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Enterprise Content Management on Cloud


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Managing volumes of paper-based documents is undoubtedly the biggest challenge every business organization faces. It hampers the productivity of staff as people spend hours of unproductive time on storage, archival, sharing, and retrieval of paper. In order to look for a particular information, one needs to flip through the entire file, page after page.

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Enterprise Content Management on Cloud

  1. 1. RetrievalŸ Tedious and time-consuming process ofsearching documentsManaging volumes of paper-based documents is undoubtedlythe biggest challenge every business organization faces. Ithampers the productivity of staff as people spend hours ofunproductive time on storage, archival, sharing, and retrieval ofpaper. In order to look for a particular information, one needsto flip through the entire file, page after page. Working in apaper-based environment also restricts access to information,hindering internal work processes and collaboration across theenterprise. Moreover, the operational costs associated withmanagement, retrieval, transfer, and disposal of physicaldocuments are huge.Thus, you can understand how critical an efficient EnterpriseContent Management System is for the success andproductivity of your business. Moreover, there is a need tofocus on the operational, financial and technical viability of theoptions available to you. To address this need, cloud must bean essential element of your organizations overall EnterpriseContent Management (ECM) strategy, particularly so if you area small or mid-sized business (SME), or a department of a largeenterprise with the need to set up a separate documentmanagement system.Cloud allows shared use of software, hardware, data center, andall necessary IT resources, presenting an opportunity for SMEs,and departments of large enterprises such as Human Resources(HR), Legal, etc., to efficiently manage storage, retrieval, andexchange of information, in a legally compliant manner.Further, it offers the flexibility to select a package and pay amonthly rental fee depending on the number of users andvolume of documents.OverviewStorageŸ High costs associated witharchival, maintenance, andback-up of physicaldocumentsSecurityŸ Unauthorized access toconfidential dataŸRisk of information loss ordamage due to naturaldisastersComplianceŸ Meeting stringentregulatory compliancerequirementsAccessibilityŸ Ensuring anytime-anywhere informationaccess to stakeholdersEnterprise Content Management on CloudSimple, Affordable, and SafeOMNIDOCSTMChallenges
  2. 2. With an increasingly distributed and mobile workforce, that needs anytime-anywhere access to your businessinformation, it has become necessary for organizations – large or small – to look at ways to manage businesscontent efficiently. Cloud represents an opportunity for businesses to share and collaborate on documents, andaccess critical information from anywhere, anytime, and any device, such as a mobile phone or tablet, withoutmaking huge initial investments on hardware and licenses associated with on-premise installations. All expenses forstorage, management, maintenance, and support are included in the monthly rental fee.Why Cloud is an Operationally, Financially and Technically Viable Model forEnterprise Content Management?On-premise Solutions Cloud-based SolutionsLong implementation cyclesDependence on IT resourcesHuge upfront investments on hardware andsoftware licenseRecurring costs associated with maintenance,back-up, and troubleshootingExpensive upgradesRapid Time-to-valueNo IT involvementNo upfront investmentsPay-per-use (includes storage, software,backup, and support)Real-time upgrades at no extra costsTMOmniDocs on Cloud provides a new, cost-effectivealternative to traditional enterprise contentmanagement solutions that gives you completeaccess to Newgens proven ECM capabilities, on apay-per-use basis, while ensuring privacy and securityof intellectual property. The solution offers enterprise-class integration facilities with external businesssystems, and robust file sharing capabilities. Hostedon Amazon Web Services public cloud infrastructure,OmniDocs on Cloud offers infinitely scalable onlinestorage capacity, to suffice the growing number ofusers, utilizing the solution. Further, Newgen backs-upyour data in multiple data centers to provide anytime-anywhere data access.Below are some use cases showcasing howorganizations spanning different industries canbenefit from OmniDocs on Cloud.Key FeaturesŸ Unified repository for all documents and foldersacross the organization, including electronic files,physical documents, word processing documents,PDF files, graphic images, audio files, videos, andemailsŸ Capture documents from multiple channels, suchas email, fax, mobile, scanner, etc.Ÿ Comprehensive Document Scanning, Indexing,and StorageŸ Maker-Checker features for dual authorization inuser/group operationsŸ Comprehensive reports for monitoringŸ Comprehensive and easy-to-set access rightscontrol with inheritanceŸ Specific rights at document level for sharingŸ File processing workflowŸ Full text and strong index-based searchŸ Document Check-in, Check-out & Version ControlŸ Extensive audit reports and audit trailsŸ HTTPS support for securitySolution BenefitsŸ Scalability: Quick and easy ramp-up to matchbusiness growthŸ Ready-to-use document management system; noinstallation and no maintenance requiredŸ Reliability & High Availability: 99% uptimeguarantee; Redundancies for server, network, andstorageŸ Allows organizations to shift focus to criticalbusiness activities, eliminating non-productivetasks associated with archival and retrieval ofdocumentsŸ Move from CAPEX and fixed-cost infrastructure toa new paradigm, based on transactional, “pay asyou go” modelŸ Security: Extremely secure computing environmentwith VPN and HTTPSTMOmniDocs on Cloud
  3. 3. Enabling educational institutions to reducereliance on paper-based informationAcademic and research institutions need to store andpublish institutional content, and collaborate onresearch projects, while controlling administrativecosts. Institutes also need to maintain student andemployee records, communication documents,accounting records, and other intellectual property.TMOmniDocs on Cloud is an affordable option thatallows institutes to store and publish content oncloud, which can be accessed by students and facultyusing any internet connection, on- or off-campus.Further, it allows users to securely and easilycollaborate with internal/external research oracademic partners. It also helps improve efficiency ofthe administrative staff by eliminating the need formanual data entry.Case 2 - Educational InstitutionsCase 4 - Real Estate OrganizationsEnabling Life Sciences Organizations to MeetCompliances and Accelerate Time-to-MarketThe life sciences industry is highly regulated andgoverned by stringent regulatory requirements. Lifesciences organizations need to securely manage aHelping Law Firms/Legal Departments toEfficiently Manage Vital RecordsLaw firms/legal departments of large enterprises needto manage myriad types of documents, email andother records, including pleadings, contracts, leases,etc. Legal professionals might need to collaborate ondocuments, from different locations. In such asituation a secure and scalable document repository,which can be accessed remotely, via internet, usingmobile devices becomes imperative.TMBy opting for OmniDocs on Cloud law firms/legaldepartments can reap the benefits of an enterprise-class document management system withoutinvesting in costly hardware/software licenses. Thesolution facilitates capturing, storage, retrieval, andtracking of electronic documents, videos, pictures,audio files, etc., helping improve the consistency andorganization of their vital records.Case 3 – Life Sciences OrganizationsCase 5 – Law Firms/Legal DepartmentsAddressing the Document ManagementRequirements of Specific DepartmentsEach department is fraught with the challenge ofmanaging enormous volumes of departmentalrecords. HR department needs to maintain resumes,reference letters, job applications, employee records,contract documents, annual reviews, etc. Financedepartment needs a document management systemfor managing contracts, invoices, purchase orders,etc. Quality and Compliance department needs tomaintain documents for internal and external audits.Moreover, a department might receive inquiriesthrough different channels such as web-forms,e-mails, or physical applications. Managing andmaintaining a database of all suchapplications/inquiries is tedious and document-intensive.TMOmniDocs on Cloud enables departments of largeenterprises to efficiently organize documents andrecords allowing users to retrieve relevantinformation, as and when needed. Further, thesolution enables efficient routing of documents forfaster reviews and approvals, document tracking, andautomatic due-date notifications, resulting inimproved business performance.Case 1 – Departmental Usage wide range of clinical, R&D, and regulatorydocuments. Any delay in bringing a product to themarket, might translate into huge losses in terms ofrevenue.TMOmniDocs on Cloud provides a financially viablesolution to life sciences organizations such aspharmaceutical companies, medical equipmentmanufacturers, etc., for end-to-end management oftheir critical documents. Its extensive search anddocument tracking capabilities allow R&Dprofessionals to focus on research activities, ratherthan wasting time in storing and retrievingdocuments.Providing Real Estate Agents with Anytime-Anywhere Access to Relevant InformationReal estate companies deal with huge volumes ofpaper-based documents in their day-to-daytransactions. Agents spend most of their time on thefield, and documents such as credit reports,mortgage forms, title information, contracts,blueprints, site plans, etc., should be readily availableto them.The imaging and document management capabilitiesTMof OmniDocs on Cloud allow real estate companiesto capture and store documents digitally, enablingagents to easily and quickly access these documentswhile on the field. This results in faster salestransactions and revenues, while avoiding investmentin expensive hardware and software licenses.Moreover, storing documents electronically on cloudeliminates loss of documents due to potentialdisasters such as fire or flood.TMOmniDocs on Cloud is relevant to any industry/organization/department that deals with hugevolumes of documents and content. Below are some use cases showcasing how organizationsTMspanning different industries can benefit from OmniDocs on Cloud.
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