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Many companies are looking to mature their business analysis competency by establishing a Business Analysis Centre of Excellence (BA CoE).

Why form a BA CoE? Where do we start? What’s the right model? Who owns it? How does it evolve? Building BA competency is not easy, and Joe explores real world examples and insights to shape a good -practice framework.

If you are a customer, a manager or an implementer of Business Analysis, this presentation is a must see to help you on your journey towards Business Analysis enlightenment.

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Business Analysis Centre of Excellence

  1. 1. A Good Practice Framework Presented by Joe Newbert IIBA Chapter Meeting in Cape Town 28 July, 2011 © 1
  2. 2. Cut the preamble © 2
  3. 3. Learning outcomes Path to Enlightenment Pragmatic Delivery Onwards, Upwards © 3
  4. 4. Try this at home• No industry standard• Pockets of thinking• No “one size fits all”• Art not science• Basic plan, not premium © 4
  5. 5. Learning Outcome 1.PATH TO ENLIGHTENMENT © 5
  6. 6. Mix of (In)Competence • Spectrum of Areas of Centre of Excellence Competency (AoC) Competency Centre • CoP vs CoE, semantics Service Centre or critical distinction? Community of Practice • Underlying steps to maturity Area of Practice © 6
  7. 7. Area of PracticeIndependent and/or isolated practice area. Immature in its journey bylearning on the job. Roles and deliverables are undocumented with nofocus on training and development. © 7
  8. 8. Community of PracticeA grass roots collective to bring together practitioners from across theorganisation to provide support; guidance; shared learning, mentorshipand access to external informal and formal professional groups. © 8
  9. 9. Service CentreGrass roots or top-down initiative with a defined level of maturity.Provide reactive support at a project level across the organisation.Resource utilisation and performance development is active. © 9
  10. 10. Competency CentreTop-down or mature grass roots with best practice at its core. Offering awide range of services to support the enterprise with high-priorityportfolios. Metrics and continuous improvement in place. © 10
  11. 11. Centre of ExcellenceHigh-performance enabler that’s tightly integrated within the business ata strategic level. Wide-ranging roles and skills across disciplines to drivebusiness change. Proactive optimisation of self. Trusted. © 11
  12. 12. Out there, for real Myth • Grass-roots elbow grease • Blanket approach • Single method of attack • “Cook Book” Analysis • Silver bulletReality• Different forces• Focused targets• Methodology agnostic• Tailored solutions• Continue to struggle © 12
  13. 13. Learning Outcome 2.PRAGMATIC DELIVERY © 13
  14. 14. Business Analysis Maturity Model Optimised •Evolution strategy •Continuous improvement Managed •Objective measurements •Strategic plans, goals •Maturity assessments •Measurements collected •Project Audits Defined •Process control •Skill Assessments •Standardised •Benefits management •Documented Documented •Standardised •Basic cost & schedule •Integrated procedures •Change ManagementInformal •Guided approach•Wild west lawlessness. •Basic planning and•Undisciplined process management•Individual reign•Schedule/Budget over runs © 14
  15. 15. Area of Competency Offering Practices and Professional Consulting Services Life-Cycle Governance methodologies Development• Competitive Analysis • Tools and Techniques • Skill assessments • Business Program• Strategic Analysis • Performance metrics • Education and analysis• Business Process • Knowledge training • Strategic Project BA Engineering management • Mentoring and Resources• Business Architecture • Performance coaching • Portfolio• Feasibility Studies reporting • Team building Management team • Continuous • Role descriptions process support and• Business case improvements facilitation• Project Investment • Career progression • Benefits Package • Competencies Management• Staff augmentation • Skill requirements• Delivery Standards © 15
  16. 16. Project ImplementationVisioning and concept Definition Organisational and Individual AssessmentsBA CoE vision andmission Implementation Planning OrganisationalExecutive sponsor readiness assessment Form BACoE TeamSteering Committee Kick-off workshop BA Practices MaturityBusiness Case assessment Project Definition BA Standards,Stakeholder Individual business Project Planning practices, tools andManagement Strategy analysts knowledge Change Management metrics and skills assessments Benefits Management BA Education & Training Budget/Resource approval BA Consulting Services © 16
  17. 17. Organisational design © 17
  18. 18. Nine packed tips Treat the Adopt best Identify SMART Ensure executive improvement practices from goals and buy-in and enforce initiative as a within the objectives new practices project organization Incentivise Embed a learningoutcomes (drivers Live the change Seek criticism culture and adopters) Over communicate to everyone meaningfully © 18
  19. 19. Learning Outcome 2.ONWARDS, UPWARDS © 19
  20. 20. Tomorrows world? Greater emphasis on upfront requirements Convergence of disciplines Variety of analysis approaches © 20
  21. 21. I’ve talked enough © 21
  22. 22. joe.newbert Here’s how we can connect.“You have not failed no one Grasshopper, only your own ambition.”Poe, Kung Fu Panda. © 22