Testimonial Rob & Patricia Taylor


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This is the Herbalife business testimony of Rob & Pat Taylor from Forest Hills, Pinetown, South Africa

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Testimonial Rob & Patricia Taylor

  1. 1. Rob & Patricia Taylor Forest Hills, Pinetown (Near Durban, South Africa) Rob used to work as a senior manager for a large Public Company (Eskom) – stressed, working long hours, earning a so - called “good” salary but after nearly 30 years actually had nothing to show for it! Our lovely home belonged to Eskom and so did the fancy car. Patricia had been a full time housewife for years, running the household and raising the children but was happily discontent and while Rob was “growing” she was stagnant and becoming more and more of a recluse every day. Rob was fortunately „forced‟ into early retirement. – “Fortunately” because our life and lifestyle changed completely. We decided to settle in Durban but needed to find something to supplement the rather meagre pension by an extra R500 - R1000 per month. So Rob tried various things: – Selling houses – Not very successfully – Home Improvements – Not much money for the time and effort That‟s when Herbalife found us. We are normally very sceptical about this sort of thing but there was something different about this opportunity so we decided to give it a go! What a good move! We sold our ageing caravan and used the last of our money to get started as Supervisor. We work the business together. What fun it is to be able to do what we like, when we like and how we like. WE ARE IN CONTROL OF OUR LIVES! Our lives have changed dramatically. We now have a lifestyle which we would never have dreamed possible a few short years ago. Herbalife has afforded us the opportunity to travel the world; having already been on 3 Ocean cruises (one a 7 day Caribbean cruise), to London, Barcelona (3 x), Paris (twice), Amsterdam, Nice, Bangkok, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Cologne Germany. And of course multiple venues and settings in SA. Patricia is now a truly independent business woman (and a very part time housewife) We now earn much more than we would have earned had Rob stayed with Eskom where he had worked for nearly 30 years. More importantly we now have something to leave to our children. Our business is building and growing all the time. We love what we do! Rob & Patricia