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Lean Marketing for Startups

Mentor session for a group of startups at Upwest Labs - October 10th, 2013.

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Lean Marketing for Startups

  1. 1. Lean Marketing For Startups #b2bmarketing #growthhacking #startupmarketing ! ! At Upwest Labs - October 10th, 2013 By Frederik Hermann
  2. 2. Start with the homework Photo credit: rokley @ Flickr
  3. 3. Have this taken care of: - Identity, branding, positioning, story ✓ - Clean website, SEO optimized, clear call to action ✓ - Social channels and blog set up ✓ - Email marketing / newsletter (eg. MailChimp) ✓ - Social sharing built into product & website ✓ - Decent flywheel (notifications/triggers) ✓ #START
  4. 4. Product/Market Fit Test and validate your assumptions, build a product that people want.
  5. 5. Acquisition Activation Referral Retention Revenue How do you move users from one state to the next,
 optimizing the conversion from visitor to customer. #AARRR #LMF
  6. 6. Make sure you have good analytics in place to measure events
 and track conversions. Your goal is to optimize the funnel! #ANALYTICS
  7. 7. Customer Acquisition #GROWTH
  8. 8. Growth Hacking Traditional marketing isn’t as effective anymore and growth hacking is a cheaper and more effective way of getting your products visibility and customers. Growth hacking is very data/ analytics driven approach but requires creativity and curiosity. Growth hackers are a hybrid of marketer and coder as the discipline of marketing is shifting from people-centric to APIcentric activities. Repeat, refine, improve. #GROWTHHACKING
  9. 9. A/B and Multivariate Testing Highrise (37signals) tested many different landing pages against one another, gradually improving conversions. Make sure you run your changes/ tests against a control group (A/B test) to measure the difference. Control Test
  10. 10. Inbound / Content Marketing - “The creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers.” Blog posts (1-3 times a week - useful to your customers) Social media (share content to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Medium, Reddit, Quora, StumbleUpon, Tumblr etc., share relevant industry/client news, participate in conversations) Newsletters (twice a month, not too long, ONE call-to-action) Guest posts (write them first then offer to a tech blog) Ebooks (with designated landing page for lead generation) Videos (a short video can give a great overview, eg. Furthermore: Infographics, how-to guides, case studies, whitepapers ... #OWNED
  11. 11. Paid Channels Online Advertising: Simply test different channels with a small budget, measure the conversion rate and reinvest into the ones that perform well. You can use AdStage to manage campaigns for Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook and LinkedIn all within one dashboard. ! Retargeting/Remarketing: Serving ads to people more frequently after they have left your website. Retargeting helps you bring back the 98%
 of visitors you haven’t converted yet (eg. AdRoll). #PAID #ADSTAGE #ADROLL
  12. 12. Public Relations - Identify journalists, bloggers, influencers in media outlets that your potential customers read/are exposed to (check - Build your own list (a Google spreadsheet works fine) - Start the conversation in advance (they need to schedule stories) - Maintain the relationship (be a great contact) - Commentary, sign up on HARO and provide industry comment - Potential story: funding, traction, large trend, launch, disruption #PR
  13. 13. Other Initiatives - Refer-a-friend / Member get member
 (best if you provide an incentive for both parties) Partnerships with other companies/startups Social proof / third party validation (logos, testimonials, stats) Post content on Reddit, measure results Try to get a higher listing on Hacker News ( Check Google Trends for ideas ( Keep optimizing your onboarding (take tour, try now, ...) Simple homepage with clear call to action + good mobile experience #GROWTHHACKING
  14. 14. Source: #AARRR #LMF
  15. 15. Qualifiers Closers Farmers Outbound sales representatives Inbound Marketing 
 (blog, social media, SEO, press, newsletters, Slideshare, videos) New Customers Qualified Opportunities Online Advertising 
 (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Adwords, Bing, Reddit, Sites) Account Executives Customer Success / Account Management Product driven 
 (social sharing, powered by, refer-a-friend, incentives) Dividing your sales team and efforts into clear roles. #SALES
  16. 16. Swipp offers solutions for marketers to increase engagement, gain insight and generate leads.
  17. 17. Questions? Connect. ! ! Frederik Hermann Swipp Inc. 2513 Charleston Rd, # 102 Mountain View, CA 94043
  18. 18. Some of the resources used for this presentation: - “Startup Metrics for Pirates” by Dave McClure - “Growth Hacking” by Mattan Griffel - “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries - “Why Sales People shouldn’t Prospect” an interview with Aaron Ross - “Behind the scenes: A/B testing part 3: Finalé” by 37signals - “How To Become A Customer Acquisition Expert” by Brian Balfour