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Malarian spp
Plasmodium vivax,
Plasmodium malariae,
Plasmodium ovale,
Plasmodium falciparum,
Philippine Medically Important Protozoan species

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  1. 1. Notes on Philippine Medically Important Protozoans Part 3 (Malarian spp.) Meccar Moniem Elino, BSBio IV , Davao Doctors College Instructor: Mrs. Chalee Sienes-Reyes, RMT, MSMT, Ph.D Reference: Philippine textbook of Medical Parasitology 2nd ed.(2004) UP. Edited by Vicente Y. Belizario, Jr. and Winifreda U. de Leon No. of RBC Stage Size of RBC Dots Trophozoite Schizont Disease Cytoplasm Pigment Gametocyte Merozoite showing the large Red blood cells infected number of Benign by P. vivax are often merozoites typical Tertian; Irregular, ameboid Golden larger than uninfected red of this species (16- 12-24 merozoites in trophozoite, has brown, P.vivax Young enlarge Schauffners blood cells. 24). Average is rounded released spread out incons- They are approximately Also note the larger 16 every 48 appearance picuous 1.5 times the size of a size compared to a hrs normal cell. normal red blood cell. 6-12 Average is containing Quartan; Rounded, compact Dark 8, merozoites (6 to merozoites trophozoite with brown, “rosette”P. malariae Mature normal Zeimanns 12) giving a coarse released dense cytoplasm/ rounded cons- schizonts granular every 36- band form troph are picuous are appearance. 48 hrs rarely seen sometimes seen 6-12 Benign Average is Rounded, compact Tertian; Dark 8, trophozoite with merozoites brown, “rosette” P. ovale Young enlarge Schauffners dense cytoplasm/ rounded released cons- schizonts band form troph are every 48 picuous are rarely seen hrs sometimes seen Early trophozoites have Malignant the characteristic signet Black The gametocytes of Tertian; Young rings are ring shape. coarse and 6-32 normal/multiple P. falciparum have merozoites small, delicate, crescent orP. falciparum all stage Maurers Also, unique to P. cons- Average is infection a crescent or released often with double banana falciparum is the presence picuous in 20-24 banana shape. every 72 chromatin mass of multiple trophozoites gametocyte hrs in one cell.