Search tips and resources for your Media and Cultural Studies dissertation


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Search tips and resources for your Media and Cultural Studies dissertation

  1. 1. Search tips and resources for your dissertation
  2. 2. Explore and discover with LibrarySearch Books, articles and much, much more Full & mobile views
  3. 3. Our subject guides are packed with resources, news and guidance
  4. 4. Library Search? Subject guide?
  5. 5. Your literature search needs to be thorough…. …but selective (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)
  6. 6. Plan Narrow down Keep ahead Broaden Keep on track Evaluate Explorer Hop on board at the Dissertation Station!
  7. 7. Search a more specialised resource More specific search terms Found too much? Combine terms with ‘AND’ Apply limits (date, genre etc)
  8. 8. Search a less specialised resource Use different search terms Can’t find enough? Combine terms with ‘OR’ Flickr Commons/US National Archives Truncate your search terms
  9. 9. Narrow down Start broad Keep refining Recipe for success!
  10. 10. Maybe you’re looking in the wrong place altogether? Or perhaps it doesn’t exist at all? Top picture: Flickr Commons/LSE Library
  11. 11. Keeping ahead Alerts Citation searching Social media Flickr Commons: US National Archives; San Diego Air and Space Museum
  12. 12. Beyond our library….. Inter library loans – for items we don’t have in stock SCONUL access scheme allows access to many other academic libraries Northumbria, Durham, City Library, Lit and Phil… Search other library catalogues online
  13. 13. Can't find the books you need for your research? All copies out on loan? Use ‘Books on Time’ to recommend a book
  14. 14. How will you manage your references? Flickr: (CC-BY-2.0) and (CC -BY-2.0-NC-SA)
  15. 15. A better option…. Store and organise references Various styles possible Import references from databases Create bibliographies and footnotes Enter references manually Transfer references into Word
  16. 16. Endnote - need to know Where What • On campus clusters • Off-campus via • vX7 (compatible with Word 2007 and 2010) Help • Online Guide • Workshops and surgeries • Email help
  17. 17. Things to do …. Dissertation Station Work through ‘Dissertation Station’ and proforma Look through the MACS library subject guide Watch out for referencing week and Boot Camp campaigns..