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Acne Blue Light Treatment


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Acne Blue Light Treatment improves skin texture and lessens the appearance of scars. Visit Nouvelle Confidence for acne scar treatment & laser treatment in NJ

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Acne Blue Light Treatment

  1. 1. Acne Treatment Blue Light TreatmentAcne is a common skin disease that causes pimples. This can look unsightly. Theright treatment can help control acne. There are several options ranging fromtopical creams, medication to invasive techniques which are recommendedbased on the cause of the acne. One of the most effective treatments for acne isblue light treatment.How acne blue light treatment worksThe low intensity of the blue light helps treat mild to moderate acne. The bluelight that treats acne has a wavelength ranging from 405 nanometres to420nanometers. The skin affected with acne is exposed to the blue light whoseantibacterial action kills the bacteria responsible for causing the acne. Acne iscaused by the bacteria P. acne which releases a chemical. The blue lightstimulates the chemical in the bacteria, removing the oxygen from its molecularstructure. In the absence of oxygen, the bacteria die. This clears up the acne. Thetreatment time ranges from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on theseverity of the acne to be treated. The frequency of the treatment could also beanything from daily exposure to the blue light to just two or three times a week,depending on the response to the treatment.Benefits of blue light acne treatmentThere are two major benefits from blue light. Blue light is similar to lasertreatment and there is no risk of other side effects.Unlike UV light, it does notaffect the DNA structure or interfere with the functioning of the cells. Otherbenefits of acne blue light treatment are:  It is non-invasive, non-surgical cosmetic procedures and 100% natural  There are no drugs associated with it, so there is no danger of adverse side effects
  2. 2.  It is safe to use  There is no pain  Blue light is easy to use at home  There is no recovery period  Extended use is considered safe  Blue light covers a wide range of bacteria strains and sometimes even treats acne resistant to antibiotic medicationWith blue light therapy, the condition of the skin becomes better within weeksof starting the treatment. The skin also becomes less oily. Blue light alsoshrinks large pores on the skin, relieving inflammation and improving itsappearance.However, before considering this treatment option, it is best to consult aqualified cosmetic surgeon who can evaluate whether it is the ideal treatmentfor you.A drawback with acne laser surgery nj is the expense associated with it,which is quite high. Sometimes, depending on the product, the user mayexperience some temporary redness in the treated area, with dryness. Blue lightis not covered by medical insurance, making it inaccessible for those whocannot afford it. Blue light, though effective, does not cure the acne since acnetends to continue to multiply. This makes it necessary for follow up sessions tokeep the acne under control.
  3. 3. For More Details –Visit - Nouvelle Confidence240 Williamson St Suite 405Elizabeth, NJUSA, 07202