Maintainence bell 407 airnetz helicopter financing


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Maintainence bell 407 airnetz helicopter financing

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Maintainence bell 407 airnetz helicopter financing

  1. 1. Airnetz Aviation Pvt. Ltd. Bell 407 Corporate HelicopterThe Bell 407 is a modern generation, 6 passenger, single engine corporate/utilityhelicopter that is proving itself as one of the most practical and versatile general charterhelicopters in Australia.The aircraft is derived from the enormously popular B206 Jet Ranger and B206L LongRanger series helicopters. The first production Bell 407 entered service in early 1996.The Bell 407 features a powerful jet turbine engine, 4 blade rotor system, FADEC enginecontrol and computerized monitoring, and safety-enhanced cabin design.PowerplantThe Bell 407 is powered by a Rolls Royce (Allison) 250-C47 turboshaft engine whichprovides sufficient power increases (830shp) to improve performance at higher weights,hotter temperatures, and higher altitudes. A rupture-resistant fuel system is installed toprovided added safety.Rotor SystemThe 4-bladed, all composite main rotor system is installed with a soft-mount pylonisolation system providing quiet and smooth flight characteristics, as well as maximumperformance. This rotor system was originally designed for the US military OH-58D Kiowahelicopter. +91 99 30 40 30 19
  2. 2. Airnetz Aviation Pvt. Ltd.Digital Engine ControlA key safety feature in the Bell 407 is its Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC)management system. The system electronically monitors and controls all engineparameters, ensuring efficient operation as well a monitoring and digitally recording anyexceedance of normal limitations.Cabin LayoutThe Bell 407 features a 6 passenger cabin with club seating for 5 passengers in the rearcabin (two rearward and three forward-facing). Compared to the its Long Rangerpredecessor, the Bell 407s cabin is 8 inches wider and features 35% larger windows,giving passengers a noticeably spacious interior. The aircraft is air-conditioned andincorporates a bleed-air heater for cool-weather comfort.The cabin has been designed with carbon-fiber side body panels with close-tolerance fitcarbon fiber doors that feature easy opening and closing.The baggage compartment has a capacity of 0.45 cubic meters.RolesThe Bell 407 is widely used throughout the world by aeromedical services, police units,and has also been chosen by the US army as its replacement armed reconnaissancehelicopter. In Australia, the aircraft is particularly popular for general, government andcorporate charter, medical/emergency retrieval and aerial lifting (up to 1200kg).Key Advantages • Ability to carry 6 passengers in comfort, with minimal weight restrictions and superior performance. • Smooth and quiet flight characteristics • Enhanced safety features such as digital engine monitoring and robust design. • Best speed, payload and range in its class • Economical and affordable operating costs. • Impressive appearance +91 99 30 40 30 19
  3. 3. Airnetz Aviation Pvt. Ltd.SpecsNumber of passengers 6Crew 1Maximum Altitude 10,000 ftCruising Speed 130 kts (240 km/hr)Performance Very GoodLuggage Storage GoodClimate Control YesPayload up to 1000 kg Club seating, Air Conditioning, 4 Blade Rotor System,Additional Features Electronic Engine ControlRestrictions Day and fair weather/visual charter operations onlyMaintenance Cost DISCRIPTION COST PER MONTHContinuing Airworthiness and Maintenance Rs.50K – Rs. 70KChief Security Officer Rs.25K – Rs. 50 KSafety Management System Rs.25K – Rs. 50KOperation Staff Rs.50K – Rs. 75KOffice Space Rs.50K – Rs. 75KChief Commander Pilot Rs.4,00,000 to Rs. 5,00,000Maintenance Cost Per Month Rs.2,50,000/- to Rs. 3,00,000Fuel Cost ON ACTUALSSpares & Parts of the Helicopter ON ACTUALSCourses of Pilot ON ACTUALSAirport Parking, RNFC & TNLC ON ACTUALSContact Us :Mr. Omkar MestryChief Operating Officer, Airnetz Aviation Pvt. Ltd.Phone : +91 99 30 40 30 19 Email : info at / omkar at +91 99 30 40 30 19