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Campaign priorities 2017 18 draft


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Newcycling's plan and priorities for 2017-18

Published in: Environment
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Campaign priorities 2017 18 draft

  1. 1. newcycling Newcastle’s cycling campaign Mapping the future AGM 2017 1 April – Commercial Union House
  2. 2. Our vision “Every modern liveable city has embraced cycling – an inexpensive quick means of active transport, which is inclusive, green and healthy. And our aspiration for Newcastle is just that. We are looking to learn from cycle cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam. We know from speaking to local people, that many don’t cycle because of the aggressive traffic and road environments. Yet, many like the idea of getting around by bike. Together we are asking for better cycling conditions and more dedicated space for cycling.” Photograph: Daliel Mallo
  3. 3. Our campaign priorities Network and Quality 1. In 2017/18 we will continue to campaign for the council to adopt a mapped out network plan into policy WHY? Without such a master plan, the development of cycling infrastructure will remain ad-hoc and an after-thought 2. We will campaign for the adoption of Sustainable Safety principles (Dutch system of road safety) and high quality infrastructure WHY? It is vitally important that what gets built is of good enough quality for new people, of all ages and abilities
  4. 4. Our campaign priorities (cont) The primary network - as we see it 9+2
  5. 5. Our campaign priorities (cont) The network on the map We will campaign for the primary network (strategic cycle routes) and a secondary network to be mapped out and written into council policy This will help prioritise future investment and aid planning
  6. 6. Our campaign priorities (cont) Quality – Sustainable Safety the Dutch way Residential areas – no through traffic Separated routes on main roads Local centres – low traffic City centre – permeable for cycling
  7. 7. Our campaign priorities (cont) Quality – and we can do this too! Residential areas – no through traffic Separated routes on main roads Local centres – low traffic City centre – permeable for cycling
  8. 8. What you can do To grow the campaign, we always welcome more people joining in 1. Ask a friend to join us (it’s free and easy) 2. Donate (usually best in autumn… Grow your Tenner) 3. Contact your local Councillors with your cycling problems 4. Join online discussions Facebook and Cyclescape 5. Discuss the Strategic Cycle Routes (using Cyclescape) 6. Attend meetings and talks – check dates in events section 7. Spread the word a and grab our poster and leaflet, print out and display at your workplace or local cafe
  9. 9. What Councillors can do First things first, you do not need to cycle in order to support building cycleways. You only have to support the vision of a better, cleaner, fairer, greener and healthier Newcastle! • Please join us to receive the newsletter to learn about what we are asking of the council • Go to our website where you can check out various transport- related data collections for Newcastle • Get in touch on your transport-related ward matters
  10. 10. Thank you! Contact us on Our vision Campaign priorities 2017-18 Our policies What you can do What Councillors can do