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Cold Calling: A Business Owner's Perspective


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Cold calling is the most common form of sales prospecting, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's always welcome, or even effective. Here's a presentation from a real-world small business owner, and his interpretation of receiving cold calls on a daily basis.

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Cold Calling: A Business Owner's Perspective

  1. 1. A presentation byFrank RumbauskasNew York Times Best-Selling AuthorCold Calling:A Business OwnersPerspective
  2. 2. years after starting my sales trainingbusiness, where I teach salespeople how toprospect without cold calling, Im surprisedthat cold calling still exists.
  3. 3. Even worse, that Im stillreceiving hate mail on adaily basis from peoplewho have a bizarreemotional connection tocold calling. People reactas though Im bad-mouthing their children.To make mattersworse, sales organizationsacross the board are stillteaching their teamsto cold call.
  4. 4. Why?Well, I have no idea…Having made the transitionfrom cold calling salespersonto business owner, I can tell you that its a veryeye-opening experience, and, furthermore, thatcold calling is especially ridiculous from thisvantage point.
  5. 5. For starters, cold calls never reach me. Ive set up my office and phone system so Im never bothered by them. Receptionist transfers them to a special mailbox specifically designated for cold calls. And guess what - its never checked!
  6. 6. And Ill let you in on another little secret:This is becoming a common practice amongsmall business owners, executives, andother desirable prospects!
  7. 7. I dontthink so.
  8. 8. ….is when youre buried under a pile of work and hecticschedule, and youre interrupted by a cold call.
  9. 9. To make matters worse, 98% of salespeople, by myestimate, arent calling because they can give you any realvalue. Theyre calling because they desperately need tomake a sale, and you can give it to them!
  10. 10. In other words, theyre interrupting your busy day in order totake something from you, rather than to give you value.
  11. 11. Are all salespeople takers?No. Absolutely not.Many salespeople give tremendous value, far beyond the costof their products or services.But, theyre in such high demand and so flooded with referralsthat they dont have to bother with cold calling. I know thatwhen I reached that stage of maturity as a salesperson whereI began to focus on what I could give to prospects, rather thanhow many sales I could get, I found myself literallyoverwhelmed with referral business.
  12. 12. Heres another tidbit: A few yearsback, the Kenan-Flagler Business Schoolat the University of North Carolinaconducted a study on cold calling, andconcluded that over 80% of businessexecutives absolutely, positively will notbuy as the result of a cold call.
  13. 13. That means that 20% will.It also means that the "cold calling works"crowd is all fighting for the same 20% of themarket, and deluding themselves into believingthat cold calling works all because they get asale now and then from that 20%.
  14. 14. The rest of us who are using intelligent self-marketing andprospecting techniques are happily getting checks and signedcontracts from the 80%. And building long-lasting relationshipsin the process.Which meanslots of referralbusiness,for a long time.
  15. 15. Perception Aspect• Why doesn’t the salesperson have enough referrals?• Why arent they giving better service to their customers?
  16. 16. Why isnt the company running a marketing campaign to generate leads?• Are they really that broke?• Will they still be in business in 1 year…or 5…. to service my needs?
  17. 17. But, Im not going to argue with the"cold calling works" crowd. Theyll just call you lazy for not cold calling. Meanwhile, youre laughing your way to the bank while they go out and make some more calls, hoping to hang on to a job for another month, while stopping at some point to send me an email calling me an idiot.
  18. 18. Cold calling is verytime-consuming.If they stopped to thinkabout how much moreincome theyd receiveby spending that timeface-to-face withqualifiedprospects, rather thanlooking for newprospects,they might changetheir ways.
  19. 19. “98 out of every 100 people arenot willing to go the extramile, and will be satisfied with thestatus quo and with whateverlife hands them.” Napoleon Hill
  20. 20. Thank You For Reading!For a FREE 37-page PDF preview of the Never Cold Call Again system, please visit