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Stage 2 animal science finding info


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Stage 2 animal science finding info

  1. 1. Stage 2 Animal Science:Finding information for your assignmentsJulia Robinson, Assistant Librarian for SAgE University Library
  2. 2. Overview Today:  Finding information for your assignments  Search strategies  Library Search  Databases and e-journals  Specialist resources Next week:  Referencing and EndNote  Good practice guidelines for referencing  Introduction to EndNote University Library
  3. 3. Different kinds of information Books Internet Ebooks Journal Maps articles Information resources Government Newspapers reports Conference Standards papers Theses University Library
  4. 4. Information overload? University Library
  5. 5. Search strategy • Logical • Broad and connectors narrow terms (AND, OR, • Related terms NOT) • Synonyms • Truncation HOW • Spellings (conserv*, WHAT Search wom?n) Keywords techniques WHERE WHEN Appropriate Limits • By date sources • By language • Books • By type • Journals • Newspapers • Statistics • Official docs University Library
  6. 6. Identifying keywords activity “The impact of animal welfare policies on farming” University Library
  7. 7. Keywords – an example “The impact of animal welfare policies on farming” Impact Animal Welfare Farming Farms/ Effect Livestock Care Farmers Agricultural Influence Ruminant Maintenance industry Cow/ pig/ Livestock Impression Rights sheep/ chicken breeders Consequence Conditions Rural industry University Library
  8. 8. Move on to where, when and how Identify information need Set scope and limits Use appropriate sources effectively University Library
  9. 9. Choosing and using Library resourcesLibrary Search• Books, ebooks, journal articles, eprintsSubject databases• Journal articles and conference papersSpecialist resources• Government publications, market data, law and regulations, newspaper content University Library
  10. 10. Improved searching with Library Search Includes data from the Library catalogue and a range of electronic resources Full and mo Full & mobile views Warning! Not all our resources are covered by Library Search University Library
  11. 11. Understanding databases Database: Database: EJ Collection: Single publisher Multi- Subject publisher specific Scopus Science Direct CAB Abstracts Web of Knowledge Passport GMID Lexis Library Easy to use Cover many subjects Not usually Frequently full-text full-text Not usually full-text Look for the Only one publisher Look for the button button University Library
  12. 12. Specialist resourcesGovernment/official publications and legislation• Environmental Management• Lexis Library• Official websites (e.g. coverage• Lexis LibraryMarket data and statistics• Passport GMID• OECD iLibrary University Library
  13. 13. Recommended resources for your subject University Library
  14. 14. Our electronic RAS – Remote Applicationresources are Service any time,anywhere Use Library Resources folder Library Web pages & Library Guide for Animal Science
  15. 15. Can’t find what you need? Reserve via Library Search Books on Time Inter Library Loan (ILL) University Library
  16. 16. Help and support University Library
  17. 17. Activities for today – explore resourcesLibrary Search Scopus Lexis Library University Library