NewLife India - Steps to Reduce the Chance of Recurrent Miscarriages


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NewLife Fertility Clinic India - Dealing with miscarriage is really hard. It brings the feeling of sadness, loss, frustration and confusion. Here are some steps to reduce your chances of recurrent miscarriages.

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NewLife India - Steps to Reduce the Chance of Recurrent Miscarriages

  1. 1. NEWLIFE FERTILITY CLINIC India Mobile No.: (+91) 997 153 7408, +91 - 965 - 039 - 9880 E-mail:
  2. 2. Having a miscarriage is really hard and if it is recurrent, than it’s really really hard to cope with it. It brings the feeling of sadness, loss, frustration and confusion. Several possible causes of miscarriages are there and one of the culprits is the random genetic problem with the developing fetus. However recurrent miscarriages are when female has had two, three or more miscarriage in a row. Genetic disorder, Anatomical issue, blood clotting, immunological disorder, high homocysteine levels and hormonal imbalance are some common cause of recurrent miscarriages.
  3. 3.       Understanding thyroid panel Autoimmune testing HSG (Hysterosalpingogram) Karyotyping Fatal tissue testing Progesterone
  4. 4. Trying to conceive or want to prepare for pregnancy? Try these steps that will nourish and invite a healthy and fruitful pregnancy to occur. However it is also important to prepare ahead of time to prevent miscarriages, so practice these steps for at least 90 days before you trying to conceive again.
  5. 5. The initial step is preparing your body with fertility cleansing that helps to support the liver in cleansing the old toxins and excess hormones of the body while supporting the uterus to cleanse itself and hence increase uterine circulation and tone.
  6. 6. Now it’s time to nourish your body or make it baby friendly which can be easily be done via nutritional fertility diet. Whatever you eat has majorly influence your eggs health, hormonal imbalance, reduce chances of miscarriages, develop nutrient storage for developing baby and create healthy reproductive system.
  7. 7. Building a healthy foundation requires some basic minerals, vitamins and EFA’s. However some specific vitamins and minerals are also there that are essential for healthy reproductive system and ovulation as well. Add multivitamin like prenatal multivitamin (must contain B6, B12 and Folic Acid) and omega 3 supplements are great option you have. Additionally essential fatty acids are also extremely necessary to prevent miscarriages.
  8. 8. Another way to promote healthy conception is to maximize the circulation to the uterus. As today we live in a hectic paced world where we don’t have so much time for ourselves, it becomes necessary to apply fertility or abdominal massage if trying to get pregnant. For this you can contact to an expert massage therapist specialized in fertility massage.