Viral Video มหัศจรรย์วิดีโอบรรลือโลก


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Viral Video มหัศจรรย์วิดีโอบรรลือโลก

  2. 2. Why’s our Viral Video is not Viral
  3. 3. Why’s our Viral Video is not Viral What’s Keys Success Factor of Viral Video
  4. 4. How to Create Success Viral
  5. 5. Keys Success Factor For Viral Video Content Tactics
  6. 6. YouTube Overview
  7. 7. YouTube Category 15 Categories of Video Content on YouTube
  8. 8. Categories : Music is the most popular category with 31% of allanalyzed videos, followed by Entertainment (15%) and People& Blogs (11%).
  9. 9. Keys Success Factor For Viral Video Type of Approach Content Make an organic viral Growth Timing Story / Content Video Title & Keywords Name / Tag
  10. 10. Keys Success Factor For Viral Video Comedy Approach Type of Approach Emotional ApproachContent Rational ApproachMake an organic viral Growth Sex Appeal Approach Cool/Creative/Experi mental Approach
  11. 11. Keys Success Factor For Viral Video Creative Story / Content InspiringContent Informational / how toMake an organic viral Growth Funny / Cry Spontaneous
  12. 12. Keys Success Factor For Viral VideoContent Depend on Video ContentMake an organic viral Timing Growth Recommend to 15-90 seconds
  13. 13. Keys Success Factor For Viral VideoContent VideoMake an organic viral Title & Growth Name Keywords / Tag
  14. 14. Keys Success Factor For Viral Video SEO Copy Writing Twitter Facebook + Social Media Sharing Tactics Inbound and Active (SMO) Seeding Viral Growth Search Rank Factors Traffic (YSEO) Analytics Video Annotation
  15. 15. SEO Copy-Writing
  16. 16. 5 Video SEO Tips Elizabeth Warren Should Follow• Write optimized Title, Tags, and Descriptions for your content.• Create great custom thumbnails for your videos.• Use annotations on your videos to increase viewership, engagement, and subscribers.• Organize your content into sets of videos using playlists and video responses. Create themed content or curate content using playlists.• Optimize and design your channel pages metadata, layout, and background. Source: reelseo
  17. 17. SEO Copy-Writing
  18. 18. SEO Copy-Writingsearch is still hugely important for online video
  19. 19. Annotation
  20. 20. SeedingOne of Online Marketing Tools to Buzz and Monitoringabout Brand and Products with online Channel .We Help Brand to Generate WOM (Word of Mouth) ByEngaging with online opinion leader and seeding themwith products. The Online Seeding help our targetaudience to Awareness Products and make themdecision to be our Customer.
  21. 21. ROI
  22. 22. Methodology• Five scenarios were tested in this experiment - Full View – watching a video from start to finish multiple times - Half View – watching a video more than half way (but not to completion) multiple times - Refresh – refreshing the browser after the video has begun playing - Embedded – watching a video multiple times through a player embedded on another site - Embedded Auto play – watching a video that is coded to start automatically when the page loads through a player embedded in another site
  23. 23. Summary of Findings
  24. 24. YouTube insight
  25. 25. DemograpDiscovery Community Hot Spots hics
  26. 26. Viral Video ProcessStep 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4Strategy Content Tactics ROI Production / Monitoring
  27. 27. Source of Creative YouTube Idea/Campaign
  28. 28. Let’s Start Your Viral Video Content Q&A