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E! Network


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Published in: Business, Technology
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E! Network

  1. 1. ALYSSADEYONKERA40632154
  2. 2. Business Challenges Competing with other sources of entertainment news- People, Star, US Weekly, etc… Successfully promoting & stressing uniqueness of the E! Network brand. Breaking through the clutter of advertising Finding companies willing to work with E! for 4square promotion efforts
  3. 3. Goals for E! Network Continue relationships with celebrities and young audiences and remain the only U.S general entertainment cable channel that broadcasts a daily news program- E! News. Appeal to those who typically do not turn to television and internet for entertainment news.
  4. 4. Goals for E! News Exhibit effective marketing to attract a greater audience and create loyal viewers and brand advocates by 8%. Increase social media presence in 4square and continue strong presence on Facebook& Twitter. Create & promote a E! blog dedicated to E! Network fans.
  5. 5. Theme Take advantage of social media to satisfy the entertainment news seeker and attract new audiences to the website and social media pages. Become involved in other social media avenues. Become involved in the “blogging world”
  6. 6. Key Components Proposal:  Connect with businesses related to the entertainment industry or have similar targeted audiences. Use 4square to give promotional incentives to those who check into those entertainment venues.  These locations will be targeted to people who are attracted to and/or associate with the E! Network.  Create a blog dedicated solely to E! Network (not related to the Chelsea Handler blog already created)  e.g. if a person checks into a Starbucks they will receive celebrity inside scoop or the chance to attend an award show and be a guest E! representative.
  7. 7. Key Components Validity will be regulated by checking into 4square, receiving a specific password from the selected venue & providing the password on E! Online. The concept of this promotional tool is to promote the E! Network and make a connection with consumers that associate with brands similar to the E! brand. Purpose of the E! blog is to increase personal relationship with the brand. Purpose of 4square involvement is to increase brand/consumer interaction & attract more fans.
  8. 8. Success Evaluation Use metric tools to determine how many people checked into 4sqaure, have visited the brand’s social media pages and visited E! Online- compare to previous year numbers. Determine ROI. How much money did the network spend on promotion compared with website, blog & social media visitation as well as television viewership numbers.
  9. 9. Timeline & Budget Allow for a 2.5 month period of promotion through advertising on E! News, Facebook & Twitter & selected 4square venues.  30% of the overall marketing budget will be allocated to this. Allow for 5 month period to begin seeing ROI results. Plan on the 12th month for overall evaluation of marketing efforts.
  10. 10. Allocation of $ General advertising: E! News, Facebook, Twitter  30% of budget Blogging Efforts  Upkeep & Promotion: 8% of marketing budget 4Square Efforts  Partnership with selected venues: 25% of marketing budget  Money to allow for guest E! representative for Award Shows: 30% of marketing budget