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An introduction to the IoTC


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Join a growing network of IoT Thought Leaders who are helping to shape the future of the connected world.

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An introduction to the IoTC

  1. 1. An Introduction to the INTERNET OF THINGS CONSORTIUM – IoTC February 2017
  2. 2. No Longer Just Hype Number of IoT connected devices to increase from 10.3B in 2014 to 29.5B in 20201 In 2016, 5.5 million new things are connected to network each day2 IoT to have global economic impact of as much as $11 trillion per year by 20253 72% of organizations feel IoT is critical to their competitive advantage4 63% of businesses have live IoT projects or are less than a year from launch5 63% of business adopting IoT are seeing significant ROI6 Sources: 1IDC, Worldwide Internet of Things Forecast 2015-19, February 2016 2Gartner, November 2015 3McKinsey Global Institute report, November 2015 4Oxford Economics, 2015 5, 6Vodafone IoT Barometer, July 2016 IoT By the Numbers…
  3. 3. The Internet of Things Consortium (IoTC) is the premier trade association for the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem We are the IoTC
  4. 4. Our Mission To lead the industry’s efforts in promoting adoption of IoT products and services, strategic partnerships, & marketplace knowledge sharing Knowledge Sharing Share knowledge, learnings, case studies Educate wider business community Publish B2B/B2C research Partnerships Strategically pair companies across sectors and Fortune 500 with startups Public-private partnerships Adoption of IoT “Cross the Chasm” from Early Adopters to Mass Market Tackle industry roadblocks (retail, marketing, pricing, privacy/security) Stimulate IoT sales through traditional retail Growing the IoT marketplace Our Strategy To ignite the growth of the IoT marketplaceOur Mission
  5. 5. IoTC at Events
  6. 6. IoTC at Events
  7. 7. Networking Receptions & Roundtable Dinners IoTC reception IoTC VIP Party in San Francisco Smart Cities & IoT Networking Receptions with Techstars New York & Washington, DC Smart Homes & Smart Cities “Connected Conversations” Roundtable Dinners New York & Boston VIP Dinner & Roundtable Discussions Chicago & Boston “South-by Rocks The Smart Home” Reception FEB 2016 MAR 2016 MAR 2016 MAY 2016 JAN 2017 SEP & DEC 2016 JUN 2016 IoTC CES Happy Hour & IoT Showcase
  8. 8. Engage Key Influencers in the IoT Community IoTC events hosting senior execs from the industry’s biggest players…
  9. 9. In the Press & Media Partnerships Press Mentions May 2016 Issue Click to read our “Beating the Hackers” Article Also featured in: IoTC named as “Top Influencer” in IoT Click to read Inc. article IoTC named as “Top Expert” in IoT Click to read Huffington Post article Media Partnerships
  10. 10. Industry Leading Twitter Following @iotconsortium 21.5K Followers 200+% Growth in 2016 @IIConsortium 5,000 Followers @iotm2mcouncil 500 Followers @AllSeenAlliance 4,900 Followers @TheThreadGroup 1,600 Followers @M2M_Alliance 7,500 Followers @ZigBeeAlliance 9,600 Followers Note: Twitter follower figures rounded and as of February 3rd, 2017
  11. 11. Calendar of Events 2/27: Mobile World Congress Location: Barcelona, Spain 2/20: Smart Energy Summit Location: Austin, TX 5/23: CONNECTIONS Connected Home Conference Location: San Francisco, CA 5/16: Internet of Things World USA Location: Santa Clara, CA TBD… Spring & Summer IoTC Tech Showcase 3/12: IoTC Members Meeting Location: Austin, TX 5/22: IoTC Members Meeting Location: San Francisco, CA Fall
  12. 12. Join the IoTC to… Unlock Innovation in Internet of Things • Tap into our startup and investor community to discover partnership opportunities • Find inspiration from thought leadership events and content • Uncover emerging trends and opportunities in IoT with our research library Become an Influencer in IoT • Elevate reputation and authority as part of leading trade association in IoT • Join committees to lead industry collaboration & solutions around most important issues in IoT • Speaking opportunities at high profile events • Leverage our press relations and media partnerships Grow and Develop Business Faster • Elite networking with senior execs at leading brands, tech companies, and investors in IoT • Introductions to business development prospects • Marketing & promotion through IoTC newsletter, social media, and media relations • Learn best practices for growth from fellow members 1 2 3
  13. 13. Industry Committees • Participate in councils with fellow IoTC members • Identify and tackle biggest marketplace challenges • Lead industry & establish standards in realizing opportunities in IoT • Committees include: • Privacy & Security • Connected Homes Exclusive Membership Benefits Invite-only Events • IoT Insiders Dinners • Panel Discussions • Cocktail Receptions Membership Meetings • Quarterly meetings in SF, NY, LA & more Member Promotion • Company logo & listing on IoTC website, newsletter, and social media channels • IoTC representation in the press and at industry gatherings Research & Resource Center • Access to library of IoT research & resources • Original IoTC research Discounts • Partner conferences • Syndicated research
  14. 14. Join us for the #ThirdWave THANK YOU To Learn More & Become a Member @iotconsortium