Uys Nimb - My Story


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Uys Nimb - Herbalife International President Team Member - Cape Town, South Africa

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Uys Nimb - My Story

  1. 1. I was introduced to the business by my sister and brother-in-law, a civil engineer and housewife,now living in Bangkok.I was working for a large corporate company for 11 years. Had the pension fund, medical-aidand company car, but only R 2 915.51 at the end of the month.Tired of always having too much month at the end of the money, I decided to work this businessmore seriously, Part-Time.I had great product results, got my cholesterol under control, lost 6kg’s and improved all myrunning times plus improving my Comrades time by 42min’s. I was excited that I could helppeople with their health, weight, sports performance and their financial future!We keep our business very simple. Using the events and trainings has really built our businessand kept us motivated. With excitement and hard work and a great team of people, we qualifiedto the top level of the business within 4 years, that took our residual income over R100 000:00from starting to work the business! We are building financial security for ourselves and ourchildren and will be able to give them the best education money can buy!I can work where I want and when I want! It’s really the freedom to choose that’s the greatest!Before, I could not even afford to travel overseas once, now weve gone more than 40 times in13years including 3 fully paid for; 2 Caribbean Cruises and a Mediterranean one!The business has the best products and the most incredible team of people working to alwaysimprove and stay ahead in technology and the best marketing plan in the industry! We areincredibly fortunate and thankful to be part of this incredible Company!Thank you Mark Hughes; Thank you HerbalifeUys NimbInternational President Team MemberCape Town – South Africa