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Microsoft's License Mobility is one of the biggest opportunities to come to the Service Provider community since the inception of the SPLA program.

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  • Key Themes:These are the key takeaways for you today on License Mobility Customers assign instances of their existing VL server licenses to run in a shared datacenter. The instance is dedicated to the customer.There is no extra cost for the customer to exercise this new flexibility: it is a Software Assurance Benefit, there are no new CALs or Mobility fees. The server license with SA in purchased regularly through the end-customer’s VL agreement, and the CALs are also purchased under that agreement (same CALs as before, only now used to access the server instance in the cloud)Available in the July 2011 in the Software Assurance benefits sectionLicense mobility is a right extended to the end-customer No amendments to end-customer VL agreements are required; the PUR conveys the new benefit.SPLA Updates? No changes required in SPLA to allow for onboarding mobility workloads. Although you will see in the coming slides that we are improving the SPLA offerings with upcoming changes to the SAL for SA offering and a new Core Infrastructure Suite, which are “better together” offerings but not requirements of License Mobility.What products are eligible for license mobility?Refer to the PUR in July for the full list. In general terms, all product categories that have rights today for “mobility within the datacenter” will have extended mobility rights to the cloudWindows Server is not mobile: the Service Provider licenses its datacenter for the OS and the end-customer consumes it as IaaS when moving  over their server workloads to the partner's datacenter. The partner licenses the infrastructure in a much more cost efficient way: one single infrastructure, shared hardware, and a single low price point regardless of what type of workload runs on that infrastructure (no longer a distinction between outsourcing or non-outsourcing)
  • Microsoft License Mobility

    1. 1. License Mobility Stephen Parker Head of Cloud Strategy, NewLease Knocking down the barriers to Cloud Success16/02/2012 © 2012 NewLease Pty Ltd 1
    2. 2. Dan Pink - Motivation • •Purpose •Autonomy •Mastery16/02/2012 © 2012 NewLease Pty Ltd 2
    3. 3. The Barriers Vendors Marketplace Partner16/02/2012 © 2012 NewLease Pty Ltd 3
    4. 4. License Mobility – Why?• Microsoft “bet the business” commitment to Cloud• Their asset is the hybrid story• A double dip gap between VL and SPLA• Even with forward estimates 85/15 licence split for (On-prem/Cloud)• Need to unlock on-prem (existing & future) licence investments• Align SPLA with MS hosted licensing16/02/2012 © 2012 NewLease Pty Ltd 4
    5. 5. Licence Landscape Software $AUD 1,622m $AUD 70m $AUD 304m CAGR 5.3% CAGR 31.3% CAGR 15% Platform $AUD 1,445m $AUD 121m $AUD 128m A$4.417Bn A$774Mn CAGR 7.5% CAGR 58% CAGR 36%Infrastructure $AUD 1,350m $AUD 97m $AUD 54m CAGR 6.2% CAGR 44% CAGR 30% ON PREMISES HOSTED PUBLIC 16/02/2012 © 2012 NewLease Pty Ltd 5
    6. 6. Licence Mobility – What?16/02/2012 © 2012 NewLease Pty Ltd 6
    7. 7. Licence Mobility – What? Note: Customer maintains applicable Client Access Licenses (CALs) when deploying workloads through License Mobility16/02/2012 © 2012 NewLease Pty Ltd 7
    8. 8. License Mobility – What?Assign VL server licenses to runinstances on shared hardware inthe cloud*; instance not shared16/02/2012 © 2012 NewLease Pty Ltd 8
    9. 9. Outsource Example Exchange, Exchange, Sharepoint, Lync, CRM Business Sharepoint, Productivity SKU Lync, (SPLA) CRM Core Infrastructure Suite (SPLA)
    10. 10. ISV Example Solution + CustomersSolution using Sharepoint & Multi tennant CRM and CRM VL ISV offering Sharepoint (SPLA) Core Infrastructure Suite (SPLA)
    11. 11. License Mobility – The Opportunity16/02/2012 © 2012 NewLease Pty Ltd 11
    12. 12. If you remember nothing else • Talk to your customers • Vendors are knocking down barriers • Use Commitment & Creativity for yours • License Mobility changes the sphere of licensing influence • Don’t need to convert everyone & everything “The future has already arrived. Its just not evenly distributed yet..” William Gibson (US Writer, b. 1948) © 2012 NewLease Pte
    13. 13. Stephen Parker• Head of Cloud Strategy, NewLease• +61 424 321748•• Blog: © 2012 NewLease Pte