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Lighting scenarios


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This PowerPoint was created for a high school film class by a professional gaffer and cinematographer.

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Lighting scenarios

  1. 1. Lighting Scenarios Lecture prepared 9/8/10 by John M. Grace, film worker and instructor D.A.T.A. Charter High School Albuquerque, NM © 2010, John M. Grace All Rights Reserved for use availability, email
  2. 2. A Basic Grip/Electric Package
  3. 3. The goal for a Gaffer or Cinematographer should be to make the lighting appear organic. Good lighting should look natural and not call attention to itself. The best tribute that I can receive is for people to think a scene was lighted entirely with natural light and not to notice my work. Above and following are some lighting diagrams from classic films.
  4. 6. Harry Potter A fun exercise for students is to take scenes from popular films and to imagine the lighting used for the scene
  5. 7. Harry Potter Lab Table Fresnel Back Light Fresnel Bounce Fill Fresnel Key Light Camera
  6. 8. The Dark Knight
  7. 9. The Dark Knight Fluoroescent Fluoroescent 300w Fresnel Camera
  8. 10. Women Without Men
  9. 11. Women Without Men Camera Fresnel 300w Fresnel
  10. 12. Forty Shades of Blue
  11. 13. Forty Shades of Blue Fresnel Camera BAR Fresnel Soft Box Practical Practical
  12. 14. Charlie Wilson’s War
  13. 15. Charlie Wilson’s War Fresnel Camera Fresnel Fresnel Soft Box Practical
  14. 16. Boys Town
  15. 17. Boy’s Town DESK Fresnel HMI Fresnel Fresnel Fresnel Soft Box Camera
  16. 18. The Grass Grows Green
  17. 19. The Grass Grows Green DESK Fresnel Fresnel Fresnel Camera
  18. 20. Casablanca Have your students try creating a lighting plot for these or other scenes for experience
  19. 21. Casablanca
  20. 22. Inception
  21. 23. Raisin in the Sun
  22. 24. Three Penny Opera