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Deck used in my presentation to South West Corporate Communicators on June 25, 2012.

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  • What does HTML5 do?
  • Neville
  • The Big Online Picture

    1. 1. The Big Online PictureNeville Hobson@janglesJune 25, 2012 #thebigonlinepicture | #swcorpcomms
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    5. 5. • Disruptive challenging established orders, hierarchies and cultures• About people what they do with technology tools• About change connecting with changes in society, the marketplace, the workplace• About calculating risk to enable people to confidently engage in the new landscape
    6. 6. The Law and the Web• Huge challenges – Can contemporary online society connect with traditional legal constructs? – What has to change?• The EU “Cookie Law”
    7. 7. The Law and the Web
    8. 8. Cloud Computing 1. Cloud computing will allow everybody to be a service provider 2. Employees will be able to use any device to access, transact and manage their work 3. A new class of real time, personalized service provider will emerge“The Future of Cloud Computing: Industry Predictions for 2012” Cloud Computing Journal, Nov 4, 2011
    9. 9.
    10. 10. Seismic ShiftsRe-imagining everything[Inspired by Mary Meeker, KPCB, and “Internet Trends” May 30, 2012]
    11. 11. What Can You Do?RightNow?
    12. 12. Calculate Risk1. Recognize and understand change − Society − Behaviours − Your landscape2. Take the lead to eliminate FUD3. Know who your advocates and detractors are4. Listen
    13. 13. Fear of perceived security risks in allowing employees access tosocial media tools and channels − “What if someone stole our secrets or released them without permission, or brought a virus into our network?”Uncertainty over the effects of losing control − “Isn’t there a huge risk that employees will say something they shouldn’t if we don’t monitor what they’re allowed to do?”Doubt over productivity − “Surely it increases the chances for employees to waste time?”
    14. 14. Employees Don’t Need Your Network
    15. 15. What You Need to Know1. Know – with precision – who the influencers and opinion-leaders are2. Know your “share of conversation” vs “share of voice”3. Know where conversations are occurring that matter4. Know how news is shared and by whom5. Know of issues before they become mainstream6. Know the right keywords that drive search7. Know who to follow or friend8. Know what content your customers care about9. Know who is defining your brand, pro or con
    16. 16. AlwaysEsther Dyson Catalyst Make of Start-ups New Mistakes
    17. 17. Thank YouThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.To view a copy of this license, visit