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Genoa mentoring Riga


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Genoa mentoring Riga

  1. 1. OUR COMMITMENT TO INTEGRATING MIGRANT COMMUNITIES IN EUROPEAN CITIES The city promotes migrants as desirable potential and actual citizens, neighbours and colleagues and publicly welcomes the opportunities diversity offers NEEDS? RIGA’s CHALLENGES GENOA’s STRENGTHS STRENGTHS AMBITION PROMOTING A POSITIVE ATTITUDE TOWARDS MIGRATION BEST PRACTICES DIVERSITY EMBEDDED IN CULTURAL PROJECTS ● TRAINING IN COMMUNITY MEDIATION AND DIVERSITY AWARENESS GIVEN TO THE POLICE: DROP OF VIOLENT EVENTS VISIT! PLANNING... IMPLEMENTING! 2012-2014 ImpleMenting City 56°56’56”N / 24°6’23”E 16 000 with temporary residence permit 54 521 Ecuadorians, Albanians, Moroccans, Peruvians Ethnic Latvians Foreing residents National minorities LATVIA GENOA MENTORING RIGA RIGA 697 374 inhabitants 60%9% 40% WHO? Genoa + MIGRATION WORK + EUROCITIES to Riga Both Riga and Genoa are HARBOUR CITIES with a history of migration and diversity City updating its DEVELOPMENT PLAN room for embedding integration in city work Already promotion of “SUCCESSFUL AND HAPPY MIGRANTS” who settled in Riga TALKED ABOUT Lack of visibility + Lack of resources + Importance of city branding and communication 4th INHABITANTS FORUM in November 2013 - 200 people participated. Working group on education of newcomer children: inhabitants + teachers + NGOS involved. FOCUS ON DIVERSITY is at the core of the activities of Riga 2014: involvement of people of different ethnic social religious backgrounds INSPIRATION FOR OTHER EU CITIES MET WITH City departments + Ministries + Univ. research centres + NGOs + Migrant associations + neighbourhood associations Including diversity and integration into Riga City Development strategy... Branding Communication: Riga as an open and welcoming place “LIVE RIGA = OPEN RIGA” Establishment of NGO house to allow different NGOs to implement their activities and to collaborate Project competition for NGOs and schools to promote integration and benefits of diversity Use Riga 2014 (EU culture capital) to highlight cultural activities focused on migration and diversity OBSTACLES? Uncertainty of EU funding own resources Integrating Cities Toolkit Enhancing public perception on migration and diversity 44°24’40”N / 8°55’58”E 605 000 inhabitants Mentor ITALY GENOA LACK OF AWARENESS or hostility towards newcomers STRONG COORDINATING role for the Integration department HISTORICAL COMMITMENT to the topic SHORT TERM ACTIVITIES only targetting migrants LACK OF MIGRANT communities associations PROJECT COMPETITION for the promotion of Integration: 169 Projects supported from 2010 to 2013 STRONG POLITICAL commitment LACK OF NATIONAL legal framework NO ENGAGEMENT or interest of media NEED TO IMPROVE COOPERATION between city departments COMMITMENT to the Integrating Cities Charter of EUROCITIES HIGH VISIBILITY of diversity DISCOVEREDTHAT Genova was EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE in 2004, Riga in 2014 1 2 RESEARCH ON INTEGRATION to be conducted in July 2014 relating to public perception of migration on 25/09/2013 + 7000 persons from 350 organisations involved + 50 organisations involved in 380 events + 20 seminars for NGOs NGO HOUSE OPENED INTEGRATING CITIES CHARTER EUROCITIES MIGRATION INTEGRATION WORKING GROUP city experts supporting the process EUROCITIES coordinates the project MIGRATION WORK produces the benchmark and facilitates the mentoring relationship Enhancing public perception of migration and diversity 2012 2013 2014 05 09 030211 Project start 15 November Assessment November 2012 to February 2013 Preparation of visit February to May 2013 Refining of action plan May 2013 to March 2014 ImpleMentation + contribution to toolkits September 2013 to May 2014 and beyond Launch meeting first meeting training in Brussels 17-18 February Visit 19-23 May Integrating Cities Conference in Tampere 9-10 September Cluster meeting in Genoa with Lublin and Tampere 19-21 March 2014