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Csr program newgen software


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CSR Program by Newgen Software

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Csr program newgen software

  2. 2. NEWGEN- Who we are ? • Newgen Software, is a leading global provider of Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Customer Communication Management (CCM) and Case Management solutions. • 1300+ customer installations. • Present in 61 countries • 2000+ employees
  3. 3. It’s all about Responsible Corporate Citizenship Corporate Social Responsibility
  4. 4. NDDP Objective • Generate Curiosity • Making classroom digitally fun filled and interesting When we Started • Pilot Project- Nov, 2015 - Feb, 2016 • Formal Adoption of School- 1st April 2016 Our Impact till date • Pratibha Group – Nearly 90 % and above are able to operate I-Pad • Nishta Group- More than 60% are able to operate the I-Pad
  5. 5. Session Schedule Daily sessions are held For class 6- 35 minutes per class For class 7- 150 minutes per week
  6. 6. Methodologies Topic Identification based on curriculum Topics taught through AudioVisuals, Presentation and I-Pads Oral Class and Revision Assessment- MCQ Motivation- Prizes
  7. 7. Topic- Inside Earth (7th) Identification  Ongoing curriculum Session Conducted  AVs, PPts, I-pads, Oral sessions, Revision and Quizzes Assessment  Multiple Choice Question
  8. 8. Our Pedagogy- Audio Visual • Audio visual related to the topic is researched by content team • AudioVisual is shown repeatedly • Ensure students participate in the oral discussions and quiz
  9. 9. Snapshot of audio visual
  10. 10. Our Pedagogy- Power Point Presentations •Presentation – school text books •Interactive PPT sessions
  11. 11. Glimpse of Presentation of Our Earth
  12. 12. Our Pedagogy- I- Pads • I- Pads session relating to topic • One I-Pad shared by two students • KeyWords related to the topic are searched by students
  13. 13. Learning through I- Pad Students researching through I-Pad
  14. 14. Assessment COPYRIGHT 2016,NEWGEN SOFTWARE INC. 14 •Thorough oral revisions are done before test •Audio Visuals are repeated for better retention for the weaker sections •Quizzes are conducted •Test are conducted using Multiple choice Questions. •Different sets of question papers are prepared for different sections depending upon their learning capabilities
  15. 15. Glimpse of our assessment
  16. 16. We give 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes to students who score good
  17. 17. Misc. group activities
  18. 18. Glimpse of our sessions
  19. 19. Glimpse of summer camp
  20. 20. Glimpse of Winter Camp
  21. 21. Volunteers taking sessions
  22. 22. Newgen’s CSR Samarth Shikshaks • Launched on 5th September,2016( Teachers day). • It is an initiative by Newgen CSR team and volunteers to collaborate with teachers and principal for the better functioning of the NDDP programme in their school. Newgen CSR Samarth Shikshaks To Bring everyone to same platform Value addition Holistic development of students Success of NDDP Bridging Knowledge gap Coordination and facilitation
  23. 23. Thank you