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PlaceChallenge @ NEVC Semi-Final Warsaw Winner


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Presentation of the PlaceChallenge project, Winner of the NEVC Semi-Finals in Warsaw

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PlaceChallenge @ NEVC Semi-Final Warsaw Winner

  1. 1. Where is the problem?
  2. 2. People do not feel differences 
  3. 3. Motivation, engaging and integration of people
  4. 4. Market…
  5. 5. 64 million monthly active uniques Universal appeal
  6. 6. The power of fun
  7. 7. Execution…
  8. 8. UnLock City
  9. 9. Teambuilding
  10. 10. Lopoly
  11. 11. RunAway
  12. 12. Tail
  13. 13. Shape
  14. 14. where is the money?
  15. 15. Money • • • Money B2C B2B B2B2C
  16. 16. Team
  17. 17. Marcin Borecki Jakub Kadziela We know each other about 5 years, from dorm room. 3 year corp experience 4 year corp experience
  18. 18. What we are looking for? • • •
  19. 19. All what you’ve seen was PlaceChallenge Thank you! If you want to talk please search this guy.
  20. 20. Problem Acquiring and engaging customers is a key aspect faced by today's retail brands. We’ve got lot of products in the same kinds (etc. Cola, Pepsi, Dr Pepper). People buy history behind the brand not product itself. Motivation and integration could be increase by creating better relations between people each other, people and companies. Solution Engaging people with extraordinary scenarios thru their cities, venues… Build company’s brand history with fun challenges and fun in race for prizes. Motivate and integrate with solving challenges in group, running around the area. Unique Proposition Wizard for small companies (people) for creating location-based games. Creating location-based games (strategy, guides with missions, Olympics sports etc.). Creating location-based games for Human Resources divisions (available subscription for wizard for them) Unfair Advantage CEO was part of designers for the games for local scout groups about 3 years. Team know each other for 5 years. 4 years of experience with building project with high scalability. Customer Segments B2B2C - Creating campaigns and events for various brands (scalable to wide range of countries with the same campaign for particular company). B2C - Creating own games with premium systems (e.g.War of Warcraft in the real world). B2B - Wizard (SaaS) for HR Divisions. Key Metrics Make agreement with international brand for campaign. Interest people our own produced location-based games. Get 40% of TOP 100 Companies for HR Project. Channels Direct sell (B2B, B2B2C), Conferences (B2B, B2B2C), Market Places, App Store (B2C) Cost structure Development, Marketing and Sell Infrastructure Office Conferences (for game makers, for agencies) About 10 000 - 18 000 $ per month (first stage) Revenue Streams B2B2C – 50% (Custom development, Hosting, Support). B2C – 30% (Free download - paid items, Subscription for creators). B2B – 20% (HR Subscription, one-time games).