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Online Reputation Management by Neuronimbus


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Online reputation management (ORM) is the practice of crafting strategies that shape or influence the public perception of an organisation on Search and Social media platforms. can help you recover and provide you maximum control over what people view about your brand online.

Our ORM process –
1) Monitoring/Tracking – We keep a check on what is being published about you on the internet
2) Analysis & Measurement – We analyse and scope the impact of the content being published
3) Strategizing – We devise a plan of action to counter the issues
4) Report – We report the progress to you on a regular basis to let you check your online growth

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Online Reputation Management by Neuronimbus

  1. 1. A NEURONIMBUS PRESENTATION Online Reputation Management Protecting your brand & reputation in the digital marketplace
  2. 2. A NEURONIMBUS PRESENTATION Online reputation management services work to maintain your positive reputation by counteracting malicious information on the internet such as: erroneous rumors, unfair opinions and other negative information posted online.
  4. 4. A NEURONIMBUS PRESENTATION • WHO are we targeting? – Identify the people publishing negative content about the brand • WHAT are we conveying? – Identify the events / actions • WHERE are we conveying? – Identify all the channels being observed • WHEN would the plan be implemented? – Identify the appropriate time for the time of action / event to take place • WHY do we need a plan? – Identify the objectives for the activity and make a list of them. • HOW do we intend to work this out? – Identify the correct measures to be taken to maintain online reputation of the brand.
  5. 5. A NEURONIMBUS PRESENTATION WHO are we targeting? • Current Readers • Prospect Readers
  6. 6. A NEURONIMBUS PRESENTATION WHAT are we conveying? BRAND is respectable BRAND is unbiased BRAND follows ethics
  7. 7. A NEURONIMBUS PRESENTATION WHERE are we conveying the message? WHERE Social Media Sites Forums / Message Boards/ Online Communities Review Sites Blogs & other major Publications Brand Website
  8. 8. A NEURONIMBUS PRESENTATION WHEN would the plan be implemented? •on a regular basis (daily activity)Plan A •on a emergency basis (at the time of crisis)Plan B
  9. 9. A NEURONIMBUS PRESENTATION WHY do we need an ORM plan? Control Prevent Correct • To control the past damage • To prevent any further damage • To take corrective measures to rectify the damages
  10. 10. A NEURONIMBUS PRESENTATION HOW do we intend to work this out? PREVENT Create a set of proactive quality control policies to ensure that the brand products will make the readers happy, not disappointed. Verify all social media accounts. Claim & control all business listings. Be approachable. Always check emails and private messages for reader inquiries and complaints. Avoid criticizing other brands. DETECT Use online reputation management tools to listen what others are saying about the brand. Check brand’s mentions on search engine results. Investigate brand’s social media mentions. Read comments on the blog. Check comments, ratings and reviews on review sites. Ask the readers through the brand blog or social media channels to give their feedback on the brand products. RESPONSE Make prompt but calm, humble and sincere apologies to people who give negative comments or reviews about the brand. Give honest answers to the readers’ inquiries. Confused readers don’t need unrealistic answers – they need enlightenment. Thank and reward readers who make positive reviews about the brand. Create more high-quality content (i.e., useful articles, infographics and videos) that will make people admire the brand. Boost social media posts. MAINTAIN Consistently train the staff. As part of the quality control policies, continue to train the team to ensure the quality of the brand products. Be consistent with the brand personality. No matter how people or entities attack and throw lies at the brand, don’t be discouraged but keep the brand’s traits that are loved by the readers. Build better relationships with the readers. The more readers we have who will become our friends, the more positive reviews the brand will have. Remember that friends will not humiliate us in the public and cause our downfall.
  11. 11. A NEURONIMBUS PRESENTATION OUR PROCESSBrandImage Strengthening and promoting brand’s online image DetectandDefend Defending the brand from deceitful activities and persons / firms online Removal Downplaying or removing negative listings / reviews/ images online
  12. 12. A NEURONIMBUS PRESENTATION 1. Comments or content on social networks • Easily addressed, no long-term impact • If not addressed, can scale to an ‘issue’ 2. Online reputation bomb • Affects reputation and sales long term • Can severely damage a brand and scales quickly TARGET NEGATIVITY
  13. 13. A NEURONIMBUS PRESENTATION STRATEGY • Constant research about what is being said for the brand – scan sources (Search & Social) continuously to collect an up-to-date data on how the brand is being perceived by the readers Research • On Social Media - Prompt response to reader comments/ complaints on different channels •Search – Create content in different forms to counter negative instances. Response • Take concrete tips from online comments to improve customer management Improve • Break down, analyze and collect intelligence reports so the brand can target their marketing and increase online reader engagement Report
  15. 15. A NEURONIMBUS PRESENTATION Platforms Action Frequency Listening Tool (Paid) Monitor, Response & Report Daily Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Instagram,YouTube) Monitor Daily Report Weekly Blogs & other major publications Monitor Weekly Report Weekly Brand Sites Monitor Daily Report Daily Review Sites Monitor Weekly Report Weekly Forum / Message boards / online communities Monitor Weekly Report Weekly MODULES