Vcast Livestreaming Service 2013 (Vietnam) - Awesome service for your event


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VCast is a service of recording and live broadcasting on the Internet platform with a reasonable cost, broad connection and transmission capacity, flexible operation, allowing users to access services anytime, anywhere with any device connected to the Internet. For more details go to:

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Vcast Livestreaming Service 2013 (Vietnam) - Awesome service for your event

  1. 1. VCAST PRESENTATION VCAST PRESENTATION DRAGON MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGIES JSC. Rep.Office: 28 Phung Khac Khoan Str, Dakao Ward, Dist. 1 | Head Office: Block C, An Khang Tower, An Phu Ward, Dist 2, HCMC Tel: (08) 7306 6885 | Fax: (08) 7306 6885 | Email: | Web:
  2. 2. VCAST PRESENTATION How potential is Vietnam market ? • Internet boom with approximate 31 million internet users in 2012. • Vietnam’s smartphone and tablet market grow rapidly with over 2.3 million units (in 2012). • 89,9% of Vietnamese netizens watch video online - highest rate among Asia nations. • Recognizing the increasing demand of business firms to approach internet user segment through events, conferences and work shops, for PR and marketing purposes, we have researched and developed VCAST solution.
  3. 3. VCAST PRESENTATION What is VCAST ? • VCAST is the preeminent solution for live-broadcasting large scale events, such as seminars, conferences, meetings, large contests, with high definition (HD) image and sound quality. • VCAST is an effective PR/marketing channel which is able to interact directly with online spectators. • VCAST is also a tool that allows event organizers to charge fee directly from viewers.
  4. 4. VCAST PRESENTATION What makes VCAST preeminent? • VCAST service offers appropriate expenditure to our clients depending on event scale. • Online spectators is provided with various viewing methods via any internet smart device like Smartphone, Tablet, PC or SmartTV. • Event organizers could broadcast their program proactively, without having to depend on any fixed schedule time slot. • Based on VCAST advanced encode solution, HD videos are possibly transmitted through 3G network. • Be able to charge fee directly to viewers through the system. • Go beyond geography limitation, worldwide coverage.
  5. 5. VCAST PRESENTATION Why choose VCAST ? • High performance system based on OTT platform • Our professional technical team is highly skilled and experience, always commit best quality to our partners and clients. • Experience from many successful broadcasting events • Various and flexible service packages and competitive price. • In addition, we provide live video filming service, studio renting, specialized equipment renting…
  6. 6. VCAST PRESENTATION VCAST PRESENTATION Package Standard 1 1000 People watch at the same time Package Standard 2 Package Standard 3 Package Premium Price would be discussed later Price would be discussed later Price would be discussed later Price would be discussed later 2000 People watch at the same time 3000 People watch at the same time 10.000 People watch at the same time Which VCAST package suits your need? • VCAST LIVE STREAMING PACKAGE included: • VCAST PRODUCTION PACKAGE included: VCAST LIVE STREAMING + PRODUCTION
  7. 7. VCAST PRESENTATION Moreover, we also provide live video filming service for large scale event with professional camera team and modern device. VCAST support: • Specialized broadcasting cameras • Sound effect • Dolly • Boom • Walkie-talkie and technical desk • Camera team and DOP SERVICE ON DEMAND ( * ) Based on different demand and event scale, we will provide specific consultation. (*)
  8. 8. VCAST PRESENTATION VCAST is the fellow partner of ... • Organizations, sponsors, marketing agencies, event organizers…. • Companies need to broadcast live events such as : + Customer gathering. + Specialty seminar, workshop. + Shareholders meeting. + Launching and introducing new product. • Distance courses from universities, career guidance centers, English education school with extreme data security and online fee charging system.
  9. 9. VCAST PRESENTATION PAST SUCCESSFUL EVENT • Live Broadcasting Mai Vang Ceremony 2012 on Labour Newspaper website (Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper) • Shooting and broadcasting “Career guidance advisory- Enrollment 2013” event of Vietnamese Education Newspaper (Giao Duc Vietnam newspaper) • Shooting and broadcasting “Pefect Man” event for Webtretho. Photos of Mai Vang Ceremony 2012 on Labour Newspaper website
  10. 10. VCAST PRESENTATION PAST SUCCESSFUL EVENT Photos of shooting and broadcasting for Webtretho’s “Perfect Man” event
  11. 11. VCAST PRESENTATION PAST SUCCESSFUL EVENT Photos of shooting and broadcasting for TigerBeer’s “Battle of the Band 2013” event
  12. 12. VCAST PRESENTATION ARE YOU REALLY TO COOPERATE WITH VCAST ? For further information, please do not hesitate to contact: • VCAST is extending our market through a network of agencies, technical consultant companies and middlemen. • Commission will be flexible for our partners, that will be depended on the size of events. HOTLINE: 092 233 4418 (Mr.Andy) Email: