Vedran Prazen, mobiEXPLORE @ 7 minutes presentation at TMT.Ventures'08 Zagreb


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Vedran Prazen, mobiEXPLORE - presentation from the '7 minutes contest' at TMT.Ventures'08 Zagreb ( by New Europe Events)

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Vedran Prazen, mobiEXPLORE @ 7 minutes presentation at TMT.Ventures'08 Zagreb

  2. 2. Who we are … About the company ….  Gideon Multimedia is dynamic company built on humble beginnings (literally starting in a garage) that has grown to 29 full time employees, and 20 part-time associates. It is a company specialized in multimedia publishing and development, with increasingly strong focus on development of software for mobile phones, and with products internationally validated for quality and innovation  Founded by a US investor, managerial buy-out in January 2003, presently owned by the management  Since 2003 Gideon is a member of Croatian government program RAZUM (Croatian innovation and technology development)  Portfolio includes dozens of multimedia projects for tourism industry (Tourism Board of Austria, Slovenia and Croatia, Hilton International, Orco Group, …)  A member of Forum Nokia PRO since 2006  Numerous international awards  Mobile applications (Adobe, Nokia contests ... )  SME contest winner - “European Day of Entrepreneur” 2006, event sponsored by EU commission and T-Mobile  Innovation exhibitions (Brussels, Nurnberg, Geneve, ...)  CD/DVD production (IMTA Award, 12th Summit international Awards, 36th Creativity Awards, Tourfilm....)
  3. 3. What we do … Vision  To create a leading global brand for multimedia experience Products & Services  Featured product:  mobiEXPLORE - next generation of mobile travel guides (PCT/HR2007/000056)  Products with strong added-value proposition and multiple revenue streams  New mobile projects currently in development based on mobiEXPLORE concept but targeting different industries and market segments  Multimedia development services, historically primary short-term funding source  The value provided by Gideon's products is in saving time for the consumer, by quot;prepackagingquot; so to speak, the information consumer seeks in a manner that is visually appealing, informative, educational and entertaining. At the same time Gideon's products enable the businesses to communicate with their target customers in a way that catches and holds their attention much more efficiently than the product brochures or catalogues
  4. 4. Focus on … mobiEXPLORE is a mobile travel guide system that features:  Rich content (interactive maps, tourist destinations, sights, travel tips and advice, gastronomy, transport, accommodation, … and much more)  Updated information (events, weather forecast)  Audio guides (for individual sights and attractions)  Interactive content (direct “call” option, surveys, …)  Multilingual support For the end-user mobiEXPLORE is free of charge Multiple revenue streams; advertising (supported by Gideon’s customized pay-per click engine) and various other B2B and B2C value-added services (primarily targeting tourism institutions and businesses)  mobiEXPLORE is protected in accordance with international patent regulations - PCT/HR2007/000056  Awards:  Gold medal - international innovations exhibition EUREKA 2007, Brussels October 2007  Silver medal - international innovations exhibition Geneve EXPO, April 2008  Prime Minister’s Award for best ICT project in Croatia - Vidi Web Top 100 – Zagreb December 2007  Honorable Mention, mobiEXPLORE UK - Adobe MAX 2008 - October 2008
  5. 5. What is mobiEXPLORE ? - content mobiEXPLORE Croatia – screenshot examples
  6. 6. What is mobiEXPLORE ? - content mobiEXPLORE UK – screenshot examples
  7. 7. mobiEXPLORE overview  First mobiEXPLORE edition launched for Croatia on July 4th 2007.  Launched independently by Gideon with limited budget Milestones  November 2007 – product idea submission accepted by Orange Partner program  January 2008, six months after market launch over 400.000 users  March 2008 – mobiEXPLORE revenues reach break-even point on initial development investment  April 2008 – new version of mobiEXPLORE completed  June 2008 – pre-packaged with Nokia devices in Croatia  August 2008 – first revenue-share agreement with a mobile operator  October 2008 – market launch of mobiEXPLORE UK (over 35.000 people downloaded it in the fist 5 days)  December 2008 - market launch of mobiEXPLORE Italia By 1st of June 2009 Gideon aims to launch new mobiEXPLORE editions for top 10 travel destinations (countries) in Europe Strategic partnerships  Nokia, Adobe  In progress – negotiations with various mobile operators throughout Europe, mobile ad networks
  8. 8. mobiEXPLORE overview Customers  Mobile operators, various tourism businesses (hotels, tour operators, ….) tourism associations, end-users interested in various travel-related services … Competition  Various mobile travel-related products and services  Limited content & features, mostly based on single revenue source S W - Gideon know-how - new technology - flexible and adaptable product concept - perception of roaming costs - innovation as competitive advantage - experience O T - tourism trends - potential competition - market need for comunication chanels delivering targeted - Funding availability, Gideon’s limited internal resources content - mobile trends
  9. 9. Company overview Management team Alen Bartulović and Vedran Pražen form the management team. As majority owners of the company they are motivated and capable of executing their ambitious strategies. Alen has extensive sales experience in the tourism industry, and holds a position of a managing director, with a special emphasis on sales and production. He has been active in tourism since 1994 and has significant experience in that industry. He is fluent in English, and has working knowledge of German and Czech. Alen started in Sales and was promoted to the position of director of Gideon Multimedia in November 2002. Vedran's entrepreneurial experience reaches back to the family business where he was involved in different aspects of sales and marketing. Before joining Gideon he has worked several years for a regional retailer specialized in consumer goods. He holds a position of an business development director. Vedran is an honor graduate of Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, he is fluent in English and has working knowledge of German and Italian. Jim McGough - adviser to the management team consultant and entrepreneur, former director of global marketing at Motorola, senior marketing positions with Audi USA and Citibank Due to difficulties in securing SME financing at the Croatian financial market both Alen and Vedran have provided short-term financing to Gideon based on personal financing sources.
  10. 10. Market overview Market data  Mobile services (excluding voice and text messaging) are forecasted to reach € 92 bilion by 2010, up from € 27 billion in 2005.  Primary focus on Smartphone users  Symbian device owners are much more likely to be downloaders. In certain EMEA countries, 23 percent of Symbian device owners are active downloaders (as opposed to 7 percent of all mobile phone owners in these countries).  The typical application downloader is young; uses mobile data, voice, and SMS frequently; has a high phone bill; pays more for his or her device than other consumers; and is likely to upgrade the device faster than other consumers.  In UK and Italy Smartphone penetration is currently over 25%
  11. 11. What is needed to fully take advantage of market opportunities ? Some background …  Since 2003 the company has shown profit, steady revenue growth and positive cash flow  Need for growth capital that it will take time to get from cash-flow and that we have difficulty getting from bank financing at the Croatian market  Goal - to support growth in key European markets How much capital exactly is needed?  Investment range 1-5 million €  Includes premium due to substantial disproportion between development cost and profit margins  Our preference is for the investors who are can bring added value to the company in the form of facilitated marketing and business development contacts, as well as skills and knowledge that will help the company achieve its goals more quickly. What strategic partnerships are needed?  Mobile operators in the largest tourism destinations  Sales channels, mobile advertising  primary focus on Europe