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Agile BI Webinar (Neil Pratt, Bournville College)


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Neil Pratt, Assistant Principal CIS, discusses how implementing an agile BI tool has revolutionised how users search and interact with company data, supporting a faster time to decision and improving Bournville College's business agility.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Agile BI Webinar (Neil Pratt, Bournville College)

  1. 1. SpeakerNEIL PRATTNeil PrattAssistant Principal CIS,Bournville College UK
  2. 2. Agile BI in practiceHow Bournville College uses NeutrinoBI for business agility
  3. 3. About  Bournville  College  •  First Established in 1913•  Relocation Sept ‘11 to £66m purpose built campus•  Caters for 15,000 students•  Revenue for 2012: £32m•  State of the art facilities: •  Mac™ Suite •  Over 1000 computer access points •  Universal Wi-Fi accessSeptember  2012   2  
  4. 4. Business  challenges  Achieving revenue and profitability goals when faced with:•  Increasing competition in the FE sector (domestic and international)•  Need to exceed Government targets for educational performance•  Decline in traditional revenue streams (state funding/philanthropy)•  Constraints in tuition fee increases•  Pressure to offer students demonstrable added-valueSeptember  2012   3  
  5. 5. The  challenge  for  our  BI  Business needs: BI challenges:•  Supporting daily decision •  Simplistic visualization & making with: reporting tools ‑  More in-depth information •  Required hours and hours of ‑  More up to date information manual preparation•  Enabling strategic decisions through: •  And manual consolidation of data -  Rapid answers to specific questions from different systems -  More insight on trends/issues and •  CIS team is already stretched, BI opportunities requests add to that workloadSeptember  2012   4  
  6. 6. The  NeutrinoBI  Project   NeutrinoBI had just the breakthrough BI tool we needed •  Initial implementation during the summer recess 2012 •  New dashboard reporting for: –  On-going Success/Achievement ratings –  Daily attendance metrics •  Across two key databases: –  Oracle - Student record system of over 100 Million records –  SQL - Timetabling and attendance database of 4 Million recordsSeptember  2012   5  
  7. 7. Results:  fast  implementaGon  The  team  at  NeutrinoBI  came  in  on  a  Monday  morning,  and  I  performed  the  first  search  at  lunch-­‐<me   –  With  the  NeutrinoBI  built-­‐in  data  acquisiGon  tool,  new  data  take-­‐on  was  fast   and  efficient   –  In  fact,  once  the  data  view  was  available  in  Neutrino,  it  only  took  less  than     25  minutes  to:     •  Build  a  domain   •  Define  drill-­‐down  and  aggregate  the  data   •  Assign  the  domain  to  a  new  user     •  Ask  our  1st  quesGon     We  could  then  immediately  build  a  dashboard  that  reported  on  total  absences/   lateness/  a@endance  by  course  by  day  of  week,  by  <me,  and  by  student  September  2012   6    
  8. 8. Results:  how  it  looks  In  the  next  few  months  we  expect  NeutrinoBI  to  replace  over  100  legacy  Dashboards  September  2012   7  
  9. 9. Results:    rapid  search  and  discovery   More than dashboard reporting – it gives the management team the freedom to search. My testing shows that finding information is really fast:September  2012   8  
  10. 10. Next  steps  Our intention: to use NeutrinoBI to deliver the insight weneed to continue developing as one of the UK’s mostprogressive Further Education establishments.• Roll-out self-service data discovery to 60 of our SeniorManagers over the next 3 months• Deploy cloud service to satisfy our international customers• Developing web-based focused daily performancedashboards for all 15,000 students and their sponsors• Planning for iPad deployment in the futureSeptember  2012   9  
  11. 11. September 2012 10
  12. 12. For  BI  at  it’s  Agile  Best  Niall  Thomas  Sales  Director,  NeutrinoBI  
  13. 13. The  quest  for  agile  BI   The  difference   Get  info   Quickly   Instantly   Improve  ROI   Increase   agile  BI  makes  to   when   implement   create   on  BI   profit   the  bo]om  line   needed   new  BI   and  share   projects   operaGng   projects   dashboards   profit  grew   year  on  year   Equip   Explorers   ‘Dock’  with  IT   September  21,  2012              |   Slide  12  
  14. 14. Equip  your  explorers  for  the  agile  BI  quest   Search   Combine   Drill-­‐down   Visualize   Interact   September  21,  2012              |   Slide  13  
  15. 15. Why  Neutrino  for  Agile  BI?   SEARCH   COMBINE   DRILL-­‐DOWN   VISUALIZE   INTERACT   answers  to  ad-­‐ integrate   to  analyse  the   create  fresh   Customize   hoc  quesGons   corporate  and   underlying   visualizaGons   dashboards   <  10  seconds     local  data  in   data  in   on  new  data  in   without  IT   <  30  seconds     <  5  seconds     <  1  minute     involvement  in   <  5  minutes     September  21,  2012              |   Slide  14  
  16. 16. NeutrinoBI  in  acGon   September  21,  2012              |   Slide  15  
  17. 17. NeutrinoBI  in  acGon   September  21,  2012              |   Slide  16  
  18. 18. NeutrinoBI  in  acGon   September  21,  2012              |   Slide  17  
  19. 19. NeutrinoBI  in  acGon   September  21,  2012              |   Slide  18  
  20. 20. NeutrinoBI  in  acGon   September  21,  2012              |   Slide  19  
  21. 21. NeutrinoBI  in  acGon   September  21,  2012              |   Slide  20  
  22. 22. Ready  to  find  out  more?  To  learn  more  about  agileBI  please  visit  our  website:   Take  a  look  at  the   Or  read  our     agileBI  infographic   agileBI  flyer  Or,  for  a  close-­‐up  view  of  NeutrinoBI  in  acGon:   Watch  the  demo   Request  a  demo.  Email:   video:   NeutrinoBI  -­‐  YouTube     September  21,  2012              |   Slide  21  
  23. 23. Ready  to  find  out  more?   A  discovery  POC  (proof  of  concept)   Try  NeutrinoBI   which  can  take  as  a  li]le  as  ½  day   for  yourself   Or  a  full  POC  email:     September  21,  2012              |   Slide  22  
  24. 24. It’s  BI  at  its  Agile  Best!   September  21,  2012              |   Slide  23