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Google Hangout เพื่อการรายงานข่าว


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Google Hangout เพื่อการรายงานข่าว

  1. 1. GOOGLE+COURSE OUTLINE19 MARCH 2012This presentation is strictly confidential. It is made available by D-Fusion co. ltd. On the strict understanding that it will not be shown, read or passed to any person who is not authorized
  3. 3. GOOGLE+ CONCEPT “Real-life sharing, rethought for the web” Google+ is a social platform that bring you to "Google products". It makes connecting on the web more like connecting in the real world.
  4. 4. HOW DOES GOOGLE+ DIFFERENT FROM OTHER SOCIAL PLATFORMS? C The People Centric Model The Content Centric Model The Interest Communities Model Connect with people you know Follow and share content Connect with people through a shared interest in content
  5. 5. GOOGLE+ KEY FEATURES Stream Circles Hangouts Get updates from your You share different things Conversations are better circles or discover what’s with different people. But face-to-face. Join a video happening near you with sharing the right stuff with hangout to catch up with check-ins in Nearby view. the right people shouldn’t up to 9 friends at once Choose which circles you be a hassle. when you’re on the go. get posts from so you only see updates you care about most.
  6. 6. GOOGLE+ KEY FEATURES Instant Upload Messenger +1 button Upload every photo and Google+ Messenger lets +1’s can help improve video from your phone to you chat and coordinate Google Search, since you your own private album in with any of your friends, can see which pages your the cloud. From now on, all at the same time. You social connections have your photos upload can even share photos to +1d right beneath search themselves. From here, add a little color to your results and ads. just edit and share them messages. with whomever you want.
  8. 8. GET STARTED WITH GOOGLE+ 1. Create Google+ 2. Create Circles & Add friends 3. Stream 4. Hangouts
  9. 9. CREATE GOOGLE+ : USER ACCOUNT Already have Gmail account
  10. 10. CREATE GOOGLE+ : USER ACCOUNT Does not have Gmail account
  11. 11. BUILD YOUR COMMUNITY : CREATE GOOGLE+ PLUS PAGE Create a Google+ Page to represent your organization across the web. Build a message and a brand that people can discover on Google+ and in their web searches on Google. You able to add page manager up to 50 per Plus page.
  12. 12. TO COMPLETE GOOGLE+ PLUS PAGE PROFILE Choose the word that best describe yourself Prepare a logo to add Choose 5 photos that best convey the spirit of yourself. It called “scrapbook” Add sites you want to link to here Prepare 10-20 posts to get you started, and you’ll have content on your page Choose any videos or photos you want to include on the page
  13. 13. INTERESTING DETAILS ON YOUR GOOGLE+ PAGE PROFILE Your page logo People can add you to will appear here their circles to subscribe to your updates, and you can add them back. You can use circles to target smaller groups +1 just like on the web, that you want to you can accumulate +1 message. on your page profile Your top 5 pictures will appear here This is where you Content: you will can see who added able to post on your your page to their page to allow people circles. to comment
  14. 14. THEN, CREATE A SHORT URL FOR YOUR GOOGLE+ PAGE “...make it easier to remember” Using to create short URL for your Google+ Page, Select the page URL’s name by yourself then you’ll get the new URL as
  15. 15. GET STARTED WITH GOOGLE+ 1. Create Google+ 2. Create Circles & Add friends 3. Stream 4. Hangouts
  16. 16. CREATE CIRCLES & ADD FRIENDS “sharing the right stuff with the right people” One of its unique features is its easy way to create groups of friends via circles. Circle is a relationship management. Once you have a circle of friends, you can easily chat, share articles, and more with all of them.
  17. 17. CREATE CIRCLES & ADD FRIENDS ...Create the circle by drag a friend into the "circle" When updating you can select how limited or broad you want to share 1 . A single individual :Type the persons name or email address and you will send them a private message. 2. A specific circle : Update viewable to anyone in that circle. 3. A group of circles : Any number of your circles. You can add anyone to a circle 4. Your circles : All of your circles. even if they are or are not your 5. Extended Circles : Everyone in all your circles and everyone in friend and choose not to add you all their circles. Its "friends of friends". to their own circles. 6. Public : Anyone on the web. For example you can put people in a circle you have never met like Google CEO Larry Page. While you will see their updates in your main stream, but your updates wont appear in their main stream.
  18. 18. GET STARTED WITH GOOGLE+ 1. Create Google+ 2. Create Circles & Add friends 3. Stream 4. Hangouts
  19. 19. WHAT’S ON STREAM? Stream: This is where you can share stuff and see everything shared by people in your circles With Ripples view, you can see how posts are shared through Google+. You can even play back each Ripple, and Ripples are available on every public post Notifications: See whenever someone adds you to a circle, +1 What’s hot : This your page or post, shows the thing that share, comments on a become popular or post in the trend
  20. 20. WHAT YOU CAN SHARE WITH THE WORLD Post message & Add Photo
  21. 21. WHAT YOU CAN SHARE WITH THE WORLD Post message & Upload VDO or YouTube
  22. 22. WHAT YOU CAN SHARE WITH THE WORLD Post message & add link
  23. 23. GET STARTED WITH GOOGLE+ 1. Create Google+ 2. Create Circles & Add friends 3. Stream 4. Hangouts
  24. 24. ENJOY WITH VIDEO CONFERENCE : HANGOUTS Hangouts: You can choose to start a video conference with a publicity or with any one of your circles. (up to 10 person in a time)
  25. 25. HANGOUTS Face-to-Face Conversation
  27. 27. MARKETING YOUR GOOGLE+ ACCOUNT : CREATE A COMPELLING GOOGLE+ PAGE select a great profile photo— this is the number one way people will recognize you on Google+ Decide on a tone for your page, and stay consistent in your messaging Use Circles to segment your fans, followers and even internal teams so you can share the right information with the right people.
  28. 28. MARKETING YOUR GOOGLE+ ACCOUNT : ENGAGE YOUR FANS, FOLLOWERS &COMMUNITY Create a posting schedule, and post at least once a day to make sure you are sharing new and interesting content that sparks genuine conversation. Share exclusive photos and videos with your fans and followers. Engage your community by posting questions and asking for feedback. Make sure to respond actively to your followers through comments and +1’ing, and credit your most active followers by +mentioning them in a post. Regularly host hangouts to have real face-to-face conversations with your fans and followers from all over the world. Give your followers a behind- the-scenes tour, collaborate with members of your community on a new project or simply say thank you to your supporters
  29. 29. MARKETING YOUR GOOGLE+ ACCOUNT : PROMOTE YOUR GOOGLE+ PAGE Spread the word about your Google+ Page by sharing your Page with people from your personal Google+ Profile Add a Google+ Badge to your website to get more recommendations for your site in Google Search and grow your audience on Google+.
  31. 31. THANK YOU