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DCNR's 2011 Overview Presentation


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The Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources' 2011 department overview presentation for the Nevada Legislature.

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DCNR's 2011 Overview Presentation

  1. 1. Senate Natural Resources March 16, 2011 Leo Drozdoff, Director Kay Scherer, Deputy Director @NevDCNR d1
  2. 2. Division of Environmental Protection Division of Water Resources Division of Forestry Division of State Parks Division of State Parks Division of State Lands Nevada Natural Heritage Program State Environmental Commission Board for Financing Water Projects Board to Review Petroleum Claims Land Use Planning Advisory Council Well Drillers Advisory Board2
  3. 3. ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES Elimination of Advisory Board on Natural Resources and State     Conservation Commission Current agencies reduced •AAgency sunset (Wild Horse) t (Wild H ) •Agency elimination (Conservation Districts) Governor recommended return to DCNR of State Historic       Preservation Office and Division of Minerals/Commission on  Mineral Resources Mi lR Two current agencies to become 100% non‐general fund  •Environmental Protection3 •Natural Heritage
  4. 4. Nevada Natural Heritage Program Photo: Janel Photo: Janel Johnson WHAT WE DO Maintain comprehensive  information on the locations,  information on the locations biology and conservation status of  all endangered, threatened,  sensitive and at‐risk species. ii d ik i Administrator: Jennifer Newmark4
  5. 5. Photo: Teri Slatauski Photo: Teri Slatauski Photo: Tim Torell Photo: Tim Torell SPECIES RANKING 1. Imperiled 2. At risk 2 At risk 3. Rare or vulnerable 4. Secure with long term concern 5. Secure; widespread and  abundant Administrator: Jennifer Newmark5
  6. 6. TRACKING 266 plants, mosses and lichens 168 invertebrates 168 in ertebrates 122 vertebrates 186 additional species on watch list Administrator: Jennifer Newmark6
  7. 7. Photo: Tim Torell Photo: Tim Torell PROVIDING DATA Scientifically objective data Environmental review services En ironmental re ie ser ices Expert biological knowledge Partnerships Administrator: Jennifer Newmark7
  8. 8. Division of Environmental Protection WHAT WE DO Preserve and enhance Nevada’s  environment to protect public  environment to protect public health, sustain healthy  ecosystems and contribute to a  vibrant economy. ib Administrator: Dr. Colleen Cripps 8
  9. 9. HEALTHY AIR QUALITY AND MINIMIZE CHEMICAL ACCIDENTS Monitoring Permitting Inspections Enforcement Planning Industry partnerships Administrator: Dr. Colleen Cripps 9
  10. 10. Reid‐ Reid‐Gardner Power Plant Blue Mountain Geothermal, Humboldt County IMPLEMENT STATE PROGRAM IN LIEU OF FEDERAL INVOLVEMENT Timely permitting Local expertise Enhanced field presence Administrator: Dr. Colleen Cripps 10
  11. 11. FUTURE AIR QUALITY CHALLENGES New federal requirements will  result in… •New Non‐Attainment Areas •Thousands of new permits being issued •Industries facing regulation that NDEP has  not previous regulated t i l t d Administrator: Dr. Colleen Cripps 11
  12. 12. Rolling A Ranch, Dayton Before After HEALTHY STATE WATERS Healthy watersheds and habitats Water quality standards q y Statewide planning Finance drinking water and waste water  infrastructure Traditional regulatory approaches in lieu of EPA Traditional regulatory approaches in lieu of EPA Administrator: Dr. Colleen Cripps 12
  13. 13. HEALTHY STATE WATERS – CHALLENGES Arsenic standard Emerging contaminants Perchlorate Tahoe standards Administrator: Dr. Colleen Cripps 13
  14. 14. ENSURE SAFE MANAGEMENT OF SOLID AND HAZARDOUS WASTE Permitting Inspections Enforcement Regulatory authority in lieu of EPA R d Reduce, reuse and recycle d l Administrator: Dr. Colleen Cripps 14
  15. 15. Sleeper Mine, Humboldt County Before After MINING INDUSTRY State only regulations Water protection Reclamation and bonding Nevada Mercury Control Program y g Administrator: Dr. Colleen Cripps 15
  16. 16. Nevada Mining Mercury Emissions g y Pounds of Mercury Emitted to the Air Annually 25,000 22,136 20,000 13,794 ( Pounds ) 15,000 10,000 5,938 4,468 4,892 3,680 4,126 3,484 5,000 1,936 0 2001  2002  2003  2004  2005  2006  2007  2008  2009  VMRP VMRP VMRP VMRP VMRP NMCP NMCP NMCP NMCP ( Years 2001-2009 )16
  17. 17. REGULATION OF NNSS (FORMERLY NEVADA TEST SITE) Characterize contaminant migration from  nuclear testing Remediation of industrial sites at NNSS Soil characterization LLW and mixed waste disposal oversight LLW d i d t di l i ht Administrator: Dr. Colleen Cripps 17
  18. 18. ENVIRONMENTAL CONTAMINATION ASSESSMENT AND CLEANUP Investigation and cleanup Investigation and cleanup Underground storage tank regulation Petroleum Fund for cleanup of USTS Administrator: Dr. Colleen Cripps 18
  19. 19. EDUCATION AND OUTREACH Project W.E.T. Grant Funding for Environmental Education Recycling • •Recycling Hotline: (800) 597‐5865 •E‐waste Initiative E waste Initiative •School District Partnerships Administrator: Dr. Colleen Cripps 19
  20. 20. Division of Water Resources WHAT WE DO Conserve, protect, manage and  enhance the state s water  enhance the state’s water resources for Nevada’s citizens  through the appropriation and  reallocation of public waters. ll i f bli State Engineer: Jason King20
  21. 21. DAM SAFETY Review dam designs Review dam designs Inspect during / after construction Emergency response State Engineer: Jason King21
  22. 22. WATER PLANNING AND FLOODPLAIN MANAGEMENT Review water conservation plans p Oversee fines and penalties Coordinate flood mitigation Manage Community Assistance Program State Engineer: Jason King22
  23. 23. WELL DRILLING License well drillers Field inspections Review well logs Update well drilling regulations p g g State Engineer: Jason King23
  24. 24. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Water data online g •Water rights •Well logs •Rulings, orders, permits Water depths Water depths Water right support maps State Engineer: Jason King24
  25. 25. PROGRAM ISSUES Interbasin transfers Renewable energy Walker Lake Litigation g Applications backlog State Engineer: Jason King25
  26. 26. Backlog Status Backlog Status 4726
  27. 27. PROGRAM ISSUES Water law language Fee changes, agriculture rights Over‐appropriated basins Pit lake evaporation p State Engineer: Jason King27
  28. 28. BUDGET HIGHLIGHTS DOE GRANT DOE GRANT Eight GF positions No vehicle replacements State Engineer: Jason King28
  29. 29. Division of State Lands WHAT WE DO Uphold the conservation and land  resource values of Nevadans through  resource values of Nevadans through responsible land‐use planning,  resource programs that protect and  enhance the natural environment  enhance the natural environment and land stewardship. Administrator: Jim Lawrence29
  30. 30. MAINTAIN LANDS AND RECORDS Historic land patent records Historic land patent records Recording land transactions Construction certification Administrator: Jim Lawrence30
  31. 31. SECURE LANDS FOR STATE AGENCIES Acquires land or interests Acquires land or interests Land exchanges Acquisitions Administrator: Jim Lawrence31
  32. 32. AUTHORIZE USE OF STATE‐OWNED LANDS Easements Leases Disposal Navigable water permits Ensure full market value return Administrator: Jim Lawrence32
  33. 33. LAND‐USE PLANNING SERVICES Technical planning assistance Recreation and Public Purpose land Recreation and P blic P rpose land Zoning changes Variances Parcel maps Administrator: Jim Lawrence33
  34. 34. LAKE TAHOE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM $82M between 1996‐2009 $100M authorized for ‘09‐20 86 projects completed  l d 26 in construction or planning Forest health and fire prevention p Water quality Erosion control Administrator: Jim Lawrence34
  35. 35. Q1 RESOURCE AND CONSERVATION GRANT PROGRAM $65.5M voter approved $54M awarded $54M awarded 115 projects; 62 completed $12M needed for nine projects Administrator: Jim Lawrence35
  36. 36. LICENSE PLATE PROGRAM Tahoe •Preservation and restoration Preservation and restoration Mt. Charleston •Support of programs for the  natural environment natural environment Administrator: Jim Lawrence36
  37. 37. GAMING STRUCTURES AT TAHOE Review proposals Review proposals Bi‐state federal program Administrator: Jim Lawrence37
  38. 38. Division of Forestry WHAT WE DO Provide natural resource and fire  services to enhance and protect forest,  rangeland and watershed values;  conserve endangered plants and other  native flora; and provide effective  statewide fire protection and emergency  management. State Forester / Firewarden: Pete Anderson38
  39. 39. FORESTRY & NATURAL RESOURCES Landowner assistance Watershed management g Rangeland health Wildfire threat reduction Nursery and seedbank Nursery and seedbank Urban and community forestry State Forester / Firewarden: Pete Anderson39
  40. 40. CONSERVATION CAMPS 4,200 inmates trained Wildfire suppression pp Emergency response Conservation projects Maintain state vehicles Maintain state vehicles Revenue targets / grants State Forester / Firewarden: Pete Anderson40
  41. 41. WILDFIRE MANAGEMENT Comprehensive management Initial attack First responder Assistance to governments Emergency response Emergency response Neighboring states State Forester / Firewarden: Pete Anderson41
  42. 42. “All‐RISK” EMERGENCY SERVICES Three NRS 473 fire districts Emergency services Vehicle accidents Haz‐mat incidents Structure fires Structure fires Natural disasters State Forester / Firewarden: Pete Anderson42
  43. 43. EMERGENCY RESPONSE SUPPORT SERVICES Support to emergency responses Statewide radio system y Vehicle fleet Fire vehicle and heavy equipment  management Emergency response training State Forester / Firewarden: Pete Anderson43
  44. 44. ADMINISTRATION AND FISCAL SERVICES Program direction Strategic planning g p g Joint emergency responses Safety and training Fiscal services and reporting Fiscal services and reporting Fire billings State Forester / Firewarden: Pete Anderson44
  45. 45. BUDGET HIGHLIGHTS Closures Wells Conservation Camp Consolidation of  two dispatch centers Minden Interagency into Elko Interagency Mi d I t i t Elk I t Position eliminations •Senior management , clerical, camp and  dispatch Transition “All‐Risk” responsibilities Transition “All Risk” responsibilities •Elko, Eureka, Mt. Charleston Establish voluntary Wildland Fire Protection Program State Forester / Firewarden: Pete Anderson45
  46. 46. Nevada State Parks WHAT WE DO Plan, develop and maintain a system  of parks and recreation areas for the  of parks and recreation areas for the use and enjoyment of residents and  visitors; and to preserve areas of  scenic, historic and scientific  scenic historic and scientific significance in Nevada. Administrator: David Morrow46
  47. 47. STATE BENEFITS – ECONOMIC  2009 Parks survey •$11M private sector benefit/Valley of Fire 2007 University study 2007 University study •4,500 jobs generated •$180M impact on payrolls 2003 Parks study •$62M contribution to economy Administrator: David Morrow47
  48. 48. STATE BENEFITS – SOCIAL Protect natural and cultural resources Affordable family recreation Affordable family recreation Physical activity Access to unique areas Opportunities for events Opportunities for events Administrator: David Morrow48
  49. 49. VISITOR EXPERIENCES Visitation constant (3 million visitors) •Despite increased fees •Despite increased fees •Despite 60% GF reductions 90% rank experience good to excellent Administrator: David Morrow49
  50. 50. SMALL BUSINESS AND NON‐PROFIT BENEFITS Scenic Las Vegas Weddings Pink Jeep Tours Char‐Pit Sand Harbor Char Pit Sand Harbor Spooner Outdoor Company Ely Rotary Club Lake Tahoe Shakespeare L k T h Sh k Super Summer Theatre Administrator: David Morrow50
  51. 51. BUDGET IMPACTS Recognize need to reduce GF Operating by •Reducing employees (19 permanent  and 62 months of  seasonal  employment) R i d di i i •Reorganized division •Increased fees Administrator: David Morrow51
  52. 52. BUDGET IMPACTS Reduced travel Videoconferencing Corporate donations Internet marketing Special programs S i l Administrator: David Morrow52
  53. 53. BUDGET HIGHLIGHTS Enterprise fund Vacation cabin rentals BOR grant Eliminate positions Reduce seasonal employees Reduce seasonal employees Administrator: David Morrow53