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End note for beginners 2013


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Published in: Education
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End note for beginners 2013

  1. 1. EndNote X7 for Beginners Julia Robinson, Assistant Liaison Librarian for SAgE University Library
  2. 2. This session will cover:  Referencing – where to find help  Creating an EndNote library  Adding references  Manually  Downloading from databases  Registering and syncing with EndNote online  Using EndNote with Word  Cite While You Write  Getting help University Library
  3. 3. Referencing – good practice Why reference?     To make your own contribution clear To acknowledge source material To ensure reader can find source material To avoid plagiarism Your referencing must be:  Comprehensive  Accurate  Consistent Use our Referencing Library Guide for practical guidance University Library
  4. 4. How do you manage your references? It’s time to get organised! University Library
  5. 5. EndNote allows you to… Author, title, year…       EndNote library Enter references manually Download from databases Sort, organise and search Attach files and figures Create bibliographies Cite While You Write in Word University Library
  6. 6. Need to know… EndNote is available Campus clusters and University PCs Desktop via Remote Application Service (RAS) Online at To purchase at Adept Edustore University Library
  7. 7. EndNote desktop and online EndNote desktop - recommended • • • • Accessible on campus or via RAS Unlimited storage capacity Custom styles, filters and connections Work offline EndNote online • Accessible anywhere via internet • 5G storage, 50,000 refs (if activate via desktop) • Download CWYW plugin to use in own version of Word • Facility to share groups with others University Library
  8. 8. Getting help  EndNote Library Guide  Email Helpline (SAgE & HaSS) (FMS)  EndNote Surgeries Every Tuesday 12-1pm (term time)  EndNote Workshops Every month University Library