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Newgen Vendor Registration Solution on Cloud


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Newgen Vendor Registration Solution on Cloud

Published in: Business
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Newgen Vendor Registration Solution on Cloud

  2. 2. Vendor Registratration Process Business Case • A request for registration comes to the company • Vendor submits all its documents to the company with the filled application form. • In this demo we are just showcasing the single document of Application Form, in real scenario number of documents may vary as per the company requirement • First of all scanning user scans all the documents and send to the verifier user • Verifier user checks the number of documents and scanning quality and sends it for further processing • Now approver user receives the documents and check the credentials of the Vendor to give his comments and he finds an exception in details and route back the documents to the previous step to the verifier user. • Now documents comes to exception 1 to the verifier user and verifier user again checks the credentials and approve it further • Now Approver user again receives the documents and approve it now for further processing • Now registration user receives the application and checks all the credentials and comments from the previous users • Now he has two options, if he finds any ambiguity then he can raise and exceptions and documents can go back to the approver user • If everything is OK then he will finally approve a vendor for registration and vendor will be registered in the organization • Finally all the documents will be archived in the final vendor folder with all the supporting documents and details and user who have the access of that folder of registered vendor, can view all the documents • At any point of time, any user have the rights to discard the application of the vendor
  3. 3. Start Documentscanned andindexing parametersadded Exception Resolution Discard Documents verified Approvesthe applicationand forwardforfinal decisionmaking Decision1 Decision2 FinalApprovalfor registration Decision3 Exception Resolution Vendor Registered Vendor Master EndProcessFilledForm VerifierUser Approver RegistrationUser Vendor details Yes Exception Raised Yes Yes Exception Raised Discard Discard Discard ScanningUser E-mailsentto theVendor Standard workflow
  4. 4. Process initiation through OmniScan
  5. 5. Importing of documents in to OmniScan
  6. 6. Importing of documents in to OmniScan
  7. 7. Indexing parameters in to OmniScan
  8. 8. Indexing parameters in to OmniScan
  9. 9. Exporting Documents to the Process Flow
  10. 10. Exporting Documents to the Process Flow
  11. 11. Report on successful export
  12. 12. Report on successful export
  13. 13. Login to the DMS for Process Flow
  14. 14. Verifier user finds the documents in his queue
  15. 15. Verifier opens & approves the documents
  16. 16. Approver user finds documents in his queue
  17. 17. Approver user opens & approves the documents
  18. 18. Approver user opens & raise an exception
  19. 19. Verifier user sees an exception in his folder
  20. 20. Verifier user clears the exception approve it
  21. 21. Verifier user clears the exception approve it
  22. 22. Approver again gets the item for approval
  23. 23. Approver opens his queue item and approve
  24. 24. Register user find line item in his queue
  25. 25. Register user opens and approve the line item
  26. 26. Register user checks Vendor Documents in repository
  27. 27. Annotations can be applied to the documents
  28. 28. Thanks