OmniScan - Enterprise Batch Scanning Indexing Solution


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OmniScan - Enterprise Batch Scanning Indexing Solution

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OmniScan - Enterprise Batch Scanning Indexing Solution

  1. 1. version 2.2.2 1OMNISCAN TMBatch Scanning and Indexing SolutionOmniScan is a powerful, production-grade document capture solution,designed specifically to meet the demand of both centralized as well asdistributed high-volume document capture. OmniScan enables scanning ofdifferent types of documents with minimal human intervention.OmniScan simplifies the cumbersome and time consuming processes ofimage cleanup, document categorization and indexing. It provides imageassisted data entry, manual and automatic indexing and automatic dataextraction using OCR, MICR, Barcode Recognition, etc.Key Features Insert-before and insert-after features ?Powerful Document Scanning Support ? option Rescanning? paper documentsScanning of ? from one document to another Move pagesHigh Volume scanning through powerful GUI-based?template Complete Information ManagementScan multiple records into batches for auto/manual? ? document separation and classification Automaticprocessing ? organization of documents into folders AutomaticScan additional pages into existing documents? ? of meta data with documents and Association? unwanted pagesDeletion of records for easy indexing and retrievalScanning different document types with different?scanning properties. For e.g., while scanning an Data Entry formapplication form can be scanned in color at 100 DPI ?Form design for data entry in user defined fieldsand supporting documents in Black & White at 200 ? values for a particular field as Pick List PredefinedDPI. ?Default value for a field? separation based on fix pages, blankDocument ? read-only fields Setting ofpage, barcode and standard form recognition ?Custom code to populate data in fields? page removalAuto blank ?Image scrolling on field traversal? Duplex scanning supportSimplex andParallel scanning and export to increase productivity? Automatic Data Capture & Simplified Export ?Zoning feature for automatic data extraction whilePowerful Imaging Facility scanning? all standard image operations such as Performs ? form recognition for document Automatic deskew, despeckle, rotate, invert, etc. separation? zoom-in, zoom-out and zoom Facilities of ?Direct Export to Document Management System percentage (DMS)? traverse to next/previous page/record or Facility to ? creation, document filing & indexing Auto folder specific page for viewing multipage documents ? Cropping like signature and photograph Auto Image? automatic image-cleanup Performs ?Convert image to Black & White after croppingEasy Document Verification Newgen Document Capture Solution?Image assisted document verification OmniScan?Page-by-page verification of documents Increased automation and digitization leads to a Solutions for Business Process & Content Management
  2. 2. 2steady increase in volume of documents being workers within a capture workflow. Simultaneousmanaged in various industries. These business processing of activities within a capture work-stepdocuments may exist in different forms such as paper, improves the turnaround time. Some of thee-mails, forms, or office documents. Therefore, prominent features are:businesses are always on the lookout for efficient,cost-effective, distributed and scalable document Allows multiple users to participate in each step of ?capture solutions that can extract important the capture workflow simultaneouslyinformation from various types of incoming Allows user assignment to each stage of a route to ?documents and feed it to other enterprise process scanned documentsapplications that drive their business. ? routing a defined batch of documents Facilitates from one stage to the next, enabling a productionThe time lost in searching for the right information is indexing & validation environment and fasteran opportunity cost to the organization in terms of a processing timelost business deal or poor customer servicing. This is Allows parallel processing of activities by the users ?reason enough for organizations to invest in an within the defined capture workfloweffective document capturing solution to scan and ? defining exception stages so that when a Helps inconvert information from the documents into a more problem is encountered at a particular stage, userreliable and easily retrievable form. can raise an exception and corrective actions can be taken before moving forward in the captureCapture Workflow workflowOmniScan is empowered by a capture workflow,which maps the entire process of document Steps in Capture Workflowcapturing, quality enhancement and delivery of ? Scanning: OmniScan helps in scanning Complexdocuments and retrieved information to other different types of documents with differentbusiness systems like a Document Management scanning properties. For example, anSystem (DMS). application form may be scanned in color as it may contain a photograph, while other documents mayIt enables multiple users to be assigned at a capture be scanned in black and white. Different sectionswork-step for processing of single or multiple of your documents can also be scanned in differentdocuments. OmniScan allows different activities to be Dots per Inch (DPI) and image types to optimizeperformed on the document like scanning, indexing, the storage requirements.verification, etc., amongst different specialized Capture Work steps Image Image Quality Batch Preparation Scanning Enhancement Check Manual preparation Automatic scanning Automatic image Manual Verification of documents into of batched documents enhancement for of scanned batches using production deskew, despeckle, images for quality level scanners rotate, invert, etc. check Release of Verification of Data Entry Data Extraction Documents Documents OmniScan can be Multiple services Manual audit of Data entry may be integrated with data release bulk documents documents done extraction engines to Workflow & Document and page-by-page by users if required to capture data from Management Systems verification structured forms Solutions for Business Process & Content Management
  3. 3. 3Image Enhancement: After scanning, OmniScan? subjects the documents to a rigorous, fully automated image enhancement process which includes despeckling, deskewing, unwanted border removal, and many more such functions.Classification: Since a business may deal with? different types of documents, OmniScan helps in defining criteria for document classification for different documents. This enables the system to recognize the contents of a document and to automatically classify it as a specific document type.Data Extraction: User-defined set of indices can? be associated with the scanned images. It also supports OCR, barcode extraction, MICR & Image assisted data entry.? Documents and the extractedRelease: information can be automatically released into Newgens Document Management System - OmniDocs. Using ready to deploy adapters, documents can be released to other business applications and Document Management Systems.Minimum System RequirementsClientHardware:PIV, 2 GB RAM, 20 GB HDD, Scanner TWAINCompliantSoftware:Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP OmniScan can easily be configured and grows with customer requirements, from a standalone desktop system to a high performance forms processing solution for hundreds or thousands of documents per day Solutions for Business Process & Content Management
  4. 4. About NewgenNewgen Software Technologies Limited is the market leaderin Business Process Management (BPM) and EnterpriseContent management (ECM), with a global footprint of 850installations in over 40 countries with large, mission-criticalsolutions deployed at the worlds leading Banks, Insurancefirms, BPO’s, Healthcare Organizations, Government,Telecom Companies & Shared Service Centers.Newgen Software has been positioned in the Magic Quadrantfor Business Process Management (BPM) and EnterpriseContent Management (ECM). The company has beenrecognized by distinguished analyst firms like Frost andSullivan as A Hot Company to Watch for in their global ECMMarket report, 2009 and by IDC in its exclusive report“Newgen Software: Global Leader in Business ProcessManagement and Document Management Solutions”.Newgen is a winner of prestigious awards, such as the CNBC-TV18, “Emerging India Award 2008”.With HSBC and SAP investment, Newgen is one of the rareproduct companies to have backing of both leading financialand technology companies of the world. Newgen’s QualitySystems are certified against ISO 9001:2008 and InformationSecurity Standard, ISO 27001:2005. Newgen has beenassessed at CMMi Level3.CORPORATE OFFICE UAE USNew Delhi Regional Office Newgen Software Inc.Newgen Software Technologies Ltd. Newgen Software Technologies 1364 Beverly Road, Suite 300A-6, Satsang Vihar Marg, Suite No. 314, Building @ 3 McLean, VA 22101Qutab Institutional Area, P O Box 500297, Dubai Internet City Tel: +1-703-439-0703New Delhi - 110 067 INDIA Dubai, UAE Email: usa@newgensoft.comTel: +91-11-4077 0100, 2696 3571 Tel: +97144541365Fax: +91-11-2685 6936Email: Registered Office Newgen Software Technologies Y 1 – 46, P O Box 120586 SAIF ZONE Sharjah, UAE Tel: +971 65571040 Solutions for Business Process & Content Management