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Automation of requisition process for a leading retail chain in us


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Newgen Case Study on Automation of Requisition Process for Core3

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Automation of requisition process for a leading retail chain in us

  1. 1. Case Study BPO SOLUTIONS FOR BUSINESS PROCESS & CONTENT MANAGEMENT Automation of Requisition Process For a leading Retail Chain in US Overview Core3 is a leading provider of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions and consulting services. With extensive experience in outsourcing space, Core3 helps companies make their finance, accounting, and payroll functions more efficient. It is also beneficial for administrative and information technology functions. The Challenge Core3 was looking for a unified business process workflow automation solution to support the business needs of its Requisition filling & PO generation/approval activities. Key Challenges: The main objective for the automation of Core3’s business process is to make Requisition ! Need for a uniformed processing & PO generation and approval more efficient and productive, by streamlining business process workflow the workflow. automation ! Need for more effective and The NEWGEN Solution productive requisition processing and PO The company has around 350 retail stores, which are located at various locations all over generation and approval the US. These retail stores fill the requisition forms for any item or product, which they process need to purchase for the store. Each retail store submits the filled requisition form to its respective regional office. The buyer (user) at the regional office logs into OmniFlowTMand creates and records a transaction in OmniFlowTM for each requisition form submitted at the retail store. The buyer keys in certain details such as vendor name, region, product name and quantity for the workitem in the online form and submits the form. Recurring requisitions is also handled using an automatic utility, which creates request(s) on the predefined date and sends the same for approval. Based on the buyer’s role, region and requisition amount, the requisition is sent to the approver for authorization. Based on predefined guidelines, the approver clears the requisition or raises an exception. For raising an exception, the approver enters his comments in the Exception window for the buyer to view. The approval could be for the Key Benefits: entire requisition request or only a partial approval. ! Simplified and streamlined workflow If the approver wants to partially approve the requisition or to reject the requisition completely, he/she raises an exception by putting in his comments for the concerned ! Speedy approval cycle, improved turn around time products/workitems. Whenever the approver raises an exception, the transaction is sent back to the buyer who initiated the request. ! Lower cost of processing and increased productivity If the requisition is approved, the buyer logs in and sends the request for PO generation. ! Centralised and improved For partially approved requests, buyer can either remove the rejected items or resubmit for tracking of transactions approval. At PO generation step, a custom application runs in the background that ! Increased accuracy and periodically polls for approved requests. Subsequently, a PO is generated as MS Word file better internal controls for all requests. All generated POs are saved in a predefined location. Once the PO is generated, the requisition process is complete.
  2. 2. Case Study BPO SOLUTIONS FOR BUSINESS PROCESS & CONTENT MANAGEMENT O M Omni Flow O SMS N Desktop M (Image I (Client) N server) F I L D O Omni Flow O W Desktop C S (Client) S OmniFlow E D & R OmniFlow M OmniDocs V Desktop S Database E (Client) R Newgen Software Technologies Limited is a market leader in Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Content Architecture of the Solution Management (ECM), with a global footprint of about 700 OmniFlowTM and OmniDocsTM servers are centrally deployed in the US. installations in over 30 countries. More than 100 of these implementations are large, OmniFlowTM is a multi-tiered, platform independent, Workflow Management solution mission-critical solutions built using robust server-side Java technologies. Its scalable architecture can cater from deployed at world's leading small-to-medium workgroup usage, to truly enterprise-wide workflow management BFSI, BPO, and Fortune Global 500 companies. requirements. OmniFlowTM is tightly integrated with OmniDocsTM, DMS product from Newgen, for storage & retrieval of documents/forms. Winner of several awards such as “Frost and Sullivan's Market Leadership Award for Document The Benefits Management System and ! Simplified and streamlined workflow speeds approval cycles and increases Workflow Software & Services” productivity and “Distinguished Application Product Company” by ! All the requests are centrally monitored for better control NASSCOM, Newgen Software is ! Better procurement planning and management an ISO 9001:2000, ISO 27001 ! Better exception handling, lowers cost of processing and improves turn around time certified and CMM Level 4 company. ! Increased accuracy and better internal controls ! Dashboard and customized reports, resulting in efficient administration of BPO’s activities ! Comprehensive Auditing capabilities provide complete history of the requisitions, including the approval and processing history ! Tracking of transactions and its current status is possible at any point of time during requests processing ! Scalable solution, which allows future growth and continued improvements Newgen’s prestigious clients include Max New York Life, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, ABN AMRO, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Bajaj Allianz, Sahara Life, Royal Sundaram Alliance, IBM Daksh, Wipro BPO, Dow Jones, WNS, UBS, Equinox, Patni BPO, Wividus, Unilever SSC, Ranbaxy SSC, Airtel, Hutch, Idea, Etisalat UAE, Reliance Infocomm, Tata Tele Services, GSL Hongkong, Praxair, Philips, SEC Philippines, Trent Limited, Kuoni Travels and Kenya Airways Newgen Software Technologies Ltd. Newgen Software Inc. A-6, Satsang Vihar Marg, 1364 Beverly Road, St 300 Qutab Institutional Area, McLean, VA 22101 New Delhi 110 067 Tel: +1 (703) 749-2855 Tel: +91-11-26964733, 26963571, 26856871 Email: Email: Information contained within this document is confidential and proprietary to Newgen Software Technologies. Ltd. and shall not be disclosed to anyone other than the recipients and reviewers of this document nor shall be communicated in any manner whatsoever to any third party or be reproduced in whole or in part except under agreement or with prior consent from Newgen in writing. Copyright 2007-2008, Newgen Software Technologies Limited