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Interface Puppet by Toytemic


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Interface Puppet is a wireless input device for controlling a virtual character by manipulating a real plush toy. Very cost-effective. No articulation joints, no accelerometers, no cameras.

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Interface Puppet by Toytemic

  1. 1. TOYTEMIC DANCING TOYTEMIC DANCING The intuitive method for guiding a virtual character by manipulating AN INTERFACE PUPPET Thanks to the inspiring impulse of Charlie Chaplin’s Table Ballet from The Gold Rush movieSlide 01 Interface Puppet / Patent pending
  2. 2. WHAT IS IT? A virtual and/or robotic twin exactly replicates… …every gesture of the manipulated puppetSlide 02 Interface Puppet / Patent pending
  3. 3. HOW DOES IT WORK? • No wires • No buttons • No cameras • No sensor pads Working prototype. The doll (remote control device) has nine articulations.Slide 03 Interface Puppet / Patent pending
  4. 4. BASE TECHNOLOGY The technology supports detection of a coordinate position of the distant point of any moving part (limb, tail, head etc.) accurate within ± 1cm in real time. It’s a simple motion capture …without any external detector. A puppeteer instead of an actor.Slide 04 Interface Puppet / Patent pending
  5. 5. RANGE OF APPLICATIONS Just tree examples… (from a number of applications) Poseable fashion doll Combined joystick Video-karaoke puppetSlide 05 Interface Puppet / Patent pending
  6. 6. APPS: Example 1 Example 1. Fashion doll. A poseable figure serves as an input device for: • communication • virtual dancing • dressing-up • games • any kind of on-line activitySlide 06 Interface Puppet / Patent pending
  7. 7. APPS: Example 2 Example 2. Combined joystick. For controlling a computer game fighter.Slide 07 Interface Puppet / Patent pending
  8. 8. APPS: Example 3 Example 3. Video-karaoke. A conventional plush toy completed with Toytemic sensor system would be ideal for this application. • Single player: soloist and corps de ballet (chorus) • Multi-player: home theatre • “Choreographer” option (record and playback)Slide 08 Interface Puppet / Patent pending
  9. 9. MARKET SEGMENT GREEN CORRIDOR Nintendo Wii ~ $250 MS Kinect for INTERFACE PUPPETS Sony PS Move Retail price ~ $50 Electronics cost <$6 . Time-to-market 1 year• WebKinz (Ganz) ~$10-15• Barbie (Mattel)• OthersSlide 09 Interface Puppet / Patent pending
  10. 10. TECHNOLOGY EXTENSION TOY ROBOTICS. Sensing a nearby toy’s motions. The technology supports detection of a nearby toy’s motions. For example, if Zhu Zhu hamsters had appropriate sensors they could follow each other, keep the line or otherwise interact according to a preprogrammed algorithm. “SMART ZHU ZHU”Slide 10 Interface Puppet / Patent pending
  11. 11. TEAM’S COMPETENCE CHIP-DESIGN Designing – developing - testing RADIO ELECTRONICS Design – development - production BIO-IMPLANTS Development – production - sales COMPUTER GAMES Idea – developed – licensed 3D-ANIMATION & CARTOONS Characters designing, modeling and animation INTERACTIVE TOYS Development of behavior patterns, multimedia contentSlide 11 Interface Puppet / Patent pending
  12. 12. ANY QUESTIONS? With the support of Business Incubator of the Academy of National Economy Vernadskogo prospect, 82 119571, Moscow, Russia ITEM Multimedia Toytemic Inventions Facebook | ToytemicSlide 12 Interface Puppet / Patent pending