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Hjc Overview 14 June Final


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A 360 degree Musical project

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Hjc Overview 14 June Final

  1. 1. © 2009 HAVANA JAZZ CLUB LTD.
  2. 2. Introduction • The Havana Jazz Club is an all-encompassing project with extensive, multi-layered cultural, artistic and technological offerings. • The central theme is collaboration which provides artists, brands, technologists and community organizers a creative environment for productions and the early, organic participation of premier brands. • At its center is a recording of the very best jazz musicians in Cuba today with the greatest American jazz vocalists of all time. © 2009 HAVANA JAZZ CLUB LTD.
  3. 3. 360-Degree Spectrum of Creative Projects A full offering of highly related artistic products are being created: • The core of the project is an album, “The Havana Jazz Club: Collaboration” • World-wide and special events tour, presenting Latin and special jazz greats, with stunning holographic performances on stage using the original American jazz legends • Full feature Documentary, TV Specials and Music Video • Rich and musical Radio Special • A masterpiece coffee-table book and photo Exhibition • Merchandise such as coffee and cigars that provide unique branding opportunities • A relevant and compelling Online Platform and Jazz community that emphasizes Collaboration among its members • Creation of the World Jazz Foundation to support the development and preservation of jazz, along with funding new artists and supporting jazz-related educational endeavors. © 2009 HAVANA JAZZ CLUB LTD.
  4. 4. Overview • Each creative effort provides early-stage involvement of premier brands to convey their marketing message to the world. • The brand can create embedded organic marketing which contributes to mutual success. • Havana Jazz Club itself is a brand that makes “360-degree” marketing and branding come true. © 2009 HAVANA JAZZ CLUB LTD.
  6. 6. Music • The Havana Jazz Club (“HJC”) brings together the great UK Jazz virtuoso pianist Julian Joseph and the Grammy award-winning Berman Brothers (Rhythms del Mundo). • For the first time ever, includes the actual vocals from American jazz greats like Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong, Etta James, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and others. – Meticulously extracted original vocals were the base of performance for players from the Buena Vista Social Club and extraordinary Cuban artists of today who created something new, distinctive, unique and everlasting. • Lustrous, scintillating, dynamic, and soulful, the album lifts your spirit and takes your breath away. • The first volume in a series; Volume 2 is being readied with other featured Cuban artists and notable jazz greats. © 2009 HAVANA JAZZ CLUB LTD.
  7. 7. Tour • Virtuoso pianist, Julian Joseph presents the Havana Jazz Club musicians on a worldwide tour to showcase the verve and excitement of the album. • Includes holographic on-stage performances of the legendary American performers using the Musion Eyeliner System. – New and unique high definition video projection system allowing spectacular three-dimensional moving images in a live stage setting – Julian and the Cuban virtuoso performers will surrounding virtual stage performances of Ray, Etta, Billie, Ella, etc. – A riveting show concept that unheard of in the performing arts • Current jazz legends in specially arranged performances are planned for selected dates. • A free performance in Cuba celebrates the album, the contribution of their musicians and the universal appeal of Latin music. • The Tour offers extensive branding and sponsorship opportunities, including exclusives for the Tour overall or for the special performances. © 2009 HAVANA JAZZ CLUB LTD.
  8. 8. Book and Exhibition • Images by noted photographer Andreas Neumann provide a photographic milestone and masterpiece depicting making of the album. • The coffee-table format passionately extols the cultural ambiance and visual splendor of Cuba. • The book consciously stands as a Romantic icon, merging the days of Hemmingway, while contrasting the modern Cuban musicians collaborating with Julian in the omnipresent gravity presented by the legendary jazz vocalists. • A fabulous documentary of the last days of a world kept away since the late ‘50s. • Packaged with the CDs and DVDs, the Book calls for special and exclusive use by premier brands that wish to be represented in primary growing markets. • The collection of images will be taken on worldwide tour in an exciting Exhibition that will immerse viewers into a bird's-eye view of the making of the album and celebrating the patterns and colors of Cuba today. The indoor/ outdoor format will build on the similar success of notable Exhibitions in this style like “About the Earth From the Air”. © 2009 HAVANA JAZZ CLUB LTD.
  9. 9. Documentary, TV-Specials and Music Videos • A full-featured documentary of the making of the album. – A highlight at film festivals worldwide with superlative targeting as a premier • A DVD will be released in conjunction with a made-for-TV special. – The footage will also be used with the HJC singles for music videos • Brands can use video footage and music selections from the album in TV commercials. • All are points of entry for specific and highly relevant premium and exclusive branding and co-marketing. © 2009 HAVANA JAZZ CLUB LTD.
  10. 10. Radio Specials • Presented by Julian Joseph (hosts BBC Radio including the celebrated "Jazz Legends" show) and targeted for the BBC. • Also targeted for NPR, who brought about significant awareness of Cuban music by originally supporting and exposing the legendary Buena Vista Social Club, a million-seller album. • Focus on the making of the album with a special emphasis on the collaboration between the old and new artists. • Premier brands can take maximum advantage of the audience who already appreciate the Latin sound and to the exceptionally broad marketplace of those who are captured by Latin culture and appeal. © 2009 HAVANA JAZZ CLUB LTD.
  11. 11. Merchandise • Merchandise of all type offers an especially rich opportunity for premium consumer brands. • The Havana Jazz Club provides its own brand. –A strong, natural relationship to a variety of Latin, Premium lifestyle products –Unique packaging opportunities over the Holiday Season where box sets of the album and DVDs can be combined with gift packages of merchandise. • Concert merchandise will be provided at all Touring dates. • The songs from the album provide a superb backdrop for merchandising efforts across all of Latin America. • Special, limited-edition premium packages will be created in partnership with leading premier brands. © 2009 HAVANA JAZZ CLUB LTD.
  12. 12. • More than a website, the online destination is intended to be a home for the Jazz community. • On offer will be a rich compilation of relevant blogs, master classes in Latin and Cuban jazz and a highly relevant collection of announcements of events of interest to this eclectic and deeply loyal community. • The portal for all of the activities surrounding the World Jazz Foundation. • A full range of advertising and branding opportunities, including exclusive branding for showcase sections and highlighted online exhibits. © 2009 HAVANA JAZZ CLUB LTD.
  13. 13. World Jazz Foundation • A nonprofit organization providing assistance to musicians in need who have made substantial contributions to the world’s most indigenous art form - JAZZ. • Create and sponsor jazz band and school programs, create opportunities for musicians through concerts and festivals, and promote jazz musicianship through performance experiences in online and local communities. • The Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of jazz recordings for posterity. • A portion of all proceeds from sales from all Havana Jazz Club activities will be provided to the World Jazz Foundation. • The Foundation is actively seeking sponsors to support these worthy activities. © 2009 HAVANA JAZZ CLUB LTD.
  14. 14. For Further Information © 2009 HAVANA JAZZ CLUB LTD.