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A tour to urban china final


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A tour to urban china final

  1. 1. A Tour to Urban China Tour to urban China Week 9 Presentation…… 1 Date : 8Th September 2012
  2. 2. A Tour to Agenda China Urban Tour to urban China Geography and Location 9 Presentation…… Week Facts about china Urban Culture and Heritage Tourism in Urban cities Seasons and Festivals Travel and Entertainment 2 Food and habits
  3. 3. Geography & Location Tour to urban China Geography  China is the second largest country in the world by land area and also the most populated country .  Longest combined land border in the world from the mouth of the Yalu river to the gulf of Tonkin.  Extends across East Asia, Southeast Asia(Vietnam , Laos & Burma),South Asia (India ,Nepal , Bhutan) Central Asia (Afghanistan , Tajikistan), a small part of Inner Asia (Russian Altai and Mangolia ) and North Korea in Northeast Asia.Climate Religions & Rituals Dry seasons and wet Urban China •Buddhism , Taoism and monsoons. During Winter Chinese folk religions. northern winds come from China has 8 “mega-cities” •Christianity introduced high latitude areas that and is estimated to have 10 during Tang Dynasty is one are cold and dry. million people by 2025. of the fastest growing During Summer the southern winds comes. Two-thirds of China’s religion in China. •Hinduism , Dongbaism 3 Average temperature population ( around 64%) will , Bon and sects are being ranges from -6 degree to live in cities by 2025. also followed. 25 degree Celsius
  4. 4. Facts about China Tour to urban China Growing Urbanization • In 1978 china had 172 million urban residents. • Between 1990 and 2005 – 103 million Chinese migrated rural to Urban areas . • By 2015- urban population is expected to exceed 700 million. Growing Megacities Estimated to have 8 “mega cities “ and 23 cities with population of 10 million by 2025. By 2015, China’s urban population is expected to exceed 700 million marking the first time China’s urban population to surpass its rural population. 4
  5. 5. Urban Culture & Heritage Tour to urban ChinaUrban Culture• Chinese culture is highly influence by Confucianism. Chinese in urban are of mixed culture and still value their traditions and customs.• Chinese love their native language. In china business communication, education and personal communications are carried mostly in their native languages in urban areas.• Chinese culture is one of the worlds oldest culture. Important components of Chinese culture include literature, music, visual arts, martial arts, cuisine, etc. History & Heritage • China was ruled by invaders from the north - the Mongols in the late 13th century and the Manchus in the mid 16th. • Formation of china is being divided in to two periods : • Spring and Autumn Period(771 -475BC) & Warring States Period (475 - 221BC) • Qin Shi Huang was the first Emperor and the Qin 5 (pronounced “ Chin “ ) was the China’s first unified empire.
  6. 6. Tourism in Urban China Tour to urban China Tourism in China • Great wall ,Forbidden city ,Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven depicting colorful history of Beijing. • Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Emperor Qin Shihuang were excavated in the city . • On the Cradle of the Yangtze River on mysterious Quinghai - there is a holy Potala Palace ,snow – capped Mt .Everest and heavenly Namtso lake . • At the lower Sichuan Basin ,there are cute giant pandas and multicolored water of the Jiuzhaigou valley. Important Cities Tourist Places -> Great Wall of china • Beijing , -> Terracotta Warriors • Shanghai -> Yangtze River • Xian. -> Forbidden City • Jiuzhaigou -> Potala Palace • Haikou -> Silk road • • Tianjin Shenzhen -> Li River 6 -> Tiananmen Square Two administrative ->Summer Palace blocks, Hong Kong and Macau ->Bund of Shanghai
  7. 7. Urban Festivals & Sports Tour to urban China Festivals • Chinese New Years(Lunar new Year) • National Day( Starts Oct 1) • Dragon boat festival • Blue Dragon Festival • Qixi Festival (The Night of Sevens, Magpie Festival) • Dongzhi Festival (Winter Solstice Festival) • Double Ninth Festival ( Chongyang Festival) Sports • Martial Arts ( Kung Fu ) • xiangqi • qigong and tai chi chuan • Dragon Boat Race • Swimming and snooker • Football,Basket Ball • Tennis 7 • Badminton • archery and equestrianism • Chess
  8. 8. Travel & Entertainment Tour to urban China Travel Facilities: • Long -distances buses: Compare to rail travel , long distance buses in china are cheaper and available. plenty • Possesses the world’s longest high speed railImage of Bullet Train network i n the form of networks of underground or light rail system. • Developing its own satellite navigating system for aviation. • Shanghai has a high- speed maglev rail line . • Urban areas are connected by bullet trains. Shopping Facilities • Shiny new department stores and malls . • High –end boutique stores. • Oriental plaza in Beijing . • Watsons - Good collection of Asian and Western toiletries , cosmetics etc . 8 • Mega –foreign stores like Wall –Mart and Carrefour.
  9. 9. Urban Food Habits Tour to urban China Continental Food For Chineses colour,aroma and taste are the top priorities for a good food Traditions in China : Anhui, Cantonese, Fujian, Hunan, Ji angsu, Shandong, Szechuan and Zhejiang cuisines Staple foods Rice, noodles, wheat, soya beans, schezwan rice, chicken hunans, vegetables, soybeansOther Country Foods available Urban Foods• Indian, Spanish, Italian, Malaysian and German foods are too available at major Rice, dragon rolls, spring rolls, lotus leafs, turnip 9 cities. cake, Manchurians, moa fang• Chinese market also cater the need of , choupseys, broccoli chips, international tourists.
  10. 10. List of References Tour to urban China 10
  11. 11. Tour to urban China11