Testimonial of Tony Alomes


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Tony Alomes is an inspiration. Tony was on death's door and now enjoys life to the fullest

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Testimonial of Tony Alomes

  1. 1. Tony Alomes tells his incredible story This is a photo of me at 110 kilos. I am 49 years old and am having a great time. I loved eating and drinking; this will prove to be almost my death, as you will see if you read further on. My health as a young person was normal, so I thought, and it stayed that way until I turned 38 years of age, when I had a blackout and was diagnosed as having severely high blood pressure. A series of Beta Blocker drugs along with a diuretic drug were prescribed and taken with due caution. This medication continued until, in my 40th year, in January, I had a stroke, not too severe, but a stroke all the same. I had some resulting problems, but carried on. In June I suffered a heart attack and was hospitalised again, this time it was scary. On my release, my restrictions as to what I could and could not do were growing at an alarming rate. Some weeks later I had the mandatory exercise stress test, and did very well, and was given an encouraging report. Some more weeks later, I awoke one morning with angina pain, took the (in case) anginine tablet and notified my Cardiologist right away, he booked an ambulance and had me taken to Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane, for an immediate Angiogram. The reason for this test was to ascertain if by-pass surgery was necessary, but the result of the test showed there to be an immediate need, as I had 12 blockages and the situation critical. I have never been elevated on a wait list so fast. The operation date was set for 2 weeks time. September was drawing to a close as I awoke to discover that I had so far survived an operation of 7 by-pass grafts. My first walk from my bed in Critical Care Ward, was to the television room to see the AFL grand final, (I had never missed one), I could not stay long, so returned to my bed. Now I had to make some changes, give up more pleasures, including my boat, (an ex- champion water skier) this was extremely difficult to accept, but God had spared my life yet again, and for this I was, and still am, eternally grateful. Still in my 40th year, in December, I began to have dizzy spells and occasionally passed out. Not more I despaired! But it was to be that I was diagnosed as having a blocked artery in the back of my head, and that an operation was far too dangerous, as Angioplasty in the head is only used an alternative to certain death. The only thing to do was to use Warfarin, (a common rat poison), as a means to thin my blood sufficiently so as to allow it to flow past the coronial blockage. More lifestyle changes were imminent from this. No more sunshine, as on Warfarin one burns to a crisp very quickly, and I was also informed that I would be a haemophiliac - cut myself and bleed to death! Not a great prospect. But I was still breathing and positive in my quest to beat the Devil. I managed to fight on Ok and progressed to working again. I continued to work for 11 years, without too many problems, but still with many restrictions, then in April 1997 disaster time! My Pancreas decided to give up, this time 98% chance of death. My wife was told of the events that were about to occur and to prepare for the worst, as I was bleeding internally, with current blood pressure of 35 over 15 and falling, the end was expected to be about 15 minutes. In the unlikely event that the bleeding be controlled, I was to have a massive myocardial infarction (heart attack) that would surely put paid to my life. Well I had it, but I kept ticking away much to the amazement of the medicos! Ok, they said, the lungs will be next to close down. They did. I was then put on a respirator and made to breathe. Then my kidneys closed down, (as they said they would). Now they put me on dialysis to replace my kidney function. Still ticking, but on the way to an infection from all the stuff they had sticking out of me. Now it was up to my liver. If that failed, there was nothing left to keep me alive. Days went by as I lay asleep on life support. No one expected me to ever wake up. All concerned were amazed that I had lasted so long. After 5 weeks I woke up. I was alive, praise the Lord - but far from well. The ensuing months made me realise that I was supposed to be dead, as no one had any idea how to help one get over this condition. My local GP, who I entrusted my life to for 14 years, really just tried all he could think of to help my recovery, but with painfully slow progress. I suggested natural and alternative medicine, but he insisted I leave matters to him. I tried the other stuff any way and it really only made me worse. My blood pressure was way too high, and getting higher, my Betaloc tablets increased to an allowed maximum of 400 mg per day. My Cholesterol too, was high 9.6. As it was pointed out in Hospital, it was inevitable that I would also become Diabetic. Well that happened too. Some days my sugar would be dangerously high, 30+. To further confuse issues, my pain from angina was so unbearable that I had Anginine tablets and Nitrolingual spray handy at all times. Then, to top it all off I was getting fat again. I had previously lost 18 kilos from a weight of 110 kilos. My life consisted of caution and regulation, but I pushed on, ever mindful of the fact that God had spared me. With this understanding I set about trying to find information that would help my health. I was facing the fact that I would probably not be capable of producing an income to support our family lifestyle, let alone be able to provide for my loved ones on my parting. I prayed to God regularly for guidance, I answered every advertisement for business every day. I joined a lot of organizations and rejected many more. One day I spotted an ad. that was appealing to me. It said, “Work from home - earn plenty - own hours - no boss - no commuting”. I rang the number and heard a 90 second recorded
  2. 2. message on what to expect. it sounded Ok, so I sent for the information. The info arrived a day or so later. It was impressively packaged, and well presented. I read it. It sounded ok, so I rang to order the next pack, got another long message, then placed my order. NOW I was getting excited in my own demure way. Anticipation! I got out of bed early, as I have done every day, (my motivation and determination has never waned). This day was to be the day to feel good about the future, so I drove to the Post Office as usual. It had arrived - the envelope I had been eagerly awaiting. I headed home to read my mail. When I reached my street, I had to stop to give way to oncoming traffic before turning right, then, BANG from behind. A car travelling at about 80 kms per hour while I was stationary had struck me. I was hurt. The Ambulance was called and the alarm bells rang in my head. On my way to Hospital, the assistant filled out a form. I answered every question. While the nurse wrote she had a very concerned look on her face. It was then that I realised that I was in danger again. I expected to die THAT DAY. What really upset me was not the fear of dying, but the fact that I had not seen what was in the envelope! After exhaustive tests and treatment, I returned home to read my information. Then I made a call and set up a time to talk. During this talk, I was informed that the product was Herbalife. I was so disappointed. I informed Kristie that I did not want to do Herbalife. She insisted that we meet to look at the plan, without obligation. I agreed and it was set up for the next day. Meanwhile my wife said "Do it anyway, as you need to lose weight and so do I". I had a look at the plan, took some testimonials home, read them, and then joined the next day. Then I shut up, because I did not want anyone to know I was doing Herbalife. My son rang next day, said “I know you are up to something - if it is Herbalife, I will have some". I continued to shut up. In fact I became very good at it, (one of my past failings). I was losing weight without any effort, and feeling better each day. I thought this was just mind over matter, but who cared? It was a good feeling to have noticeable improvement, however it was happening. My Doctor was also impressed with my results so far, and detected a change for the better in my blood pressure. He was puzzled. He checked again and again, and then decided to lower my medication 25%, "No way!” I said, but he did it anyway. I saw him every day from then on, and week-by-week my medication fell, along with my weight. He also monitored my blood sugar, which was also improving. So too was my cholesterol. I was feeling better in myself and I was busting to tell people, but I continued to shut up. More and more people were asking what I was doing to look so much better, but I said, "Just taking some stuff", and shut up. It started to get hard to keep it to myself. People just had to find out what I was doing. On one visit to my G.P., he asked me to explain any changes I was experiencing, I started to tell him about my changes, and he cried. I asked him to explain why he was crying, and he told me that for his entire medical career he had prescribed drugs for patients who were getting no better, and here he was being told of improvement by a patient who had made the decision to take control of his own life, and try some herbs. Well, then I cried too. Then he told me to prepare in my mind, the fact that in one week I would be free from my dangerous drugs, "No way!” I could not handle that idea. On the 18th of April 1998 I started my day without Betaloc, and have not had any since. Blood pressure normal. I also had to find a resting place for my Glucometer - blood sugar normal, no more Diabetes. As I had not used any Angina medication for so long, the Use By date had expired, so that went out too. My angina is OK. We had been keeping tabs on my blood cholesterol, who do you know who has a reading under 4? (3.2)? That is fine now too. All this health improvement has placed my weight loss result (41 kilos total) into insignificance, but not to me! I know how good it feels to be trim. I look better than ever, (although still ugly!), don't snore anymore, I have energy to burn, walk faster than ever, stay awake longer, concentrate better, have no fear anymore, don't worry anymore, no longer nervous about anything, not apprehensive anymore, think better and quicker, have total control of my life and the decision making, above all I love God, life and Herbalife. Now it is 30-3-99, here is an update, I did not think it could get any better, but it did, the blocked Artery in my head which resulted in my having to take Warfarin for the last 14 years has dissolved to such an extent that I don't use Warfarin any more. (Warfarin is a rat poison, which thins the blood to enable it to pass thru my blockage). What I couldn't do-or was not allowed ever doing again, BUT NOW DOING!!  Sauna  Any ride at any  Earning money,  Gym park etc, etc.  Water skiing  Boating  Walking up stairs  Running  Sex  Excitement  Jet skiing  Work  Parasailing  Meeting people  Batman ride at  Having fun Dreamworld
  3. 3. Now I visit my Doctor to see how he is, I'm OK! To contact Tony personally: Anthony Robert Alomes (Tony) PO Box 114 Oxenford, QLD 4210 AUSTRALIA 0404 185 489 email tonya@manyrivers.aunz.com This information is offered to you by : Neville Purdon – +27 (0) 43 741 2767 (24 hours) You have taken the first step to creating a new you by asking for this information! Tony is an inspiration! After reading this you have got to ask yourself …..“What‟s my life worth? How good do I want to feel? How hard am I willing to work with my wellness coach to get back to excellent health and how much fun do I want to have?” And even more importantly how good do you want your family and friends to feel? These Herbalife products work every time, there is nothing like them, we know. And don‟t let financial concerns stop you. We can show you how to set up your own nutrition „store‟ and get up to 50% discount. My mother did that in her early 70‟s and received a 50% discount. It‟s very satisfying to know that she‟s got good health and quality of life. I look forward to hearing from you soon In the best of health Neville Purdon Health and Wellness Consultant and Independent Herbalife Distributor www.nevdon.co.za Tel (24 hrs) +27 (0) 43 741 2767 or +27 (0) 73 211 7092 Email: neville@nevdon.co.za