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Celebrity branding strategy document

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  • Looking for positives
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  • Talk examples: posh dishes have to be dishwasher safe
  • Hartmoor Brand Strategy

    1. 1. Brand Strategy Sarah Ferguson Hartmoor LLC June 2007 HARTMOOR PAGE 1
    2. 2. Table of Contents• What is brand?• Why is brand strategy important for Sarah Ferguson?• Recommended brand elements for Sarah Ferguson• Pillars• Personality• Mission• Vision• Brand filter• Implementing the brand: An introduction to Hartmoor LLC HARTMOOR PAGE 2
    3. 3. What is brand? Our brand represents who we are and what we do. Our brand is also the sum of how people perceive us and, as such, lives in the hearts and minds of consumers. HARTMOOR PAGE 3
    4. 4. What is brand strategy? If brand is what we are and how we are perceived… brand strategy is how we manage our brand to build the reputation we want. HARTMOOR PAGE 4
    5. 5. Why should we invest in brand?1. Scalability – create a mechanism that enables the Duchess to shift her dialogue from 1:1 to 1:many, increasing the scale of the business and the impact of her good works2. Connection – provide consumers with the emotional bridge that connects the equities of the Duchess to Hartmoor LLC3. Sustainability – create an enduring enterprise built on the Duchess’ honorable values so that her good work lives for generations HARTMOOR PAGE 5
    6. 6. Brand strategy as a foundation for our business Comm Strategy (what we say) Business Strategy (what we offer) Brand Strategy (the foundation of everything we do) HARTMOOR PAGE 6
    7. 7. Why is brand strategy important for SF/Hartmoor?• The Sarah Ferguson brand already exists in the public domain. It is the sum of the perceptions about the person. From Dick Morris Survey (DM) and Q Score (Q): – Sarah Ferguson is regarded positively by the majority of the public. ‐ 62% of people describe their opinion of Sarah Ferguson as “favorable,” with only 10% answering “unfavorable.” (DM) ‐ 70% of Americans who are familiar with Sarah Ferguson rank her as either “one of my favorites,” “very good” or “good.” (Q) ‐ Some strong associations currently exist ‐ 53% like her “refreshing attitude and keen wit” (DM) ‐ 50% see her as an “inspiration showing how a person can come back and shine again” (DM) ‐ 50% think of her as someone who has “done a lot to get people to join weightwatchers to promote wellness” (DM) ‐ There seems to be potential for additional positive perceptions ‐ 22% of people surveyed see Sarah Ferguson as an advocate for women’s health (DM) ‐ 9% named specific likes along the lines of “resilient,” “independent” and “spunky” (DM) ‐ 8% named likes of “down to earth” (DM) – Not surprisingly, women aged 35–49 are most familiar with Sarah Ferguson (Q) ‐ This group grew up and were young adults during the heyday of American obsession with the British Royal family – But this group also presents the largest challenge in reinforcing positive perceptions ‐ 35–49 are less likely than all other groups to rate Sarah Ferguson as “one of my favorites” (Q) HARTMOOR PAGE 7
    8. 8. Why is brand strategy important for SF/Hartmoor?• To be a sustainable company, the Sarah Ferguson brand must become an unvarying symbol of the Duchess’ authenticity, creativity and compassion, while allowing her to live her more dynamic day-to-day life. – With a robust heritage and tradition already in place, we must build and shape perceptions to nurture the brand as a freestanding entity, rather than continuously harvesting from the Duchess’ personality and goodwill. – Building a brand on a personality means making deliberate decisions about which aspects of the individual to adopt as part of the brand. Individuals Brands ⁻ Human ⁻ Enterprise ⁻ Individual ⁻ Collective ⁻ Complex ⁻ Focused ⁻ Inconsistent ⁻ Consistent ⁻ Contradictory ⁻ Aligned ⁻ Take vacations ⁻ Always on HARTMOOR PAGE 8
    9. 9. The opportunity of building the Sarah Ferguson brand Moving from here: To here: (three different personas) (A focused brand)Duchess of YorkSarah FergusonFergie HARTMOOR PAGE 9
    10. 10. Recommended brand elements Mission: What you are striving to accomplish with everything you do. Brand pillars: Core beliefs that guide behavior and decisions. What you stand for. Brand personality: Defines how you want people to think of you. The “flavor” you bring to your mission and brand pillars. Vision: The impact you hope to have on the world. The goal you strive to reach. HARTMOOR PAGE 10
    11. 11. Brand pillars• What they are:⁻ Core beliefs that guide behavior and decisions. What you stand for.• Why they’re necessary:⁻ To guide decision-making with clear guideposts for what’s core to your brand and what’s not (knowing when to say “no”).⁻ To attract and relate with like-minded consumers and potential partners. HARTMOOR PAGE 11
    12. 12. Exploring the personasDuchess of York As we explore the personas, we identify multi-dimensional characteristics that contribute to the richness. Some of theseSarah Ferguson characteristics support the vital pillars of the brand; others are what give flavor to the brand and inform the brand personality.Fergie HARTMOOR PAGE 12
    13. 13. Perceptions of the “Duchess of York” persona •Fairy taleDuchess of York •Insider •Discretion •Consummate hostess •GentilitySarah Ferguson •Sportswoman •Tradition and heritage •LoreFergie •Refined •Noblesse oblige •Impeccable taste •Compassionate •Charitable •Public platform HARTMOOR PAGE 13
    14. 14. Perceptions of the “Sarah Ferguson” persona •MomDuchess of York •Businesswoman •Author •Generosity •CompassionSarah Ferguson •D.I.Y. (self-made, taking care of self) •Empowered / empowering •EmpathyFergie •Fit and healthy •Real •Resilient •Natural (no makeup) •Creative •Modern •Responsible HARTMOOR PAGE 14 •Independent
    15. 15. Perceptions of the “Fergie” persona •SpiritedDuchess of York •Breath of fresh air •Accessible •Fun •ExuberantSarah Ferguson •Energetic •Vixen •Down to earthFergie •Spunky •Outspoken HARTMOOR PAGE 15
    16. 16. Perceptions from the personas form the pillars of the brand Pillars Living Inspiring GivingPerceptions • Fairy tale • Public platform • Charitable • Consummate hostess • Noblesse oblige • Gentility • Fit and healthy • Public platform • Tradition and heritage • Businesswoman • Refined • Mom • Generosity • Impeccable taste • Author • Compassion • Sportswoman • D.I.Y. • Mom • Lore • Empowered • Empathy • Insider • Resilient • Responsible • Discretion • Real • Creative • Energetic • Fit and healthy • Natural (no makeup) • Spirited • Mom • Breath of fresh air • Businesswoman • Accessible • Creative • Fun • Modern • Energetic • Breath of fresh air • Fun • Energetic HARTMOOR PAGE 16 • Down to earth
    17. 17. Together, the brand pillars define the brand [Ideas] Inspiring Mind Body Spirit Living Giving [Products] [Charities]Just as body, mind and spirit define the person HARTMOOR PAGE 17
    18. 18. As important as defining what you stand for is determiningwhat you don’t Hartmoor is… Hartmoor is not…Living • Accessible • Out-of-reach • Traditional yet modern • Stodgy • Inclusive (dept. store) • Exclusive (Cartier) • Aspirational • Down market (Kmart)Inspiring • Empowering • Condescending • Realistic • Perfect (Martha Stewart) • Humble • Inflated • Authentic • Desperate (Rent-a-Royal) • UbiquitousGiving • Responsible • Non-profit • Generous • Selfish • Dutiful • Inauthentic • Compassionate • Cause marketing HARTMOOR PAGE 18
    19. 19. Personality• What it is:⁻ Captures who you are, defines how you want people to think of you. The “flavor” you bring to your mission.• Why it’s necessary:⁻ Because how you accomplish your mission drives how your brand is perceived.⁻ By describing and projecting a consistent personality, people can get to know the brand and decide whether or not they want to associate themselves with your brand. HARTMOOR PAGE 19
    20. 20. Brand personality• Compassionate • Exuberant ⁻ Sincere heart ⁻ BOLD and cheeky ⁻ Purpose-based brand / Making a ⁻ Passionate, energetic, playful difference ⁻ Always moving forward ⁻ Listening / Accepting ⁻ Creative• Elegant • Original ⁻ Captures the royalty, elegance and polish ⁻ True to herself of the monarchy ⁻ A distinctive style ⁻ Adds fairy tale interest ⁻ Shaped by wide variety of ⁻ Offers access and insider look at a life experiences few will experience ⁻ Discerning, trusted judgment ⁻ Outspoken and spunky• Genuine ⁻ Accessible, grounded ⁻ Human face, easy to relate to ⁻ If she can overcome, so can I ⁻ Down to earth and friendly HARTMOOR PAGE 20
    21. 21. Mission• What it is:⁻ What you are striving to accomplish with everything you do.• Why it’s necessary:⁻ To align all of your actions around a common purpose.⁻ To create momentum around a focused and strategic set of goals, rather than disparate opportunities.⁻ To manage what people think of you by staking a claim in meaningful territory. HARTMOOR PAGE 21
    22. 22. Mission• Wecreate profitable and enduring lines of business that aim to improve people’s lives through products that reflect Sarah Ferguson’s unique life, creativity and core values. HARTMOOR PAGE 22
    23. 23. Vision• What it is:⁻ The impact you hope to have on the world. The goal you strive to reach.• Why it’s necessary:⁻ To provide a rallying cry for the organization.⁻ To visualize a future state you desire to impact.⁻ To provide a bigger purpose to strive for than the immediate business goals of the company. HARTMOOR PAGE 23
    24. 24. Vision• Tobe a significant and enduring world class brand admired for its commitment to “compassionate commerce” and to producing original, affordable, transformative products that inspire people to achieve better health, well-being and a quality lifestyle. HARTMOOR PAGE 24
    25. 25. Brand strategy Vision: To be a significant and enduring world class brand admired for its commitment to “compassionate commerce” and to producing original, affordable, transformative products that inspire people to achieve better health, well-being and a quality lifestyle. Mission: We create profitable and enduring lines of business that aim to improve people’s lives through products that reflect Sarah Ferguson’s unique life, creativity and core values. Pillars: Living. Inspiring. Giving. Personality: Compassionate, Elegant, Genuine, Exuberant, Original. HARTMOOR PAGE 25
    26. 26. The Hartmoor brand in actionHartmoor has been formed to harness the commercial activities of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York,into a focused brand platform. By evaluating all business opportunities against the brand strategy, wecan ensure that the activities of the brand create desired public perceptions•Will this opportunity carry the Hartmoor name? Yes If no, how can we tie it back to Hartmoor?•Will this opportunity target the audiences we seek? Yes If no, how can it be adjusted or promoted to reach them?•Does it further our mission and vision? Will it result in profitable and enduring lines of business? Does it embody the spirit of “compassionate capitalism” befitting a world class brand? Does it reflect the unique life, creativity and core values of Sarah Ferguson? Does it fit with the company’s desire to be a model for social responsibility and eco-friendliness? Yes If no, where are the opportunities to create a uniquely Hartmoor offering?•Does it support each of our brand pillars? Does it reflect the harmony of Living, Inspiring and Giving? Yes If not, which pillars need to be strengthened to bring it into alignment?•Is it executed and delivered to emphasize brand personality? Does this communicate Compassionate, Elegant, Genuine, Exuberant and Original? Yes If it conflicts with our personality, how could we make it more Hartmoor? If none, how can we infuse key traits into this opportunity? HARTMOOR PAGE 26
    27. 27. HARTMOOR BY SARAH FERGUSON an introduction HARTMOOR
    28. 28. OPPORTUNITY PARTNERSHIP Emphasizing high-design and creativity, Hartmoor will be a licensor of a range of branded lifestyle products and services and a creative concept studio for original media content. Currently Hartmoor seeks manufacturing, distribution and media partners to continue to grow the Sarah Ferguson brand in areas that authentically reflect her interests and passions and build on her demonstrated success. Specifically: − Lifestyle Products and Services − Children’s Products − Media Content − Health & Wellness HARTMOOR PAGE 28
    29. 29. OPPORTUNITY LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS With a well-established reputation as a hostess, style maven and healthyRespondents to a recent online living advocate, Sarah Ferguson represents an aspirational lifestyle.poll measuring Sarah Ferguson’sappeal described her as: PRIORITY OPPORTUNITIESClassy (45%) − Furniture and fabric designStylish (37%) − Decorative accessoriesInteresting (42%) − Tableware − ClothingIn a separate study, respondents − Perfumeto described her as: − LinensAn inspiration for − Investment products and servicesmaking a come back(50%)Physically attractive(36%)Hardworking (33%) HARTMOOR PAGE 29
    31. 31. OPPORTUNITY CHILDREN’S PRODUCTS As a mother to two, Sarah Ferguson’s love and commitment forRespondents to a recent online children is expressed not only in charitable work, but has inspiredpoll measuring Sarah Ferguson’sappeal described her as: creative pursuits, such as a number of children’s books and related products. In particular, the Little Red series shows considerableWarm (39%) opportunity for licensing partnerships.Sincere (32%) PRIORITY OPPORTUNITIESConfident (37%) − Toys and gamesIn a separate study, respondents − Dolls and plush toysto described her as: − Additional booksA good mother (36%) − Costumes − Soft goods (sleeping bags, linens, beach towels)A good role model (36%) − School accessories (lunch boxes, book bags)Helps children (32%) − Children’s decor and accessories HARTMOOR PAGE 31
    33. 33. OPPORTUNITY MEDIA The complex and inspiring story of Sarah Ferguson has captivated theRespondents to a recent online public’s interest for decades, creating a remarkably large and diversepoll measuring Sarah Ferguson’sappeal described her as: fan base around the world. As such, there is an opportunity to build multimedia content based on her life, ideas and charities.Attractive (47%)Intelligent (42%) PRIORITY OPPORTUNITIESInfluential (39%) − Talk shows (TV or radio) − Books and articlesIn a separate study, respondents − Websitesassociated her with − Television and film conceptsRefreshing attitude and − Motivational appearanceskeen wit (53%) HARTMOOR PAGE 33
    35. 35. OPPORTUNITY HEALTH & WELLNESS Sarah Ferguson’s unique history of resilience, together with herRespondents to a recent poll success in weight loss and advocacy for women’s and children’s healthmeasuring Sarah Ferguson’sappeal described her as: have made her an aspirational role model in the health and wellness arena. There is an opportunity to leverage and build on theseAn advocate for women’s perceptions through focused efforts that educate and inspirehealth (22%) consumers to take charge of their own health and treat themselves and their families well.Someone who promoteswellness (50%) PRIORITY OPPORTUNITIESA good role model (36%) − Website to offer advice, products and services − Expansion of publishing franchise into life advice, divorce advice, and thought leadership regarding childhood obesity − Wellness-focused products and services that integrate with the lifestyle and children’s efforts HARTMOOR PAGE 35