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Evaluation - Question 3


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How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evalusation stages?

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Evaluation - Question 3

  1. 1. How did you use mediatechnologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Nevin Holness
  2. 2. Throughout the process ofplanning, creating and evaluating both the music video and ancillary product of our project, we used many different types of media technologies.
  3. 3. Planning and research:• BLOGGER – we used Blogger to record our plans and research throughout the whole process of our project. Regular blog posts also allowed us to reflect and improve upon past ideas and enabled a visual recreation of our thought process as a group as we progressed throughout the project.• YOUTUBE – We used Youtube mainly of a way to research into other music videos when we were coming up with the initial ideas of our own. It allowed us to explore what was typical of a music video in the pop/urban genre and allowed us to pick out elements that we wanted to include in our own.• IPODS – I often used my iPod when researching into ideas for the artwork on the digipak. It was a good way of looking at similar album covers from the same album and seeing what worked and what didn’t.• PHOTOBUCKET - we used Photobucket as a way to present the photographs we took alongside filming.
  4. 4. Construction of the ancillary product:• PHOTOSHOP – I used Photoshop mainly to create both the Digipak cover and the advertisement. The tools it used such as magic wand and brush tools meant that I was cable to create a more rounded, finished product as well as making it easier to match the colour palet along with the music video. It also made aspects such as layout and sizing much easier.• STILL CAMERA – I used the still camera to take the photographs that I used in the Digipak and the advertisement.
  5. 5. Production of the music video:• JVC CAMERA (with digital memory cards) – this is what we used for the actual filming of the music video.• FLIP CAMERAS – these were used mainly alongside our blogs; we took flip cameras out with us when we filmed to record us behind the scenes.• FINAL CUT PRO – we used this for the editing of the music video. This included editing between the basetracks, slow motion and green screen. This was also how we added effects and filters to the clips to make it more visually attractive.
  6. 6. Evaluation:• PHONES – My phone was useful during the screening of our music video in the cinema because it meant that I was able to get feedback from members of the audience and to record their reactions.• PREZI – Prezi was an effective use of technology because it was an easy way to reflect on my work freely, by using a brain storm. It was also meant that I could combine other means of technology into my response, such as slideshows from photobucket and Youtube clips.