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Image enabling and automation of hr processes


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Newgen Case Study on Image Enabling and Automation of HR Processes for Secova.

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Image enabling and automation of hr processes

  1. 1. Case Study S OLUTIONS F OR B USINESS P ROCESS & C ONTENT M ANAGEMENT Image Enabling and Automation of HR Processes For a Leading HR and Benefits Management Services Company Overview Secova eServices is an HR and Benefits Management Services Company, which focuses on helping its clients control and drive down the cost of their health and welfare benefits offerings. Secova eServices BPO is based in Chennai and annually processes over 80 million eligibility records and almost $1 billion in healthcare premiums. It manages over 450 vendors and carrier relationship on behalf of its impressive base of about 50 clients. Some of the processes managed by Secova include Dependency Eligibility Audit, Invoice processing, Retiree Billing Process Employee, Insurance Processing, and Death Claims Processing. Secova also provides career feeds, payroll feeds, HRIS feeds, Census uploads, etc., to its customers The Challenge Secova has deployed Employee Benefit (EB) system as core application for organizational and enterprise planning. EB handles data and transactions related to HR as well as employee-related data. Secova was finding it increasingly difficult to manage and track various types of documents across different processes and clients. Entire processing was done in EB, Key Benefits which resulted in poor visibility into processes. There was no mechanism, apart from reports, to immediately drill down on current state of processes ! Improved Process Visibility and specific documents therein. In addition, as Documents and Images are ! Easier and more accurate data essential component of processes at Secova, it wanted the solution to have entry dedicated Imaging, Document Management and Workflow capabilities. ! Better Customer Support Secova needed a user friendly and robust solution that could not only ! Data Security and Privacy seamlessly automate the process of tracking different types of documents ! Improved Agent Productivity but also quickly provide the details of the transactions. Using the solution, Secova wanted to deliver unparalleled HR and Benefit Administration services that are cost effective, comprehensive and results-driven. The Newgen Solution Secova’s stringent requirements meant the solution must have proven capabilities in an enterprise scenario. After evaluating several vendors, Secova zeroed in on the Newgen solution, which best fitted its requirements. Previous implementations of similar solutions in the companies throughout the world further strengthened Secova’s decision to choose the solution. The solution has been implemented for HR Process, Dependency Eligibility Audit, Retiree Billing, Invoice Processing, Employee Insurance, Death Claims, Big Bang, besides several others. These processes together cover core HR functions, which include Leave Management, Employee Enrollment, Reports, Cobra (related to monetary benefits once the employee gets separated from the company), and other related functions. In words of Mr. V Chandrasekaran, co-founder and CTO of Secova, “At Secova, we have successfully enabled more than 10 mission-critical processes using Newgen’s BPM solution.”
  2. 2. Case Study S OLUTIONS F OR B USINESS P ROCESS & C ONTENT M ANAGEMENT The solution comprises OmniScanTM, OmniDocsTM, OmniFlowTM and Remote Image Server. Employee forms and documents are scanned in the US using OmniScanTM. While scanning, documents are also indexed based on the process and the location. These are the two basic pick lists that are selected during scanning. TM The scanned images are uploaded to the OmniFlow server, located in the US. The scanned images are then sent to Secova BPO located in Chennai TM (India), where these images are stored in OmniDocs – a platform for managing, delivering and archiving huge volumes of content. The BPO also receives direct faxes and e-mails from the clients, which are scanned or directly stored in OmniDocsTM. Using a utility, all scanned images are populated into the Remote Image Server (RIS), located in Chennai. RIS is synchronized with US server once a day. This involves interchange of newly “At Secova, we have successfully added images between the US server and the RIS server in Chennai. enabled more than 10 mission- From OmniDocsTM, scanned images are introduced into the OmniFlowTM- critical processes using Newgen’s BPM solution.” powered workflow. Co-founder and CTO In the EB system, the user clicks the action icon, which invokes OmniFlowTM. After verifying the user authenticity, all the transactions related to that particular user are listed. On clicking a particular transaction, associated images and data entry form are displayed. Once the images are introduced in the process workflow, the agents at the BPO perform data entry by viewing the images online. The employee data is captured from the images at the Indexing stage at the time of processing. Indexing is done at the Chennai facility in India. Next these transactions are pushed to the Dependent Eligibility Audit queue for processing. Document images are routed through Verification, Quality Check and Exceptions Resolution in the workflow. The workflow also contains the Parking step, which allows a workitem to be temporarily halted and processed at a later date when the necessary details are complete. Once processing is complete, document images are pushed to Work Exit workstep TM and archived in the OmniDocs . The complete workflow has been tailored to Secova’s process-specific requirements. The RIS server acts as a temporary repository for images. A purge utility removes from RIS server all the document images, which have been processed. The RIS server then obtains new images added to the US-based TM OmniFlow server. Another utility allows the BPO to download the document images specific to a customer. Images are output to a defined folder structure and a separate file containing the complete details of images. This helps the BPO in submitting the transaction details for the end client as well as for the audit purpose The Employee Benefits Process One of the processes implemented by Secova was Employee Benefit. In the US, every employee needs to enroll for benefits, which are essential part of employees’ salary. These benefits are quite complicated to administer, as the calculations are based on the geographical location of the person as well as a number of individual factors such as the employee’s life style and habits.
  3. 3. Case Study S OLUTIONS F OR B USINESS P ROCESS & C ONTENT M ANAGEMENT “The Newgen platform supports Secova’s strict standards of data security and privacy. For processes like Employee Enrollment and Administration, the solution facilitates efficient administration These plans are frozen for a year and can be amended only in the case of a and control of operations while life change (birth, marriage, death and divorce). All life changes have to be maintaining data accuracy” backed by a paper certificate and are mandatory to be documented. The entire process to enroll employees for benefits was outsourced to Secova. Secova also administered life changes, if any. With the Newgen BPM Solution employees can be quickly enrolled and the administration of employee details has become more accurate and greatly simplified. Newgen solution has been vital in Secova’s success. Mr. Chandrasekaran shared, “The Newgen platform supports Secova’s strict standards of data security and privacy. For processes like Employee Enrollment and Administration, the solution facilitates efficient administration and control of operations while maintaining data accuracy.”
  4. 4. Case Study S OLUTIONS F OR B USINESS P ROCESS & C ONTENT M ANAGEMENT The Benefits • Easier and more accurate data entry: BPO agents/users can view data entry forms and document images on the same screen, resulting in faster and easier data entry, which is also much more accurate than the manual method. Agents can quickly update the latest information on the claims of each employee by viewing the scanned images. Newgen Software Technologies Limited is a market leader in • Better Customer Support: Since the agents can view document images in Business Process Management the real time and have immediate access to claims status, they can lend (BPM) and Enterprise Content better voice-based support by providing customer the latest information for Management (ECM), with a global their claims. footprint of about 700 installations • Data Security and Privacy: Secova’s client, in order to comply with local in over 30 countries. More than 100 of these implementations are large, mandates didn’t want the confidential data of their customers to mission-critical solutions deployed permanently reside outside the US. The solution provides RIS, which at world's leading BFSI, BPO and temporarily stores only the newly added document images, and removes the Fortune Global 500 companies. processed images in the OmniDocs server in India by using the purge utility. Therefore, the solution provides a strict data security and privacy, while Newgen is recognized by ensuring efficient processing. distinguished analyst firms like Gartner in its report “Magic • Improved Agent Productivity: The queue-based workflow enables the Quadrant for Business Process agent/supervisor to know the exact transactions pending for him/her to act Management Suites, 2007” and upon. This ensured better productivity. IDC in its exclusive report “Newgen • Improved Process Visibility: The documents can be quickly tracked in Software: Global Leader in the workflow and process bottlenecks easily identified. On one hand this Business Process Management and Document Management removed the requirement to generate lengthy and time-consuming reports, Solutions.” while on the other it provided top management greater insights into their processes. Winner of prestigious awards, such • Elimination of paper-based work and costs: As the entire process is as CNBC-TV18 & ICICI Bank automated, there is no need to file, maintain, photocopy and store paper “Emerging India Award 2008”, Frost and Sullivan's “Market documents. This resulted in large savings, both in terms of money and effort. Leadership Award for Document • Seamless Integration with EB system: BPO agents can invoke the Management System and Workflow solution from within the EB system interface. This enables users to view Software & Services” and document images and perform data entry while still logged into the EB “Distinguished Application Product system. The integration presents EB system and the new solution as one Company” by NASSCOM, Newgen Software is an ISO 9001:2000, ISO seamless whole system. 27001 certified and CMM Level 4 • Timely and informed decision-making: As the documents can be company. quickly tracked and process bottlenecks identified, decisions can be made based on accurate data, without any hypothetical assumptions. Newgen prestigious clients include HSBC Bank, Deutsche Bank, Hua NEWGEN prestigious clients include HSBC Bank,Deutsche Bank, Hua Nan Bank, ABN Amro Bank, ICICI Bank, IDBI Bank, State Bank Of India, ING Vysya Bank, CitiFinancial, RAK Bank, Bank of Tanzania, Max New York Life, Bajaj Allianz, Royal Sundaram Alliance, Unilever, Philips, GE Countrywide, Uniliver, EXL, Satyam Nipuna, iGATE, Core 3, Ranbaxy, GSL, Kenyan Airways and SEC Phillipines. Newgen Software Technologies Ltd. A-6, Satsang Vihar Marg, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi 110 067 Tel: +91-11-26964733, 26963571, 26856871 Email: Newgen Software Inc. Secova-CS-HR-01 1364 Beverly Road, St 300 McLean, VA 22101 Tel: +1 (703) 749-2855 Email: