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What is Microsoft SPLA and some of the other ins and outs of a profitable Hosting/Service Provider business

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  • As we go through each of these questions can I get a show of hands for people who’s customers might face these challenges.Looks like we’ve got a pretty good opportunityIn today’s business environment, customers are challenged to address a wide variety of frequently conflicting questions and concerns in their organizations. Managing these effectively and coming up with workable, creative solutions will ultimately help to make your business more successful. For each of the concerns outlined on this slide, you can deliver a DaaS solution that will help.
  • 20% Growth in SaaS adoptionfrom 66% to 86% by year end among SMB20% Growth in Virtualization adoption from 38% to 58% by year end among SMBPlus, there’s been a 20% decline in IT staff in SMB organizations
  • NewLease Capture Your Cloud

    1. 1. Singapore, February 2012
    2. 2. Who is NewLease 2012 Warren Nolan General Manager Asia Pacific, NewLease© 2012 NewLease Pte
    3. 3. Who is NewLease?• An Asia Pacific company based in Melbourne• Offices – Melbourne, Sydney, New Zealand, and Singapore• Sole focus on Subscription licensing• We work with a range of vendors in different markets © 2012 NewLease Pte
    4. 4. Who is NewLease?• Largest SPLA distributor in Asia• Currently over 700 partners• A Top 5 SPLA distributor Globally• Recognised by Microsoft globally as best practice in operations / administration and licensing expertise support• Over 8 years experience with SPLA licencing © 2012 NewLease Pte
    5. 5. What is our focus? The cloud And helping our partners to capture their share of it. © 2012 NewLease Pte
    6. 6. Agenda Welcome 9.00am – 9:15am Warren Nolan, NewLease General Manager Asia Pacific Is Hosting right for you? 9:15am-10:30am Stephen Parker, Head of Cloud Strategy, NewLease 10:30am-11:00am Morning Tea Microsoft SPLA and How to Use it for Your Service Offerings 11:00m – 11:45 Boughty Canton, Head of Product & Marketing, NewLease License Mobility 11.45am – 12.30pm Stephen Parker, Head of Cloud Strategy, NewLease 12.30pm -2.00pm Lunch and networking
    7. 7. Microsoft SPLA and how to use it for your service offerings. Boughty Canton Head of Product and Marketing, NewLease© 2012 NewLease Pte
    8. 8. What is SPLA?• The Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) enables organizations to license Microsoft licensed products on a monthly basis, to provide software services and hosted applications to their customers.• While other Microsoft Volume Licensing programs, such as Enterprise Agreement, Open License and OEM are specifically designed for internal use, the SPLA program is specifically built to give the service provider the right to use Microsoft software for third party commercial purposes. © 2012 NewLease Pte
    9. 9. What’s Special About SPLA?The Microsoft software products included in the programare available for licensing through these models:• Subscriber Access License (SAL)• Per Processor License (PL)• Per Core License (CL for SQL)Flexibility• Some licenses can be either PL/CL or SAL, the service provider can switch licensing mode for afordability © 2012 NewLease Pte
    10. 10. What are the Benefits of SPLA?• A pay-as-you-go licensing program, no commitments• Operating expense (OPEX model)• Month to month changes in usage• No upfront cost or minimum spend• Pay only for what you use• Upgrades included• Downgrade rights• “Cold” disaster recovery rights• One to many delivery enablement• Minimize risk• Academic pricing available for qualified orgs © 2012 NewLease Pte
    11. 11. SPLA Partners Should• Ensure that the required Microsoft customer license terms and use rights are provided to and agreed upon by customers.• Obtain master copies of the Microsoft licensed products through their SPLA Reseller or by downloading them from the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC).• Provide software services – that interact with Microsoft licensed products – to customers.• Provide access to hosted websites or LOB applications to customers through Microsoft server software.• Report monthly usage of software licenses and disclose all licenses that customers are authorized to use.• Comply with the SPUR, which describes the product use rights for products licensed under the SPLA. The SPUR specifies use rights and conditions applicable to your customers’ use of the licensed products. Microsoft may revise the SPUR at any time.• Provide and maintain technical support for the Microsoft licensed products they deliver to their customers via either Microsoft or a third party. © 2012 NewLease Pte
    12. 12. Why SPLA from NewLease? © 2012 NewLease Pte
    13. 13. Why SPLA from NewLease? © 2012 NewLease Pte
    14. 14. Why SPLA from NewLease? © 2012 NewLease Pte
    15. 15. Why SPLA from NewLease? © 2012 NewLease Pte
    16. 16. Why SPLA from NewLease? © 2012 NewLease Pte
    17. 17. What Makes NewLease Different? © 2012 NewLease Pte
    18. 18. Hot Opportunities: DaaS How do I manage costs?How do I ensure my How do I keep applications are my data safe and available and can applications be accessed? secure? How do I effectively migrate my desktops? How can I preserve How do I take and extend my advantage of existing investments? virtualization? Should I embrace cloud services?
    19. 19. What you can do?• Reduce Total Cost of Ownership• Increase Business Agility and Continuity• Enable Anywhere Access• Improve Security and Compliance• Future proof IT – It’s not just about Windows 7, it’s about getting ready for all future versions of Windows• Management – you can deliver a better management experience to customers than they can to themselves  A consistent user experience on any device  End-to-end management  Unified visibility and reporting
    20. 20. The Market PerspectiveSMB Behaviors 86% SaaS 58% Virtualization -20% IT Staff “Technology-Savvy SMBs are Key to Catalyzing the Economic Recovery” - 2009 Microsoft SMB Insight Report 2008 2009 2010
    21. 21. The Market Perspective – OK, butwho’s it forHere’s the low lying fruit• 10 - 250 employees• Limited IT generalist• Some staff requires remote access
    22. 22. Hot Opportunities: Remote Management
    23. 23. Hot Opportunities: Business Continuity
    24. 24. Questions?
    25. 25. NewLease & Microsoft SPLA in Singapore Benjamin Wong Country Manager, Singapore© 2012 NewLease Pte
    26. 26. How do we help our partners? © 2012 NewLease Pte
    27. 27. Who do we partner with? Hosters Telco’s SIs SPs ISPs SaaS, IaaS, etc LARs MSPs ISVs © 2012 NewLease Pte
    28. 28. Expertise in licencing, products and business solutions Warren Nolan Benjamin Wong General Manger Stephen Parker Country Manager NewLease Singapore Head of Cloud Strategy Boughty Canton Haseeb Jamal Head of Product Partner Services & Marketing Manager © 2012 NewLease Pte
    29. 29. Next steps…
    30. 30. Speak to NewLease Benjamin Wong Country Manager, Singapore Email: Mobile: +65 9686 1118 NewLease Partner Services Centre 3 Church Street #08-00, Singapore 049483 Email: Phone: +65 6408 0100
    31. 31. Thank you