blogger List• lists blogs in each state (but needs updating)• links to state-based community blogs• monitors trends on national blogs
    18. 18. Blogroll
    19. 19. Starting the Relationship• Reach out personally• Listen — conversations are two-way• Ask before adding to press lists• Stay clear about what’s on, and off, the record• Treat trusted activist writers/bloggers as allies
    20. 20. Building the Relationship• Hold conference calls to keep media looped in• Help people write live from events• Set aside accomodations at major happenings (e.g., a party convention’s press gallery)
    21. 21. Building the Relationship• Link to valued sites and stories on your site• Create material — e.g., photos, videos, and infographics — that others can use
    22. 22. Questions? #noiOnDemand &
    23. 23. &