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Mobility Platform for Insurers


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To keep pace with the ever increasing demand for real-time customer service, shifting to mobility has become inevitable for the insurance industry. In
today's scenario, where real-time servicing of customer requests 'on the fly' has become a norm, mobile technology seems ideally positioned to
enable insurers gain a competitive advantage. Mobile solutions enable faster and improved communications between customers, field agents,
and the central processing office of the insurer.
Adopting mobile technology can help insurers
enhance customers' experiences, increase
productivity, while keeping a check on costs, and
mitigating operational risks.

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Mobility Platform for Insurers

  1. 1. Mobility Platform Se Servlf ic efor Insurers On-bo ardingRedefining CustomerExperiences Claim s Instant Policy The Requirement To keep pace with the ever increasing demand for Newgens innovative Mobility Platform, for insurers, real-time customer service, shifting to mobility has ZapIn, combines our expertise in the areas of become inevitable for the insurance industry. In Imaging, Business Process Management and todays scenario, where real-time servicing of Enterprise Content Management with the new age customer requests on the fly has become a norm, mobile technology, to offer customer service mobile technology seems ideally positioned to representatives, field executives, and consumers enable insurers gain a competitive advantage. anytime-anywhere access to services on their Mobile solutions enable faster and improved mobile devices. communications between customers, field agents, and the central processing office of the insurer. Adopting mobile technology can help insurers enhance customers experiences, increase productivity, while keeping a check on costs, and Key Mobility Drivers mitigating operational risks. Ÿ Enhance customer experience Leveraging mobile technology across the core areas Ÿ Insatiable demand for real-time customer of the insurance value chain—from customer on- services boarding, policy issuance through claims Ÿ Reduce customer-facing business process settlement—insurers can achieve real benefits at cycle times affordable price points. Moreover, mobile solutions Ÿ Consumerization of smartphones/tablets have made customer-self service a reality, allowing Ÿ Differentiation and future revenue customers to access their policy information, locate agents, pay premiums and apply for claims over Ÿ Relationships are going mobile their mobile devices. SOLUTIONS FOR BUSINESS PROCESS & CONTENT MANAGEMENT
  2. 2. Use Case ScenariosThe key question an insurer needs to answer is notwhether it should embrace mobile solutions but whatare the usage scenarios where application of mobiletechnology can be most effective. Below are the fourkey use cases for application of a mobile solution in aninsurance organization.Point of SaleField-sales executives are the companys first point ofcontact with the customer. They need to be wellequipped to conduct customer need analysis, educatepotential customers, and influence their decisionmaking, while delivering an unmatched customerexperience. Moreover, capturing information first timeright, at point of customer contact, and initiating itsprocessing in real time is a challenge both in terms oftime and cost. Insurers can use mobile technology tosupport their Point of Sale through all the stages of thesales lifecycle from lead management, customer on-boarding, to policy servicing.ZapIn facilitates interactions between the field-salesstaff, their offices, and their clients. It provides salesexecutives with necessary functionalities to acceleratethe sales cycle and enhance their productivity:Ÿ Application login and tracking: Allows a field-sales Instant Policy Issuance executive to, capture high quality images of the Typically an insurer takes few days to few weeks to physical application forms and supporting issue a policy to a customer. The entire process documents along with the key metadata, and transfer comprises of several steps, including premium the information to the processing center in real time, calculation, document collection, issuance of payment to initiate instant processing for on-boarding; enables receipt and cover note (in case of motor insurance), tracking of application status exception handling, transfer of documents fromŸ Lead Management: View assigned leads, search lead, branch office to the central processing center, schedule tasks, follow up, and view pending items, reference check, e-mail acknowledgement to the alerts and notifications customer, and finally issuance of policy document toŸ Customer need analysis: Depending on the customer. demographics, lifestyle, spend patterns and future ZapIn redefines customer experience by enabling needs this feature suggests the right products for a insurers to issue policies in a matter of few minutes. particular customer The solution enables customer service representativesŸ Sales toolkit: Latest product brochures, videos and to access real time information, policy quotes and other marketing materialŸ Customer servicing and retention tools: Alerts/pop up reminders, customer query updates, grievance India ranks 5th in number of smartphone users, handling, reminders for key events like birthdays, and has shown one of the highest year-on-year wedding anniversary etc. growth rates (in smartphones).Ÿ MIS Reporting — KPCBs Mary Meeker Report, 2012Ÿ Online training & development SOLUTIONS FOR BUSINESS PROCESS & CONTENT MANAGEMENT
  3. 3. Increase Increased Reduced Reduced in Policies sold renewals & cost per customer referrals transaction service calls Reduced attrition Revenue Generation Focus Reduced Costs 3 Areas 2 Superior Customer Experiences Improved Operational Efficiency 4 Instant Better Efficient Reduced Policy self service case routing cycle time for issuance & tools and tracking on-boarding, servicing claims & Transparent servicing processes Fig: Key Benefits of Mobilitynew policy features, using their mobile phones ortablets. Further, the representative can capture Smartphone accounted for 51.63 percent of Webcustomer details, calculate premiums, collect payment usage in India, as of August 2012.details, and generate the policy instantly, which would — StatCountersimultaneously be e-mailed to the customer.Claims Management experience. By offering convenient self-service tools and communication capabilities through mobileClaims Management is arguably the most important devices, insurers can gain competitive advantage,process in the insurance value chain. To retain and while simplifying processes, and reducingacquire customers in an increasingly competitive administrative landscape, organizations need to focus on ZapIn, can be used for providing convenientmaking their customers claims experience completely customer self-service tools, enabling customers tohassle-free. access their account details, keep track of payment dates, check status of service requests, and file claimsThe field executives, who support claims adjustment, online, using their mobile phones or tablets. For e.g.,perform majority of their work while on the move. They in case a customer needs to file a motor insuranceneed to access claim information at field locations, claim, he/she can use ZapIn to capture a picture ofwhile investigating claims and assessing damage. ZapIn, the damaged vehicle, record his/her statement inallows these executives to access necessary case details voice/text and send the claim intimation instantly.on their mobile devices, while enabling them to captureand upload to the claims management system, anyrelevant information related to the incident, such asphotographs of the damage, in real time. Thus, theprocessing and settlement of claims becomes muchfaster. Newgens implementation at ICICI Bank won the Asian BFSI Award, 2012 for “Best use of Mobile TechnologyCustomer Self-Service in Financial Services”The rise in penetration of mobile devices, presents anopportunity for insurers to improve customers SOLUTIONS FOR BUSINESS PROCESS & CONTENT MANAGEMENT
  4. 4. ZapIn – Enterprise Mobility Platform Newgens innovative Enterprise Mobility Platform, Key Features ZapIn, leverages Newgens advanced imaging ! Advanced imaging capability to capture good capabilities to ensure high quality document images and minimal size. The captured data and quality document images documents/images are transferred to back-office via ! Image Quality Analysis and auto correction for a 3G/GPRS/EDGE data connection, in real time. common image issues like skew, darkness, noise Further, the solution ensures First-Time-Right by etc. enforcing business rules and logic so that all key ! Highly compressed images for faster transfer over information and documents are captured accurately mobile networks and the process gets initiated instantly. ZapIn is ! Can be easily integrated into existing mobile available both on mobile phones and tablets. solutions or can be used as stand-alone applications ZapIn is highly secure, as it encrypts all data stored ! End to End security including advanced access on device and also that gets transferred over the control, data encryption on device and digital network. Only registered mobile/tablet devices are signatures allowed to communicate with the ZapIn server, ! Available on Android/iOS ensuring safety and security of customer information.About Newgen• Leading Global Provider of Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) & Customer Communication Management (CCM)• 1000+ installations across 50 countries• Solutions for Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, BPO/SSCs, Telecom and Government• Credited with some of the worlds largest implementations• Innovative culture, consistent R&D investments, 35 patents• Employee strength 1100+• Certified for ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001:2005 and CMMI Level3OFFICESIndia Americas Europe, Middle East & Africas Asia PacificNewgen Software Technologies Ltd. Newgen Software Inc. Newgen Software Technologies Ltd. Newgen Software Pte Ltd.A-6, Satsang Vihar Marg, 1364 Beverly Road, Suite 300 Off No: 314, Building No: 3 146 Robinson Road #03-00Qutab Institutional Area, McLean, VA 22101 P O Box. 500297, Singapore 068909New Delhi - 110 067 INDIA Tel: +1-703-749-2855 Dubai Internet City, Dubai, UAE Tel: +65 6221 8432Tel: +91-11-4077 0100, Tel: +1-703-439-0703 Tel: +971 44541365 Fax: +65 6221 6923 +91-11-2696 3571, 2696 4733 Email: Fax: +971 44541364 Email: asiapac@newgensoft.comFax: +91-11-2685 6936 For Sales Query: +1 (202) 800 7783 Email: For Sales Query: +65 3157 6189Email: For Sales Query: +44 (0) 2036 514805For Sales Query: +91 11 40773769 +973-1-619-8002Copyright © 2013 Newgen Software Technologies Limited. All rights reserved SOLUTIONS FOR BUSINESS PROCESS & CONTENT MANAGEMENT