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Cyoas Brea Ppt


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Cyoas Brea Ppt

  1. 1. Alea and The Seance <ul><li>Brea Grant and Alisha Dickerson </li></ul>
  2. 2. One day around midnight, Alea Jackmen, one of the popular psychics in Brooklyn, was having a seance in the dark dining room of the Thompson family's house. They were there to connect with their mother who died a year ago. As she lit the candles, a mysterious wind blew them out. Alea knew that the spirit did not want to connect with the family, but she tried again anyway. Once she was able to light all of the candles, she turned the lights off and they sat down around the table. As she spoke the ritual, the house began to shake and a spirit possessed Alea's body. Surprisingly, the spirit of the Thompson's mother began to speak. She said she was happy to see them, but she couldn't stay for long.
  3. 3. A half hour passed, but the spirit did not leave. As a result, others spirit began to get furious and the candle lights started to flicker and the house shook cruelly. The Thompson's and Alea looked up and saw plaster coming from the ceiling. Alea and the Thompson family knew that the ceiling was going to fall. In a panic, they jumped up and ran for the door, but it was to late. The ceiling had already fell. That night was a beginning of an ending. The next morning.....
  4. 4. She got out of the bed and went into the bathroom. Alea looked in the mirror and noticed that her skin was slightly paler then usual. She didn't pay it to much attention because she always looks like that in the morning. After she took a shower and got dress,she saw a book on the night stand. She had never seen it before, she opened it and started reading, it was a book about rules and how to live with the unmoral. As she walked out the house she noticed that the mailman that usually says &quot;Hello Ms.Jackmen!&quot; didn't even notice her. &quot;Maybe he's in a bad mood,&quot;she said and kept walking. On her way going to the store,there was a house that looked familiar. It almost looked like the Thompson's Family home. She thought about then....
  5. 5. Since it was getting late, she started on her way back home. When she got there, she went up the stairs to the backroom, where her office is. As she logged on to the computer, she tried to put all the clues together. The mail man, waking up in her bed and not knowing how she got there. &quot;The only conclusion i have is that I'm...&quot; Boom! A loud noise comes from downstairs. Alea goes downstairs to what it is,but it wasn't from downstairs. It was from the basement. Alea goes down to the basement and as she looks for the noise she saw a bright white light. Because she was curious,she walked toward the light. All of a sudden she ends up in a room with people staring at her.
  6. 6. One resembled the mail man, and the others were kind of blurry. &quot;I most be dreaming&quot; Alea said. &quot;Who are you?, and why am I here?&quot; &quot;Aren't you Alea Jackmen?&quot; said Tina. Tina was the psychic that the mail man hired. &quot;Who wants to know?,&quot; said Alea.  &quot;The people who you were close to,&quot; said the psychic &quot;Were?,&quot;Alea said curiously.  &quot;Yes,were.&quot; the psychic responded. &quot;OK. You're saying it like I'm dead.&quot; Alea said laughing. The psychic had a serious look on her face. She looked at the mail man, then at Alea and said,&quot;You are dead.&quot;
  7. 7. Alea continued on down the street. She saw Mrs. Applebom, a older lady who has been kind to Alea, watering her garden. Alea walked over to greet her. &quot; Hello Ms. Applebom, how are you today?&quot; There was no response from the elder. Alea thought she must have done something to the people that were ignoring her. Alea was very confused in what was happening. When Alea arrived to the city, she noticed that it was crowded. She was trying to push past all the people when something strange happened. A little girl had walked right through her. Alea turned around in disbelief. Then a man walked right through her. Alea was getting scared. &quot;This is a dream!,&quot; Alea yelped.
  8. 8. More and more people continued walked through like she was invisible. Alea ran home shivering from her experience. Alea cried herself to sleep. Then, there was a tunnel of light coming from Alea's bathroom. Alea woke up to hear people talking. She noticed the light from the bathroom and walk into it. Alea then approahed a white room with an overcast of people sitting at a table. &quot;What's going on ?&quot; Alea questioned. A lady responded, &quot;Hello Alea, I am Tina the psychic and I am here with your family. They were trying to connect with you since your death three days ago.&quot; &quot;I'm dead?&quot; Alea shrieked. &quot; Yes you are,&quot; Tina responded &quot;and your family wants to talk to you.&quot; 
  9. 9. Alea woke up in the hospital with a major headache not knowing what happened the day before. She called the nurse for some Aspirin but didn't get a answer. She yelled louder but still no answer. So Alea got out of bed and walked into the hallway to see where all the nurses were. To her surprise all the nurses and doctors were all gone. &quot; Somethings strange,&quot; Alea said to her self. She walked back to her room to get her stuff together and left. When Alea walked outside she saw that everything was normal. What Alea didn't notice was that she still had her hospital gown on.
  10. 10. She tried talking to people she talked to before but it almost seemed like they were ignoring her. That's when Alea got a strange feeling. As Alea walked down the street she saw a newspaper stand with an article on the front entitled &quot; The Thompson Tragedy.&quot; Alea wondered what the article was talking about. She continued on down the street, hearing people talk about how the Thompson family had died from a house collapsing. Alea then realized that she was with the Thompson family on the same night having a seance. All of a sudden.......
  11. 11. She ran back to the newspaper stand to get the article. She quickly ran home and read the article,as she read it she started to wonder how she got out of that incident alive. She starts to have a flashback of what happened that night. They were sitting in a dark room,she said the ritual,the spirit came but couldn't stay long. Ring! Ring! Her thought was interrupted by a ring the phone. Alea let it go to the answering machine. &quot;Hello, hello its me Clark!&quot; Clark was Alea's co-worker.
  12. 12. &quot;I was calling because you didn't come in to work today,and I was wondering if you were OK.&quot; Alea called him back because she thought if she was dead, no one would be able to hear her. &quot;Hello&quot;,said Clark. &quot;Hey Clark it's Alea.&quot; &quot;Oh hey&quot;,Clark replied. &quot;Sorry I didn't come to work,I was feeling under the weather,&quot; Alea said. &quot;It's OK! hey!,at least you didn't die like that family on the news.&quot; &quot;Yea well it felt like it!&quot;
  13. 13. She ran back to the Thompson house to see if all that she heard was true. When she arrived she couldn't believe her eyes, the Thompson house was no more. All Alea saw was debris from the house all over. That's when Alea started thinking if she was in the hospital with no nurses, the people she usually talk to were ignoring her and she was with the Thompson family the night they died she must have been dead too.
  14. 14. She didn't want to believe that she was dead but that seemed to be the only reason why things were going the way they were. Alea ran home home and turned on the T.V. to see if the news was still talking about the story-- it was. Alea listened as the newscaster reported, &quot; Today is a sad day as the town mourns over the death of the Thompson family. It was just last night when the roof of their house unexpectedly fell down. Witnesses say there was another person in the house, but when police showed up it was only the family.&quot;
  15. 15. Alea thought,&quot; I'm dead and no one knows!&quot; Out of anger, Alea starts to cry. She couldn't believe that she was not being noticed for her death either. Then, the phone rings, Alea picks up and says &quot;hello&quot;, &quot; Hi Alea, its me Tracy. I'm calling to see if you are alright.&quot; Tracy was Alea's sister. She said she heard about the Family's death and remembered that Alea told her about the seance they had that night. &quot; I have been trying to reach you all day but you never picked up,&quot; Tracy said. Alea stopped crying and said curiously,&quot; You can hear me?&quot; Tracy replied, &quot; ...of course I can hear you, Why wouldn't I hear you?&quot; &quot; A lot of things happened today and I thought I was dead like the Thompson's,&quot; Alea exclaimed. Alea was so happy she wasn't dead. She changed her clothes and ran outside. Everyone she saw, she said hi to. That day was the best day of Alea's life. 
  16. 16. The End