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20130830 pres foyer_en


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20130830 pres foyer_en

  1. 1. Foyer NGOs and cities working together for integration of migrants Integrating Cities VI Conference September 2013 Ann Trappers, Integration Centre Foyer
  2. 2. FOYER Making integration work in Brussels
  3. 3. The Foyer family Regional Integration Centre •Interculturalisation & social cohesion •Legal Support •Roma & Travellers Service Dar Al Amal women’s centre Foyer des Jeunes Foyer Youth Work Team & BIS Foyer integration through sports Foyer Training Centre & T- Impact Neighbourhood workshop
  4. 4. Foyer’s Mission To contribute to a society that takes a positive approach to diversity and in which all citizens can participate equally, regardless of their background
  5. 5. The Foyer Approach • Strengthen social cohesion… • … by informing people about diversity and by… • …supporting & reinforcing the work of grassroots organizations and dynamics… • … and let a real and concrete understanding of multiculturalism and interculturalism inform policy recommendations.
  7. 7. T-Impact Part-time work experience for 15- to 18-year-olds through "bridging projects". Pupils work 20 h/week in an external organization, which enables them to - develop working skills and attitudes - gain a small income - make real contact with the labour market
  8. 8. BIS Award A personal development project for disadvantaged youth. Over the course of three years, participants set their own goals and improve their skills in the fields of - study - sports - volunteering
  9. 9. Brussels in Dialogue An annual event in which people of a wide variety of backgrounds are brought together to get to know one another and share experiences, dreams and concrete ideas relating to life in Brussels.
  10. 10. Roma Mediation Service Foyer’s Roma Service coordinates a team of mediators, most of whom are of Roma origin. They facilitate contact between Roma families, schools, services and institutions.
  11. 11. Case study: integration of Roma migrants in Brussels
  12. 12. Thank you for your attention!
  13. 13. The Roma mediators Make contact with families, gain trust, detect needs & communicate to coordinator, social worker & researcher Conflicting loyalties may make it difficult to strike the right balance Realtively easy access to Roma , also in very precarious situations -> "backbone" of Roma service The researcher Collect information on demographics, background and current situation of families. Report to coordinator Reliance on estimates and small samples Can bring together data from wide variety of sources The NGO coordinator Collect data, coach team, bring together significant local stakeholders (local govt., social services, police, ...) Must gain credibility and the trust of many different actors & persuade them to collaborate Politically, ideologically and linguistically independent, flexible
  14. 14. The trainers Develop information and training sessions for civil servants, police officers and other profesionals dealing with Roma issues Challenge of communicating complex subject matter; may face resistance/prejudiced reactions Well-placed to counter misundertstandings regarding Roma The communication specialist Together with mediator, bring accurate and unbiased information on the situation in the media Always be vigilant: avoid misrepresentation and confusion Well-placed to counter misunderstandings regarding Roma The neighbourhood workers get to know the local network, and, with help of Roma mediator, refer families to relevant services & facilities Challenge of keeping finger on the pulse in complex and fast-changing urban environment May pave the way for new collaborations; often the first to spot opportunities and problems
  15. 15. The stakeholder network Develop coordinated approach; ensure consistent communication to Roma families Many different approaches and points of view to be considered Concrete, effective action can be taken thanks to consistent approach ____________ Schools Create welcoming environment for children & parents; follow up on attendance Concern over education standards, reluctance to take on children with multi-problematic background Often the first and most obvious contact point between families and "mainstream society" -> integration opportunities ____________