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Declarative and standards-based web application development with the Ample SDK


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Presentation of the Ample SDK GUI Framework at the BarCamp in Salzburg / Austria.

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Declarative and standards-based web application development with the Ample SDK

  1. 1. UI Develepoment in the browser? YES! oh, NO!HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript and the browser API ...the browser API
  2. 2. ok we need a framework, but remember this is only plan b ...
  3. 3. YUI Ext JS qooxdoo Ample SDK Backbase jQuery UI dojo dijit JavaScriptMVC MooToolsGWT jQuery prototype Cappuccino JSF dojo ASP.NET Ajax Raphaël SAJAX XAJAX vapor.js
  4. 4. Standards for UI Development? XHTML XForms XPath HTML5 WHATWG W3CXInclude XBL Web Controls SMIL XML Schema CSS3 SVG DOM XULXSLT REX Mozilla
  5. 5. Ok Standards, but now? Yes, with Ample SDK:DOM Level 2 Core / Events & Selector APIHTML5 Canvas / FormsCSS2.1 fixes & CSS 3 Namespaces, UISVG - vector graphics (yes in IE5 )SMIL - Synchronized Multimedia Integration LanguageXSLT - transform XML fragments with XSL-T stylesheetsXPath - expressions to locate XML nodes (in dev.)XInclude - merge and XML inclusionXUL - XML User Interface Language
  6. 6. programatic And what is „declarative“ ?<div id="slider" />//YUIYUI().use(slider, function (Y) { declarative! var slider = new Y.Slider({ // Platform! ! min! ! : 20, <a:slider min="20" max="40" />! ! max! ! : 40! }); // Backbase! slider.render(#slider); <b:slider min="20" max="40" />}); //Ample SDK// ExtJS <xul:scale min="20" max="40" />new Ext.Slider({ renderTo!: slider, minValue!: 20, maxValue!: 40});//jQuery UI plain vanilla HTML and JS$(#slider).slider({ <div class="x-slider x-slider-horz" id="ext-comp-1001" s! min! ! : 20, ! <div class="x-slider-end" id="ext-gen3">! max! ! : 40 ! ! <div class="x-slider-inner" id="ext-gen4" style=}); ! ! ! <div class="x-slider-thumb" id="ext-gen6" st ! ! ! </div> ! ! ! <a hidefocus="on" tabindex="-1" href="#" cla ! ! </div> ! </div>
  7. 7. Ok declarative is shorter, but why it is better?- again, it is standard base (Mozilla XUL) in Ample SDK- namespacing and own domain specific markup- separation of concerns (layout, logic and style)- building blocks so easier to maintain- better readable (and readable for non js guys) - ui reusable in the future (or after api change) - easier to split responsibilities in teams (ui dude and js coder)
  9. 9. Ladies and Gentlemen, the code ...<head> <!-- (A) Ample SDK runtime and UI language --> <script type="text/javascript" src="ample/runtime.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="ample/languages/xul/xul.js"></script> <link type="text/css" src="ample/languages/xul/themes/default/style.css"/> <!-- (1) Style --> <style type="text/ample+css"> @namespace xul ""; xul|button { color: red; } </style> <!-- (2) Logic --> <script type="text/javascript"> function alertHelloWorld(oEvent) { alert(Element " + + " was clicked); } </script> </head><body> <!-- (3) Layout --> <script type="application/ample+xml">! <xul:button onclick="alertHelloWorld(event)">Hello, World!</xul:button> </script>! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! </body>
  10. 10. The Ample SDK way. equalize browser APIs without introducing new: - brings features into the browser - fixes existing features - or does nothing if the feature is well implemented Text „ ... coding against Ample SDK is likeYeah, doing it against a cross-browser browser! “
  11. 11. How it works ...- Ample SDK is a browser in a browser- generates the browser DOM (shadow) tree- Ample SDK Node is the brave brother of the DOM Node div div div select div div input button option option div div Ample SDK DOM Browse DOM (shadow tree)
  12. 12. Ample SDK Node APIgetElementById childNodes, parentNodegetElementsByTagName (NS) firstChild, lastChildquerySelector, querySelectorAll previousSiblingcreateElement (NS), createTextNode nextSiblingsetAttribute, getAttribute, removeAttribute (NS)appendChild, insertBefore, removeChild, replaceChild
  13. 13. Class Model (ample.classes) NodeDocument Element OWNElement XULElement XHTMLElement OWNFancyElement XULWindowElement XHTMLElement_div
  14. 14. Ample SDK jQuery API DOM APIdocument.getElementById(“slider“).setAttribute(“value“,“30“) AMPLE SDK APIample.getElementById(“slider“).setAttribute(“value“,“30“) AMPLE SDK jQUERY APIample.query(“#slider“).attr(“value“,“30“)
  15. 15. Conclusion- natural client-side development experience- good separation of concerns (layout, logic and style)- modular and readable UI building- standard based API that will stay- create own domain specific markup language- API validation and guarding- open source and available on github- ...
  16. 16. More Sergey Ilinsky @ilinsky Béla Varga @netzzwerg
  17. 17. THX