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[Newgen CSR] It’s all about Responsible Corporate Citizenship


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[Newgen CSR] It’s all about Responsible Corporate Citizenship

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[Newgen CSR] It’s all about Responsible Corporate Citizenship

  1. 1. It’s all about Responsible Corporate Citizenship Corporate Social Responsibility
  2. 2. Corporate Social Responsibility Under the Companies Act, 2013, any company having the following criteria should mandatorily spend 2% of their net profits per fiscal on CSR activities. • The rules came into effect from 1 April 2014 Net worth of rupees 500 core or more Turnover of rupees 1,000 core or more Net profit of rupees 5 core or more Environment EconomicSocial CSR is not charity or mere donations but a way of doing business as usual, while creating shared values and contributions for social and environment good
  3. 3. CSR Objective • To encourage the stakeholder to have a more meaningful engagement with the business rather than the often prevalent one-sided expectation • To make CSR a key business process for sustainable development for the society
  4. 4. Newgen CSR Policy Vision To be a social responsible corporate citizen Mission : • To actively contribute to the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate result in building a better, sustainable way of life for the weaker section of the society and raise the country’s human development index • Protection and safeguard of environment and maintaining ecological balance
  5. 5. Newgen’s Ongoing CSR Programs Newgen’s CSR Initiatives NDDP @ Harkesh Nagar Govt school @daily Personality Development sessions with ‘i am’ on 2nd sat Sadbhavna Activities with younger children @2nd sat NDDP @Okhla office with Sadbhavna children @every friday Supporting Families of SOS Village & workshops on 3rd Sat
  6. 6. Newgen Digital Discovery Paathshala An initiative that has emanated from the vision of our MD. The digital literacy program aims at stimulating the minds of the children through the use of modern day IT innovations such as tablets and internet. School syllabus and other related topic as the baseline. NDDP sessions with 900+ students of 6th & 7th grade I-Pad, Audio Visuals, Quizzes, Role plays, Camps Regular Assessments and test is conducted
  7. 7. Methodologies Of Teaching At Government School • I-Pads • Audio Visuals • Power Point Presentation • Fun Filled Activities like drawings • Team Building Activitiess
  8. 8. Assessment • Quizzes are conducted • Thorough oral revisions are done pre test • Audio Visuals are repeated for better retention for the weaker sections • Test are conducted using Multiple choice Questions. • Different sets of question papers are prepared for different sections depending upon their learning capabilities • A Repeat test is done in sections that do not perform well in the test
  9. 9. NDDP Session At Government School
  10. 10. Our Teaching Methodology Teaching with the help of audio visuals and Ppt
  11. 11. Sessions By Volunteers
  12. 12. Newgen’s CSR Samarth Shikshaks • Launched on 5th September,2016( Teachers day). • It is an initiative by Newgen CSR team and volunteers to collaborate with teachers and principal for the better functioning of the NDDP programme in the school. Newgen CSR Samarth Shikhas Common Platform Value addition Improved NDDP content Success of NDDP Bridging Knowledge gap Better Coordination
  13. 13. Monitoring Mechanism Lesson plans are made by Newgen facilitators before NDDP sessions are conducted. A robust monitoring mechanism has been developed to keep a track of ongoing activities for every session. A WhatsApp group (Samarth Shikshaks) has been formed , to connect school teachers and Newgen facilitators. Newgen facilitators conduct weekly meetings with the school faculty to keep a track on the progress of NDDP sessions.
  14. 14. Snapshots Teacher profile for TEP Weekly WIP sheet
  15. 15. Digital Discovery Paathshala Sessions At Okhla • Over 15-20 Sadbhavna Children attend this session on a regular basis on Friday afternoon • The sessions are taken by Newgen Volunteers • I-Pads are used for teaching • Exercise and assignments are given to asses their understanding of a particular topic
  16. 16. NDDP Summer Camp For 10th Graders Of Government Girls School And Sadbhavna Children In Okhla
  17. 17. Sadbhavna • Started in 2006 • Over 100 children are enrolled • Children of Newgen’s support staff and Children from communities around Okhla office are members of Sadbhavana • The objective is to support the overall personality development of the children • Classes are conducted on general awareness, moral values to build their self confidence and Self Esteem • Team Activities are conducted to build their leadership skills
  18. 18. Case Studies of Sponsored Students At Sadbhavana Raveena • Ravenna has been associated with Sadbhavna since inception of this program, 2006.She is a confident girl and very keen to pursue a career. Presently, she is doing her B.A program from Delhi University. She has also done summer training in Newgen. • Sponsored by- Shubhi • Aman, has been associated with Sadbhavna since 2012.Intiatly he was shy but with his regular interaction with Sadbhavna children, faculty and volunteers he has enhanced his personality and has become a confident and cheerful child . Presently he is in class 9th in Government Sr. Secondary school • Sponsored by- Ruchika and Rajeev Aman
  19. 19. Shisham • Shisham has been associated with Sadbhavna since 2008, Shisham is a vibrant student and she attends all sessions regularly. She is Intelligent, smart and confident. She enjoys her session at Sadbavana and NDDP. • Sponsored by Rahul • Vaibhav has been associated with Sadbhavna since 2013 . Before joining Sadbhavna, he lacked self confidence. Today he is smart, confident, creative, fun- loving and energetic boy. Presently he is studying in class 9 in St.Giri Public School • Sponsored by- Nidhi and Harshita Vaibhav
  20. 20. Newgen’s Association With SOS Village • Family Based Care (FBC), a curative programme of SOS Children’s Villages of India, reaches out to over 6,500, once parentless or abandoned girls and boys, in 33 SOS Children’s Villages across India. Each SOS village has 12- 15 family homes, with every home consisting of 10 children on an average along with an SOS mother • Newgen has adopted three families in 2014-15 in SOS Children’s village, Faridabad. Yearly sponsorship is given to the families for the care of Children and Mothers in these homes.
  21. 21. Fun Learning Activities @SOS Village, Faridabad • Newgen volunteers conduct fun learning activities with the children and SOS mothers mostly on the first Saturday of every month • Various activities like art & craft, diya painting, quizes, quilling workshops etc. have been conducted during the sessions • Mothers are encouraged to participate in all activities conducted by Newgen
  22. 22. Personality development by – ‘i am’ • Personality Development(PD) sessions are conducted by a soul building organization called ‘i am’ • Every second Saturday of the month, 45-50 children from SOS Village and Sadbhavna join in the PD sessions • ‘i am’ have developed modules to build children's personalities, self confidence, self esteem to enhance their overall growth • ‘i am’ will be conducting sessions on career counseling, health and hygiene and related subjects in their coming workshops .
  23. 23. Involving Newgenites • Collective action towards a social cause • Community work • Service to the society • One time activities • Woolen Drive • Wish Tree • Counseling /Parenting sessions • Supporting Education/sponsor/adopt a child
  24. 24. Choose Your Day To Contribute… Program Venue Days Timings NDDP Govt Girls School, Nagar(Okhla) Mondays & Thursdays 10:00 am 12.30 pm NDDP Okhla office, cafeteria Every Friday 3:30 pm- 5:30 pm Personality Development Program Okhla office 2nd Saturday of month 10 am – 1:00 pm Fun Learning Activities with Sadbhavna kids Okhla office 2nd Saturday of month 10 am – 1:00 pm Fun Learning Activities SOS Village 3rd Saturday of month 3:30 pm- 5:30 pm
  25. 25. Guidelines: To Be A Volunteer • Should be active, passionate and motivated • Should have serious commitment towards the programme • Should be punctual • Should posses good communication skills • Should maintain proper dress code and decoram
  26. 26. How “YOU” Can Contribute? • Join hands with several others, committed to make a difference to these children, and thus, to the society. • Helping in building Digital Discovery Curriculum class 7th – Sci/SST/English • Volunteers for any of our Programmes • Campaigning for CSR at Delhi and NCR office • Conducting/Volunteering for Personality Development session • Workshops/Picnics/ Visits /Outings etc. • Act as a SPOC at your facility • Take a lead and become a leader • Fun & Play Activities • Be responsible Newgenite and be a part of our sub- committee !!! • Take charge and shoot for a social change
  27. 27. 2006: The time when we started our Sadbhavna Our 10 Years Journey Till Now
  28. 28. Journey Of Our Sadbhavna 2007: Christmas Celebration
  29. 29. 2009 Our children receiving certificates at end of the sessions 2010
  30. 30. 2011 | Holi Celebration
  31. 31. 2012 | Picnic with our Sadbhavana kids
  32. 32. 2013 | Sessions with Our Sadbhavna Children
  33. 33. 2014 | Visiting Our SOS Family Our SOS Family
  34. 34. 2015 | Session with I am and small children at Okhla office
  35. 35. 2016 | NDDP
  36. 36. 2016 | Sadbhavna session
  37. 37. Our CSR Team Mrs. Priyadarshini Nigam Chairperson- CSR Ms. Malavika Srivastava, Program Coordinator Contact: Ms. Usha Negi, Instructor & Coordinator Contact: Ms. Anam choudhary, Content Developer & Instructor Contact: Ms. Akansha Prakash, Content team, Instructor Contact:
  38. 38. ReachUs At: Credit - Editing(Mr. Dishant)
  39. 39. Thank you